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5 Best VPNs for New York City (Get a NYC IP)

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If you’re visiting or living in New York, you probably have a packed schedule and spend time on several devices – sometimes simultaneously.

That is why you want the best VPN for New York that’ll ensure your privacy, let you connect from different devices, and won’t throttle your speed.

To find out which VPN for New York can achieve the best results, I tested several providers with NYC servers and found that NordVPN is the best VPN for New York.

Top 3 VPNs for New York (April , 2024)

cyberghost multiple devices

Thanks to its servers optimized for streaming, CyberGhost’s New York users can enjoy content from 12 countries – whether they love Doctor Who or Scandinavian noir thrillers! And the 345 New York servers make for excellent speed too!

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NordVPN devices

With its 471 NYC RAM-only servers, CyberSec adblocker, and strong encryption, NordVPN has everything users in New York need – whether they want to browse from six devices safely and hassle-free or just safely stream their favorite series!

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Surfshark Devices

Unlimited connections for the lowest price?! Surfshark is a great VPN for busybody New Yorkers who multitask and don’t want to spend a lot of money but are still concerned about their privacy.

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Living in a city that never sleeps means people with malicious intentions never sleep, either.

For that reason, if you’re a user from New York, you need a VPN with strong privacy and security features.

A kill switch that can disconnect you immediately if your VPN connection breaks would come in handy if you’re in a Manhattan elevator, for instance, or JFK.

You also need strong speeds – living in New York keeps people busy, and they’ve got no time for buffering!

Ability to connect on multiple devices wouldn’t go amiss, either.

And if you’re living in New York on a budget, you need a VPN that’s a good value for money.

Of course, these features are what I focus on in my reviews of the VPNs – keep reading to learn more!

Why Do These VPNs Stand Out?

I reviewed 5 VPN providers with New York servers.

Briefly, this is why I consider them to be the top contenders:

  • NordVPN (471 NYC servers) – Best overall, with strong security and most NYC servers.
  • CyberGhost (345 NYC servers) – Best for streaming with dedicated streaming servers in 12 countries.
  • Surfshark (1 NYC server) – Best for multiple connections and value for money.
  • ExpressVPN (2 NYC servers) – Top-level security features like Lightway protocol that protects you even when you’re out of service.
  • PrivateVPN (5 NYC servers) – Best speeds, free trial, and dedicated streaming servers.
nord logo
NordVPN devices


Best Overall

The provider with the biggest number of servers in New York ensures security and privacy. And thanks to its adblock features, you get seamless browsing on six of your devices!

VPN Speed Test Results and New York Servers

VPN Provider Ping, ms Download Speed, Mbps Upload Speed, Mbps Servers in New York Price
NordVPN 139 5.00 7.91 471 Check Price
ExpressVPN 146 23.9 7.43 2 Check Price
Surfshark 154 18.2 0.88 1 Check Price
PrivateVPN 139 20.82 2.54 5 Check Price
CyberGhost 155 13.35 1.89 345 Check Price

Detailed List of the 5 Best VPNs for New York

Below are my short overviews of the top five VPNs for New York City – keep reading to find out why I chose them!

1. NordVPN - Best Overall

nordvpn new york server

NordVPN has 471 servers in New York, and a single subscription gives you up to 6 connections.

As a New York user, this means that you can use your computer, smartphone, tablet, and three more devices at the same time, thus ensuring your online multitasking is protected!

nordvpn customer care

NordVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption and RAM-only servers that never retain any data also ensure that any hacker trying to take advantage of public Wi-Fi in NYC cafes or the Grand Central station fails to do so, as long as you’re connected to NordVPN, that is!

And if your connection suddenly drops – for instance, on the NYC subway – NordVPN’s automatic kill switch will block your Internet traffic from leaking.

NordVPN also protects the privacy of your online activities in NYC, as confirmed by its independently verified no-logging policy.

And the DNS Leak Test I performed showed that my real IP wasn’t leaking, which means your US-based ISP can’t see it, either.

And since NordVPN is located in Panama, it doesn’t have to hand over any data to US authorities.

NordVPN Unblocking & Streaming

NordVPN works with Netflix UK & BBC iPlayer, so NYC-based users can enjoy their favorite British shows with no problem.

However, it doesn’t have streaming-optimized servers like CyberGhost – although the high number of New York servers might not require you to need those, as you can switch between servers if the buffering goes on for too long.

NordVPN Speed

I tested NordVPN’s speed when connected to a New York server.

Here are the results:


speed without nordvpn

When connected to an NYC server:

speed with nordvpn

So, we have a reduction in download speed that’s almost 60 percent.

However, it’s no surprise since I’m very far away from NYC.

Given the high number of NordVPN servers in the city, the chances of you as a New York-based user getting much higher speeds are very good.

NordVPN also offers an adblock feature called CyberSec.

This can help you browse anywhere in NYC with Internet access in a safe way without annoying pop-ups and autoplay ads – definitely makes things easier and saves time!

You can also get a Dedicated New York IP with NordVPN – we cover how to do this below.

It’ll allow you to access NYC-based resources – e.g., if you’re traveling elsewhere and need to access a specific IP-restricted cloud for work.

So, if you’re in NYC and want to protect your Internet activities, browse hassle-free on several devices and stream your favorite iPlayer shows, choose NordVPN!

NordVPN Price

The price of NordVPN’s 1-month deal is cheaper than Surfshark and CyberGhost, but NordVPN’s long-term plans are more expensive than the other VPNs on my list (except for ExpressVPN).

If this seems too pricey for you, don’t worry – take advantage of our exclusive NordVPN discount today!



2. CyberGhost - Best for Streaming

cyberghost us servers

CyberGhost has 345 New York servers, and you can use it on 7 devices with one subscription.

So, if you’re working in an NYC cafe on your laptop whilst live-tweeting on your phone and watching an iPlayer show on your tablet at the same time, CyberGhost will protect all those activities – plus you can add four more devices if you need to!

Like the other providers on this list, CyberGhost offers top-level encryption, a kill switch, the most secure protocols, and has RAM-only servers and a no-logging policy.

However, it hasn’t been audited like the rest of the providers here, so NYC-based users of CyberGhost do not have the extra assurance of third-party audits and only have the provider’s word to rely on.

Streaming With CyberGhost

CyberGhost has servers that are optimized for streaming in many countries, including the USA and the UK.

So, if you wanna watch Doctor Who or Line of Duty in New York, you can use CyberGhost’s UK server optimized for BBC iPlayer!

cyberghost bbc iplayer

The provider’s streaming servers in 12 countries also allow you to enjoy content from those countries, including France, Sweden, and Japan, that’s otherwise unavailable in the US.

So, if you want to watch anime or Scandinavian thrillers in New York, CyberGhost is here for you!

And if you’re traveling abroad from NYC but still want to enjoy Netflix US shows, you can connect to CyberGhost’s server that supports Netflix US streaming.

Is CyberGhost Good for Speed?

I tested CyberGhost’s speed when connected to its New York server.


speed test result without cyberghost vpn

When connected to CyberGhost New York server:

speed test result with cyberghost vpn

Here, the download speed reduction is around 30 percent – fairly average, as it’s lower than ExpressVPN and NordVPN but higher than Surfshark and PrivateVPN.

CyberGhost also offers split tunneling, which allows you to tailor which apps on your device go through the VPN.

If you’re in New York and, for instance, want to use a work web application that doesn’t work with VPNs on your laptop whilst watching BBC iPlayer in the background, change CyberGhost settings so that the app’s traffic doesn’t go through the VPN.

If you’re an NYC-based user looking for a VPN that’ll help you access content unavailable in the US and allow you to multitask on many devices for a long term at a low rate, I recommend CyberGhost as one such provider.

Is CyberGhost Cheap?

CyberGhost’s longest plan is the cheapest one on this list.

The one-month one is slightly pricier than NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and PrivateVPN.

Want an even cheaper VPN?

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3. Surfshark - Best for Multiple Connections and Value for Money

Surfshark has one server in New York and offers an unlimited number of connections with a single subscription.

This allows NYC-based users to use the same account for as many devices as they want – for instance, a team of several people in a New York-based start-up that uses cell phones and laptops alike.

surfshark customer service live chat

Packed with all modern security and privacy features like AES-256 encryption, a kill switch (enabled manually), RAM-only servers, and a no-logging policy, Surfshark is excellent for privacy and security.

And on top of that, it allows you to browse comfortably without annoying ads, thanks to the CleanWeb ad blocker that also reduces data usage – which means you don’t need to pay more to AT&T or Verizon!

NYC-based users should, however, know that Surfshark is now based in the Netherlands as of October 2021 (previously BVI), which is a 9-eyes jurisdiction.

Surfshark’s representative confirmed that a security audit is planned soon to verify that the provider remains as secure as it has been whilst in BVI.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that report – but as long as they continue to use RAM-only servers and verify their new privacy policies with the audit, I can continue recommending Surfshark for privacy to NYC users.

surfshark vpn cs live chat

Surfshark Streaming

Unlike CyberGhost, Surfshark doesn’t have dedicated streaming services.

However, it has servers in 65 countries and works with Netflix and BBC iPlayerNYC-based fans of BBC shows can enjoy Surfshark’s UK servers in three locations, all optimized for streaming!

Surfshark Speed

As with the other providers, I tested Surfshark’s connection speed when connected to its New York server.

Results are below:

Baseline speed:

speed test result without surfshark vpn

When connected to Surfshark’s New York server:

speed test result with surfshark vpn

So, despite only having a single NYC server, Surfshark’s speed reduction is only 24 percent.

That’s the second-lowest reduction on this list.

The ping, however, is quite high, which indicates that if you’re streaming something using the New York server, there’s a high possibility of lengthy buffering.

In addition to the above features, Surfshark’s extra feature of split tunneling, similar to CyberGhost and ExpressVPN, will allow you to customize which apps go through the VPN and which don’t.

surfshark vpn whitelister feature

Surfshark Price

Surfshark’s plan that’s the best value for money is the second cheapest on this list after CyberGhost.

Its shorter plans are slightly pricier than PrivateVPN and NordVPN.

Taking all that into account, I recommend Surfshark as the VPN for New Yorkers with the best value for money and multiple connections – you can connect as many devices as you want for a low price!

And for even lower prices, click on this link to claim your exclusive Surfshark discount today!



4. ExpressVPN - Best for Security

expressvpn us servers

ExpressVPN has two servers in New York.

You can use it on up to 5 devices.

By the standards of NYC-based busybodies, it’s not that many – just two smartphones, a tablet, and two laptops, for instance.

On the bright side, ExpressVPN’s proprietary TrustedServer technology ensures that New Yorkers’ data is erased as soon as the RAM servers are rebooted – not that there’s any data to begin with!

The no-logs policy has been independently verified, like NordVPN, and the privacy-friendly BVI jurisdiction doesn’t require that any data is retained or transmitted anywhere.

Also, the provider’s independently audited protocol Lightway can keep your traffic in New York safe and save you time.

For instance, if your signal breaks when you’re in a cab going through the Lincoln Tunnel, Lightway will get you back online the second you get reception, and your traffic is encrypted right away – no extra action is needed on your part.

ExpressVPN Streaming

ExpressVPN works with Netflix and BBC iPlayer – you can enjoy all your favorite British shows in New York whilst protecting your traffic!

And if you want to watch a BBC show whilst working in a database that’s only accessible with an NYC IP, ExpressVPN’s split tunneling feature can help split your traffic into VPN and non-VPN.

ExpressVPN Connection Speed

The results of my test of ExpressVPN’s New York server’s connection speed revealed the following:

Baseline speed:

speed without expressvpn 2

When connected to ExpressVPN’s New York server:

speed test result with expressvpn

The download speed reduction here is around 35 percent.

However, considering that I’m quite far from NYC and ExpressVPN only has 2 servers, it’s a fairly decent speed.

One more thing – if you’re studying or planning to study in NYC and want to protect your devices, ExpressVPN is offering a $5k scholarship and a year-long subscription for free!

Therefore, I recommend ExpressVPN for prospective NYC students and New Yorkers who prioritize security and privacy above all and only need to protect a couple of devices.

ExpressVPN Pricing Plans

ExpressVPN is the most expensive provider on this list for its long-term plans, despite offering the fewest number of simultaneous connections.

Unlike other providers, it doesn’t offer two-year or longer plans, either.

Worried about spending this much money?

Don’t be – grab your exclusive ExpressVPN discount today!



5. PrivateVPN - Best for Speed

privatevpn site

PrivateVPN has 5 New York servers and allows for up to 6 simultaneous connections.

That’s the same as NordVPN, which means NYC users can install PrivateVPN on six of their devices.

All these devices will be protected by PrivateVPN’s top-level encryption and security protocols.

The provider has a no-logging policy but no RAM-only servers like other providers on this list.

Streaming With PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN works with Netflix and BBC iPlayer and provides detailed guides on the best ways to access them.

Like CyberGhost, PrivateVPN offers dedicated servers for streaming.

If you’re in New York and want to access Netflix libraries from countries other than the USA, you can access them from the Dedicated IP list or tab in the PrivateVPN app.

Same goes for BBC iPlayer.

If, however, you’re traveling from New York to another country and want to enjoy Netflix shows from home, you have to install Wireguard first to access the streaming service seamlessly, a PrivateVPN representative told me.

privatevpn representative live chat

PrivateVPN Speed


speed test result without privatevpn

Connection speed when connected to PrivateVPN New York server:

speed test result with privatevpn

The speed reduction here is quite insignificant, despite the fact that I’m quite far from New York.

If you’re a New York user of one of the five servers of PrivateVPN, you shouldn’t have any issues with speed.

PrivateVPN doesn’t offer split tunneling like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Surfshark.

However, given the excellent speed of PrivateVPN, I recommend it to those New Yorkers who value fast connections above all else whilst wanting to keep their data safe on several devices.

PrivateVPN Value for Money

PrivateVPN’s best value plan costs only a little more than Surfshark and CyberGhost and significantly less than NordVPN and ExpressVPN, despite offering more connections than the latter.

You can test it for free for 7 days, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

privatevpn pricing

You can also take advantage of our exclusive PrivateVPN discount today by clicking right here!



How to Choose the Best VPN for New York?

Your reason for needing a VPN in New York probably depends on factors such as your lifestyle – for example, if you live a busy life, you’re likely using many different Internet devices and want to protect your data on all of them.

I recommend considering the following factors when choosing the best VPN for New York:

Servers in New York - the More, the Better

If a VPN has many servers in New York, it can ensure good speeds for you whilst keeping your data safe.

If you’re an NYC-based user, that could be very important for you – especially when performing complex tasks for your clients that require a speedy and secure connection.

Strong Privacy and Security

The USA is part of the Five-eyes alliance, which means your ISPs are obliged to share data with governmental bodies.

For that reason, New York-based users should choose a VPN that doesn’t keep logs and has proven that via an audit or a legal case.

Over 8 million people live in New York, which means the risk of your data being stolen by a hacker is high – especially in public spaces like cafes, airports, and train stations.

For that reason, if you live or are visiting NYC, you need a VPN that can encrypt your data and protect it from leaks.

A kill switch that can automatically disconnect your device if the VPN connection is broken is also a must, particularly if you use the NYC subway, where the signal can get patchy.

Ability to Unblock Content

If you’re traveling abroad from NYC but still want to enjoy the many shows set there, you need a VPN that can unblock streaming services like Netflix.

And, if you want to enjoy BBC iPlayer’s shows in New York, you need a VPN that works with that as well.

Multiple Connections

Living in a city that never sleeps often means multitasking, which involves several devices.

You need a VPN that allows several simultaneous connections if you’re based in New York and are, for example, using a laptop to work in the cloud, a phone to scour Mets tickets, and an iPad to look stuff up at the same time.

Good Value for Money

Living in New York is expensive, which is why you need a VPN that allows you to maintain your NYC lifestyle without breaking the bank.

How Can You Get an NYC IP Address?

If you need an IP address based in New York, this is how you can get it:

  • Get a subscription to a VPN that has servers in New York.
  • Choose a server in New York and connect to it.

Below is a screen recording of me showing how to connect to an NYC server on Surfshark:

How to Connect to an NYC Server on Surfshark?

  • Perform a DNS Leak Test to see whether your IP is protected. If it’s showing not your original IP but a New York one, you’re safe.
Interesting Reads:


Are VPNs Legal in the US?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to use a VPN in the USA, and statistics tell us that many US users use a VPN at least once a week.

And even the FBI recommends doing so:

However, there are some illegal activities people can carry out with the help of a VPN, such as downloading copyrighted materials.

But in such cases, the activities themselves are against the law, not the VPN usage.

Should You Use a Free VPN in NYC?

There are many VPN providers like Opera VPN who have NYC-based servers and offer free VPNs.

However, they’re all run by private companies, which means they need to find a way to make money – and selling data of millions of people living in New York to third parties can make them a lot of money!

Such products defeat the point of a VPN, which is privacy and security.

For that reason, I don’t recommend free VPNs to New York users.

How Strict Are US Privacy Laws?

Unlike the EU, the US doesn’t have a single comprehensive privacy law.

Instead, privacy is regulated on a state-by-state basis and a sector basis.

However, the Patriot Act and the Five-eyes treaty can pose threats to the privacy of American residents, which is why you should always use a VPN.

Can I Get a Dedicated New York IP?

Yes, it’s possible to get a Dedicated New York IP address from NordVPN and CyberGhost who offer dedicated IPs in NYC.

The service is available for an extra fee.

For instance, the price of NordVPN Dedicated IP is $70 per year.

Here’s how you can get it:

  1. Create a new NordVPN account.
  2. Go to this link and click “Got Coupon?”
  3. Enter coupon code “norddedicatedip”.
  4. Complete the rest of the form.
  5. Get in touch with NordVPN support and let them know you want a New York Dedicated IP.

Can I Use My VPN for New York as a Chrome Extension?

Yes, all providers on this list except PrivateVPN offer Chrome extensions for your browser.

You don’t need an account to get the CyberGhost Chrome extension, and it’s free but doesn’t protect you from WebRTC leaks.

With other providers on the list, you need an active account and subscription, and the extensions come at no extra charge.

Does ExpressVPN Have New York Servers?

Yes, ExpressVPN has two servers in New York.

The VPN service’s representative confirmed that to me.

expressvpn live chat

You can use both servers if you’re traveling from NYC and want to access local content from abroad.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Open the ExpressVPN app on your device.
  • Click on the three dots to open “VPN Locations”.
  • Select “United States” and choose “USA – New York” or “USA – New York 2”.


With its excellent privacy and security features, adblock, and automatic kill switch, and 471 servers in New York, NordVPN is my choice as the best VPN for New York.

CyberGhost and Surfshark are the runners-up, with both offering excellent value for money, CyberGhost a seamless streaming experience, and Surfshark safe connections on however many devices you want.

Get a NordVPN subscription today with our exclusive discount and keep your Internet experience in New York safe and hassle-free!

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