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How to Use NordVPN Meshnet?

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You can use NordVPN Meshnet directly through the NordVPN app, allowing you to enjoy the advantages of LAN and P2P networks in a safer, encrypted, and fast environment

Let’s discuss thoroughly what NordVPN Meshnet is all about.

I’ll also exemplify all its key features and procedures for setting up Meshnet.

What Exactly Is NordVPN Meshnet?

Meshnet allows users to access devices over encrypted private tunnels.

It works like a VPN, except you can join other devices directly.

In essence, you can route your traffic through another device so you can access the internet using the IP address of that device. Likewise, other devices may redirect their traffic through your device.

Don’t panic; random people can’t use your IP address for their cyberspace needs since Meshnet lets you supervise permissions for traffic routing.

So, you always stay in control. Plus, NordVPN Meshnet’s connections are secured by an unassailable encryption algorithm and powered by the superfast NordLynx protocol. 

As the name suggests, it is constructed upon mesh networking technology that links devices/nodes together, branching off more devices or nodes, mostly locally.

NordVPN Meshnet makes these networks virtual so you can connect to any device regardless of where they are.

Some highlights of NordVPN Meshnet:

  • Private and Immune Point-to-Point (P2P) connections
  • Zero Manual configuration required – It just works like magic
  • Supports traffic routing

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Set Up NordVPN Meshnet?

You can install and use NordVPN Meshnet on every single platform out there.

I did precisely that to demonstrate the entire setup procedure for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Set Up NordVPN Meshnet on Windows

  1. Click on the “Meshnet Icon” from the left side menu.
nordvpn meshnet icon
  1. Enable Meshnet by Toggling the “Off” button.
enable meshnet on nordvpn
  1. Go through the features wizard by clicking on “Continue” three times.
welcome to meshnet
  1. The final screen highlights the risks of routing traffic through another device. I also warn you never to use Meshnet with devices of people you don’t know. Proceed by selecting “Turn on Meshnet.”
turn on meshnet on nordvpn
protocol change pop up dialog box on nordvpn
  1. The NordVPN Meshnet is now enabled, and the following screen will appear, exhibiting your personal information and various features. All that is left is to set up Meshnet by adding at least one extra device, and then you can swiftly link them together from here.
add extra external device to meshnet on nordvpn

Set Up NordVPN Meshnet on macOS

  1. Select the Meshnet icon located in the left-side menu.
meshnet icon on nordvpn macos app
  1. Click on the slider next to Meshnet feature to Enable it.
enable meshnet on nordvpn macos app
  1. Find out various features of NordVPN Meshnet and choose “Continue.”
meshnet nordvpn on macos
  1. Lastly, agree to “Turn on Meshnet.”
turn on meshnet nordvpn for macos app
  1. Start linking External devices!
link external devices to nordvpn meshnet on macos

Set Up NordVPN Meshnet on Linux

  1. Ensure you’ve already installed NordVPN on Linux. If you haven’t, here is a setup guide on installing NordVPN on Linux.
  2. Type the following command into your Terminal:
					nordvpn set meshnet on

Set Up NordVPN Meshet on Android

  1. Tap on the Meshnet Icon located in the main bottom menu.
  1. Next, tap on “Turn on Meshnet.”
  1. A pop-up will now emerge, confirming that the meshnet is enabled.

Set Up NordVPN Meshnet on iOS

  1. Select the Meshnet icon from the main bottom menu.
  1. Go ahead and Turn on Meshnet.
  1. Lastly, a message will confirm your successful connection to NordVPN Meshnet.

Once you’ve linked devices to your NordVPN Meshnet, it’s up to you what objective you want to fulfill. One example is using Meshnet to connect to a Plex server remotely.

You can also use Meshnet to connect to your Pihole using a terminal command.

If you don’t know, Pihole is a Linux-based ad blocker service that you can install on a Raspberry Pi or Server.

nordvpn meshnet functionality reddit post

The Most Common Use Cases of NordVPN Meshnet

Here are some more everyday use case scenarios of NordVPN Meshnet:

  • Remote file access: Meshnet forms an encrypted connection between devices, allowing them to treat each other like they are on the same local network. This allows for various connectivity features, including direct file sharing between your laptop and PC.
  • LAN gaming: Many games like Minecraft, League of legends, and Halo allow users to form LAN connections between locally networked devices. With Meshnet, I host virtual LAN parties in Rainbow Six Extraction every weekend to compete with my friends who live 14,568 Km away; they use ruthless tactics and take great pleasure in beating me.
  • Encrypted peer network: Remote offices can use a more populated Meshnet for seamless collaboration on group projects. Colleagues can easily share files without hosting their work on a server.
  • Internet traffic routing: Imagine you’re on vacation in China but must bypass the country’s excessive censorship. With Meshnet enabled, users on holiday can redirect their traffic through a PC left at home, allowing them to access the internet with their home IP address.

Things You Need to Know Before Using NordVPN Meshnet

Now before you start utilizing NordVPN Meshnet, here are a few things you should be aware of:

  • Private Devices: Meshnet unlocks a whole world of new possibilities for using NordVPN. It takes less than a minute to construct a home or office Meshnet server to connect to. However, NordVPN does not guarantee the performance specifications and security level of the private devices you connect to via Meshnet.
  • Mutual consent: You need the user’s consent to add a device to your Meshnet. Once you’ve added that device to your Meshnet, it is available for pairing at all times; however, the device’s administrator can withdraw their consent at any point.
  • Routing capabilities: As I said earlier, Meshnet is available on all platforms. Nevertheless, the traffic routing functionality is currently only present on Windows and Linux devices. NordVPN is working on expanding these abilities.
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Although no other similar VPNs offer this same functionality, a few alternatives to NordVPN Meshnet, like Tailscale and Zerotier, enable encrypted point-to-point connections using a different open-source protocol called Wireguard.

Like Meshnet, Tailscale also lets you build virtual mesh networks between devices, virtual machines, and servers, even if firewalls separate them.

Meshnet allows you to add 10 devices you own and 50 external devices you can pair with anytime. All your devices signed in with the same NordVPN account are linked automatically.

As I mentioned, NordVPN operates on the NordLynx protocol that ensures top-grade security for all connections between devices through Meshnet.

The Meshnet is free for all NordVPN subscribers- it’s included in the provider’s base package.


That’s it. Now you know every detail about NordVPN Meshnet.

I find it a practical initiative by NordVPN, especially for remote offices & traffic routing.

I also look forward to them unlocking traffic routing for MacOS, Android, and iOS.

I hope you’ve found this Meshnet guide helpful. Meshnet may seem tricky, but trust me, it is not just for advanced users. You will find it extremely uncomplicated after a few trial and errors.

So better not waste your time, and get NordVPN today to get started with Meshnet.

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