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How to Set Up and Use NordVPN in Guatemala?

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NordVPN works in Guatemala, allowing users to hide their internet activity and bypass political censorship from local ISPs like Telgua and Newcom Limited.

Thanks to its massive server spread, NordVPN enables users to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and other geo-blocked content libraries from the land of the Chapines.

You can also use features like NordVPN’s Split Tunneling and Kill Switch to improve online privacy and boost app-level connectivity.

I’ll show you how to set up and use NordVPN in Guatemala.

Stepwise Guide: Setting up NordVPN in Guatemala

NordVPN improves online privacy and helps you access location-specific content like BBC iPlayer, NRK TV, and Disney+ from Guatemala.

Here’s how:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription (get discounts).
  2. Download the NordVPN app to your device. I’ll use the Windows PC app version here, but the steps are similar across supported devices.
  3. Log in” to your NordVPN account.
nordvpn log in
  1. Search for specific locations. You can also sort through specialty servers. I’ll use a London – UK server for this guide.
nordvpn connected to uk server
  1. Connect to enjoy getting around the annoying geo-blocked content on Twitter handles like BBC Sports and keep your online privacy up against government surveillance.
unblocking x with nordvpn on uk server

I recommend protecting yourself from DNS and IP leaks during reconnection by activating the NordVPN Kill Switch. Go through Settings > Kill Switch > Toggle Kill Switch ON.

enable kill switch feature in nordvpn settings

Best NordVPN Servers to Use in Guatemala?

NordVPN offers a range of specialty servers, including Dedicated IPs, Double VPNs, Obfuscated servers, Onion over VPN, and P2P servers.  

Of these, I recommend unblocking global content using NordVPN’s US, UK, and Canada servers. These usually get the best and most expansive Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and other large content libraries.

But if you want to access other content unavailable in these regions, the best NordVPN server would be one in the area where your target content is available.

For instance, connect to the Norway server to watch NRK TV in Guatemala.

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NordVPN doesn’t have Guatemala IPs, but you can use its free add-on Meshnet feature to create a Local Area Network (LAN) in the country.

Hence, you can connect to the Meshnet’s LAN from anywhere abroad, thus serving as a local IP alternative.

Connect and Use NordVPN in Guatemala

Use NordVPN to bypass location-related censorships from Comcel Guatemala S.A., beat geo-restrictions on social media platforms like Twitter, and access global content on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

You can also leverage additional security features like the Kill Switch, Split Tunneling, and Obfuscated IPs to keep your internet activity private from hackers, the government, and ISPs.

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