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Does NordVPN Work in New York?

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NordVPN works flawlessly in New York, so you can access cheaper flight/hotel deals, unblock international content like Netflix Japan, and download torrents without Verizon or copyright trolls catching a whiff.

The VPN service provider even has standard and specialty servers in New York to ensure the best performance.

On top of that, you can get a New York IP address to bypass MLB game blackouts in other US markets, connect to gaming peers in the Big Apple, or for other purposes.

How to Use NordVPN on Mobile & PCs in New York?

The NordVPN app is the best way to use it on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices in New York. Here’s a stepwise guide using a Windows PC as an example:

  1. Get your NordVPN account using these discounts.
  1. Download the NordVPN app for your PC (Windows, macOS, Linux) or smartphone (iOS/Android).
  2. Install the app and launch it.
  3. Log into the app with your email and password. These are the details you created in Step 1.
  1. Connect to a NordVPN server. Click “Quick Connect” to get the best/fastest server.
quick connect button on nordvpn
  1. Optional: Click the dropdown menu to search for a preferred NordVPN server. Then, click the server to connect.
nordvpn location search australia
  1. Unblock The Pirate Bay to download torrents securely, bypass the New York Mets game blackouts, and watch international content like NRK TV from New York.

How to Use NordVPN on Consoles & Smart TVs in New York?

Gaming consoles and smart TVs can’t download a NordVPN app. 

Instead, NordVPN supports these units via its Smart DNS or router setup.

Method #1 – Smart DNS

Here’s how to explore the Smart DNS setup:

  1. Get your NordVPN account (discounts here).
  2. Login to your NordVPN online dashboard.
  3. Click “NordVPN” on the left part of the screen.
nord account nordvpn tab
  1. Click “Enable” under “Smart DNS.”
enable nordvpn smartdns
  1. Click “Activate SmartDNS” on the next prompt.
  2. The activation begins, and you can click “Ok, got it” while you wait.
  3. In the meantime, your Smart DNS activation status should change to “Pending.”
nordvpn smart dns activation status pending
  1. Once available, you’ll get an email notification. Return to this NordVPN tab to copy your primary and secondary smart DNS addresses.
  2. Go to your smart TV/gaming console’s network settings.

For Samsung TV:

For Game Console:

  1. Replace your device’s DNS addresses with one of NordVPN’s smart DNS addresses.
  2. Restart the smart TV/gaming console to apply the changes.
  3. Enjoy NordVPN’s fast content unblocking on your smart TV and gaming console in New York.

NordVPN’s Smart DNS lacks the VPN’s encryption, so it won’t hide your activities over the web. In other words, ATT, Verizon, Xfinity, or your preferred ISP can still see everything you do online.

Likewise, you’re mostly restricted to unblocking US content with NordVPN’s Smart DNS. So, no joy if you want to watch BBC iPlayer (UK server) or anime on Netflix Japan (Japan server).

Method #2 – Router Set Up

If you don’t want Smart DNS restrictions, the NordVPN router method is the next best step:

  1. Got your NordVPN account? If not, grab these limited-time deals.
  2. Install NordVPN on your router. Follow the video guide below to do so.
  1. Choose an appropriate server location when setting up the VPN router.
  2. Connect your gaming console or smart TV to the NordVPN-enabled router network.
  3. Browse the web securely and unblock content from preferred regions on your smart TV/gaming console in New York.

While the router setup offers more functionality, not all routers are VPN-supported.

You can check your router model online, consult the router manual or inquire from your manufacturer to know if yours supports VPN installation. Otherwise, flash custom firmware on the router, if it allows such, to enable VPN setup (shown in the video below).

But if all else fails, explore the NordVPN virtual router setup via your PC. 

You’ll find steps to adapt to NordVPN in the video below.

How to Get a New York IP Address on NordVPN?

Need a New York IP address to play PvP matches against Overwatch players without lag or DDoS attacks? Or do you want to bypass blackouts to the Red Sox, Astros, or other non-New York MLB team games?

Follow these steps to get a New York IP address on NordVPN:

  1. Get your NordVPN account (discounts here).
  2. Download the NordVPN app to your device.
  3. Launch the app and log in.
  4. Search for “New York.” On PC, click the dropdown icon to see the search menu.
nordvpn location search new york
  1. Click the server to connect to one of NordVPN’s 380+ New York servers.
nordvpn new york servers
  1. Stream live ABC7/770 Live/other New York channels, unblock blacked-out MLB games in other regions, and securely connect to gaming peers in New York.

How Fast Are NordVPN’s New York Obfuscated Servers?

NordVPN’s 25+ obfuscated New York servers ensure you keep browsing the local web with a New York IP address without letting Comcast, Xfinity, your Wi-Fi admin, or ISP know you’re using a VPN.

However, the extra privacy you get from the obfuscated servers comes at a cost – speed. This is primarily because of the encryption technology involved, and you can only use NordVPN’s OpenVPN (UDP) or OpenVPN (TCP) protocols instead of the faster NordLynx.

For a more concrete report, I tested the New York obfuscated server speed over my 30Mbps network.

internet base speed test

The OpenVPN (TCP) protocol averaged 20.4 Mbps (a 32% speed drop). 

Conversely, the UDP protocol gave me 33.6Mbps, a 12% increase on my base speeds!

This bears testaments to NordVPN’s server speed as the VPN bypassed my ISP’s throttling, even on an obfuscated server!

That said, here’s how to connect to the New York specialty servers:

  1. Launch your NordVPN app.
  2. Go through Settings > Connection > VPN protocol.
nordvpn vpn protocols
  1. I recommend choosing “OpenVPN (UDP)” as it’s faster than OpenVPN (TCP).
  2. Return to the VPN home page.
  3. Click the dropdown menu. Then click “Specialty Servers” if the section isn’t already open.
nordvpn specialty servers
  1. Hover on the three-dots icon in front of Obfuscated.
  2. Select “Country” and scroll to/search for “United States.” Click to select.
nordvpn united states specialty server
  1. Click “City” and scroll to/search for “New York.” Click the server.
nordvpn new york specialty server
  1. Click “Connect.”
nordvpn connecting to new york obfuscated server
  1. You now have your New York specialty server.

Can NordVPN Servers Unblock BBC iPlayer in New York?

NordVPN’s UK servers can unblock BBC iPlayer from New York, instantly granting you access to exclusive titles like Ultimate Wedding Planner, Wolf, World on Fire, EastEnders, and many more like you’re in the UK.

streaming bbc sport using nordvpn

The VPN service provider has 590+ UK servers spread across Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow to ensure you only land on a clean server whenever you want to watch BBC iPlayer from New York.

Even if BBC iPlayer catches on to some NordVPN UK server IP addresses, you can disconnect and connect to another to retain access to the service. 

On top of that, NordVPN boasts 580+ UK P2P servers, which are better optimized for buffer-free and up to 1080p BBC iPlayer streaming across your smartphone, PC, or TV.

But BBC iPlayer isn’t the only platform NordVPN can unblock in New York.

streaming 123movies using nordvpn on portugal server

I also used the VPN to catch episodes of Gin Tama on Netflix Japan, watch some old blockbusters on 123Movies and access Crave TV from New York, among others.

What’s the Best NordVPN P2P Server for New York?

Theoretically, the best NordVPN P2P server for New York is one of its 370+ New York P2P servers. They’re the closest servers to the region, ensuring your internet traffic doesn’t travel too far to a server. Hence, reducing lag, latency, and ping.

nordvpn p2ps servers

NordVPN’s P2P New York servers are also the best for public Wi-Fi security at places like The Stockton Playground, Fairfield Inn & Suites, Think Coffee, or anywhere else in New York. They’re also the best low-ping server for gamers in the region and the closest server for secure, high-speed torrent downloads.

However, you should connect to any of NordVPN’s other P2P US servers to watch the New York Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Jets, and Mets play when their games are blacked out in your region.

That said, it’s best to test different P2P servers before connecting to any.

For instance, I connected to the automatically-assigned NordVPN P2P server (I got Portugal) and recorded 29.16 Mbps. This is a mere 0.84 Mbps (or 2.8%) speed drop.

nordvpn portugal server speed test

But I connected to the New York P2P server and got 23.62 Mbps instead. 

That’s still a decent speed drop (6.38 Mbps or 21.3%) but more than what a Portugal server got me.

nordvpn united states server speed test

I conducted a third test and allowed NordVPN to choose the fastest P2P US city server for me. It assigned me to a region that recorded 37.38 Mbps! This is against a 30 Mbps network, showing that NordVPN can unlock your network’s true speed – free from throttling!

nordvpn p2p lisbon city server speed test

So, always test nearby and NordVPN-recommended P2P servers against the local (New York) P2P server to find the one with the best performance.

Finally, I recommend testing P2P servers outside New York when booking flights and hotels from New York. I tried it once and saved $40 off a Pocono Mountain Villas by Exploria Resorts booking for the same duration.

This was before using NordVPN:

booking hotel without using nordvpn

And after using NordVPN:

booking hotel using nordvpn
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Frequently Asked Questions

NordVPN offers specialty dedicated IP servers in New York at an additional price. 

The New York dedicated IP is best for power users who want to evade gaming bans, ensure a cleaner internet experience, get faster server speeds, and avoid landing on a blacklisted New York server.

A Breath of Private Internet

NordVPN ensures you don’t worry about Uncle Sam’s data-invasive tactics, falling victim to copyright trolls, or losing data to your ISP in New York.

You can even use the VPN to unblock foreign content like BBC iPlayer and securely access The Pirate Bay or other torrent websites to download files.

And on top of that, you save on flights, hotels, and other bookings by changing to any of its 5700+ server locations.

I’ll throw in these NordVPN deals to sweeten the offer with some savings and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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