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Are NordVPN Premium Accounts Listed on the Internet Legit?

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No, premium NordVPN accounts listed online are often stolen, cracked, or belong to someone else.

These accounts might work for a limited time and could be rendered useless the next time you attempt to log in.

There’s absolutely no guarantee with a premium NordVPN account listed online, so you’re essentially gambling your money on an account that might not work from the moment you hand over your cash.

No refunds!

With such low prices right now, you can pick up a NordVPN subscription that’s guaranteed to work!

If you’d like to find out more about why premium NordVPN accounts listed on the web aren’t worth the risk, keep reading.

Why Are NordVPN Premium Accounts Listed Online a Problem?

Stumbling across a site that offers NordVPN premium accounts at a fraction of the official price might sound great, but these accounts are usually obtained through malicious means.

Below is a list of reasons why premium accounts listed on the web should be avoided.

The Accounts Are Normally Stolen

Accounts listed on websites promising a NordVPN subscription for a fraction of the official price typically belong to someone else.

That is, someone else who has paid full price for a NordVPN subscription and has had their account credentials stolen because they used a weak password.

Hackers run accounts through tools to crack NordVPN and check for success messages if a password is guessed correctly, and they’re then listed online for sale.

Often the account owner has no idea their account is being used without permission.

I reached out to NordVPN support for comment, and when asking about their view on premium accounts listed online, they advised that NordVPN blocks any accounts reported as stolen and also contacts the account owner.

Because NordVPN limits the number of devices an account can be used on, you could purchase an account that has already reached the simultaneous device limit and won’t be able to use it as a result.

Meaning you’re out of pocket with a useless account.

The account owner may also realize their device limit has been reached even though they’ve not installed NordVPN on several devices.

Upon realization that something isn’t right, they may change the password – blocking you out completely.

Accounts Could Be Bundled With Dangerous Software

If you purchase a premium account listed on the web, chances are the supplier will also provide you with the NordVPN application to use your shiny new account with.

dangerous software

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a genuine version of the NordVPN application is through the NordVPN downloads page.

If you download and install the application provided by the illegal account provider, there’s a good chance they’ll bundle malicious code that can harm your device or allow a hacker to gain entry.

The application will usually be provided as a torrent file or magnet link to download via a platform like Vuze.

Your Credit Card Details Could Be Stolen

Unlike most websites that handle sensitive data like credit card info, sites that host premium NordVPN accounts sometimes have zero encryption.

As a result, it’s easy for a hacker to see all of your credit card info used to pay for the premium account.

Always ensure SSL encryption is used to provide a secure connection.

nordvpn secure connection

If the website you’re using to purchase the illegal accounts isn’t using encryption, the supplier of the account could use your credit card without you knowing, and before you know it, you’re landed with heaps of charges.

NordVPN Premium Account Sites to Avoid

Premium NordVPN accounts are increasingly appearing online, and with that comes different resources that claim to provide legit accounts at a fraction of the price.



One of the first places to appear on google when searching for premium NordVPN accounts online is Pastebin.

Quite simply, the NordVPN area of Pastebin lists the tried and tested account details of NordVPN users.

It’s pretty astonishing how Pastebin openly publishes the username and password of hacked NordVPN accounts, along with how many days are left on a subscription.

None of these usernames and passwords should be taken as gospel, as the guys at NordVPN are likely clamping down on the accounts as they are identified as being hacked.


reddit vpn premium account

Reddit combines a mix of free and premium accounts listed on the forum platform, but in most cases, it’s used as a place for users to confirm if a website selling premium NordVPN accounts has worked out for them or not.



Like Whatsapp, telegram provides a secure communication platform where messages sent are encrypted for your eyes (and the sender) only.

Although Telegram doesn’t specifically list NordVPN accounts that you’d find in a Google search, you’ll often find hackers reaching out on forums and Facebook groups offering the accounts at discounted rates.

Playerup and Others

player up beta

Playerup, among other similar websites, doesn’t hide the fact that they buy, sell and trade NordVPN accounts.

Trades and sales may be made between legit users who no longer want their NordVPN subscriptions, but there’s no telling whether the seller obtained their account legally or if it was stolen.

I’d avoid purchasing NordVPN accounts from any of the above means and opt for a uber-cheap deal on NordVPN instead.

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Free NordVPN Alternatives That Are Legit

If you’re set on finding a cheaper alternative to NordVPN that also ensures your safety, there are a couple of ways to do this.

Select A Freemium VPN

Although I usually advise against choosing a free VPN provider because of the potential to sell your data, log your activity, and not encrypt your connection, freemium VPNs are a different story.

Especially the ones I recommend below.

For starters, Atlas VPN is a freemium VPN provider that you can enjoy completely free, with no strings attached.

The great thing about AtlasVPN is how easy it is to use, with the added benefit of a zero-logging policy, so none of your activity is tracked.

Connection speeds are excellent, and you’ll get access to 3 servers in two countries.

Our Atlas VPN review goes into more depth about what you can expect.

My second recommendation is ProtonVPN, as you’ll enjoy usage on up to 10 devices simultaneously, full support for P2P and torrenting, a no-logs policy, and top-notch security.

Check out the full ProtonVPN review to find out more.

Take Advantage of NordVPN’s Trial

Every subscription to NordVPN includes a 30-day trial period where you can get your money back if you aren’t delighted with the service.

This is an excellent way of trialing NordVPN before committing to a long-term subscription.


Premium NordVPN accounts listed online should be avoided at all costs.

You never know what you’re getting, whether the account will even work, with the potential to get found doing something illegal down the line.

Consider using a freemium provider if you only have basic VPN requirements, or take advantage of a huge discount on NordVPN today with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied!

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