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How to Use Surfshark in the Middle East?

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You can use Surfshark in the Middle East on PCs and smartphones by downloading its apps and connecting to a VPN server.

That way, you get secure access to restricted content from over 3200 VPN servers in 100 countries, including Middle East nations. Additionally, the VPN prevents MTN, Vodafone, Zain Group, and other ISPs from throttling your connection.

Surfshark also works on VPN-incompatible devices like consoles and smart TVs in the Middle East. So, read this guide to learn everything!

How to Set Up Surfshark on Mobiles and PCs in the Middle East?

Surfshark is a standout VPN choice for the Middle East, with user-friendly applications for PCs (Windows, macOS) and smartphones (Android, iOS).

Download the VPN apps and connect to a suitable server to unblock content while evading Omantel Group, Radwin, Gulfnet KSA, or your ISP speed throttles over these platforms.

In other words, do this:

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Screenshot MS 1 1
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  1. Visit the official Surfshark website, then click “Download.”
surfshark app download
  1. Click on your device to initiate the download process. I’ll use a Windows PC for this demonstration.
surfshark windows app
  1. Go to your PC’s “Downloads” folder, then double-click the downloaded Surfshark VPN file.
pc downloads folder
  1. Accept the on-screen prompts to install the Surfshark app.
surfshark one security suite setup
  1. Open the VPN app, then click “Log in.”
surfshark log in
  1. Enter your Surfshark VPN account “Email” and “Password,” then click “Log in” to sign in.
surfshark email and password log in
  1. Click the settings/gear symbol on the left side menu.
surfshark settings gear
  1. Click “VPN settings.”
surfshark vpn settings
  1. Turn on the “Kill Switch” button. This turns off your connection to prevent the MTN, STC, Qtel, or your Middle East ISP and other snooping third parties from seeing your online presence if Surfshark disconnects.
surfshark kill switch
  1. Still on the “VPN settings” tab, choose a suitable Surfshark protocol under “Protocol.” I recommend Wireguard because it’s fast enough to unblock content and stream in 4K and HD video quality in the Middle East.
surfshark wireguard protocol
  1. Click the “VPN” tab on the top left corner to return to Surfshark’s home page.
surfshark vpn tab
  1. Click the “Quick connect” command to connect to the nearest and fastest available Surfshark server.
surfshark quick connect
  1. Or, type your preferred VPN server on the Surshark search bar and click it to connect.
surfshark location search
  1. Test for IP/DNS leak.
surfshark ip dns test
  1. You’re now connected to Surfshark VPN from the Middle East. So, enjoy unblocking Netflix libraries, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other international streaming platforms securely without Zain Group, Vodafone, or Etisalat Group throttling your streaming speeds.
surfshark connected to us server

How to Use Surfshark on Smart TVs and Consoles in the Middle East?

Surfshark doesn’t have apps for non-Android smart TVs and gaming consoles. 

Even so, you can use the VPN on these devices in the Middle East via router, virtual WiFi router, and Smart DNS setups.

However, only some routers are VPN-compatible. Furthermore, Surfshark offers only US DNS addresses, so you won’t access content beyond the United States with this method.

Therefore, the Virtual WiFi router technique is the only reliable method to use Surfshark in the Middle East on smart TVs and consoles.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Surfshark VPN. Grab these fantastic Surfshark deals to cut costs!
  2. Launch the Surfshark VPN app on your PC, then enter your account “Email” and “Password” to log in.
surfshark email and password log in
  1. Go to “Settings” > “VPN settings,” then choose “OpenVPN(TCP)” or “OpenVPN(UDP)” protocol under “Protocol.” This is because OpenVPN protocols are stable in routing VPN connections.
surfshark vpn settings protocol
  1. Connect to a preferred Surfshark VPN server.
surfshark connected to south africa server
  1. Go to “Settings” on your PC.
windows pc settings app
  1. Click “Network & Internet.”
windows pc network and internet settings
  1. Click “Mobile hotspot” on the left side menu.
windows pc mobile hotspot settings
  1. Turn on the mobile hotspot button, then note the “Network name” and “Network password” below it.
windows mobile hotspot network name and password
  1. Click “Change adapter options” under “Related settings.”
windows pc related settings
  1. Double-click on the “Enabled” Local Area Connection (the one featuring “TAP-Windows Adapter 9”).
enabled local area connection
  1. Click “Properties” on the pop-up menu.
local area connection properties
  1. Select “Sharing,” then check the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.”
local area connection sharing tab
  1. Click on “Select a private network connection” below “Home networking connection.”
home networking connection options
  1. Choose your private network connection, usually the “Local Area Connection” with an asterisk symbol [*]. Mine is “Local Area Connection *11.”
local area connection 11
  1. Click “OK” to finish.
ok button to complete network sharing
  1. The Virtual WiFi router is now ready for use. So, launch your smart TV or gaming console, then search for your network name from step 8.
  2. Enter the network password to connect.
  3. That’s it! Start anonymously streaming Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, Al Arabiya, or your Middle East TV channel on your smart TV and play League of Legends, Fortnite, and other games on your console without buffers.

How to Get Middle East IP With Surfshark?

Surfshark VPN boasts servers in three Middle Eastern countries: Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia. So you can securely transact on Emirates NBD (UAE), Bank Leumi (Israel), and Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia) or unlock country-specific content in these three Middle East countries using Surfshark.

For instance, I accessed Kan 11, Keshet 12, and Reshnet 13 with Surfshark’s Israeli server. Here’s how:

  1. Do you have Surfshark VPN account? If not, grab one using these awesome Surfshark discounts to save!
  2. Complete Steps 2-12 for the above PC/mobile setup.
  3. Type the Middle Eastern country you want an IP for in Surshark’s search bar. I connected to the Israel-Tel Aviv server to watch the Tehran movie series on Kan 11 TV.
surfshark connected to israel server
  1. Conduct an IP/DNS leak test to confirm you’re assigned an IP address in the Middle East country that you chose.
surfshark israel server ip dns leak test
  1. You can now enjoy secure access to MBC 1 (Saudi Arabia), Keshnet 12 (Israel), Zee TV (UAE), or your favorite Middle East country-specific content.
streaming using surfshark israel server
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Surfshark has a free version for the Middle East on iOS, macOS, and Android units via a 7-day free trial. However, I recommend the 30-day money-back guarantee that covers all platforms, to which you can test the VPN for 30 days and get a full refund. 

Mastering Online Freedom in the Middle East With Surfshark

Don’t let MTN Group, Zain Group, Ooredoo Group, Omantel Group, or your Middle Eastern ISP dictate your streaming experience on Al Jazeera, Al Hiwar, AksyonTV International, or the content channel you love watching most!

Furthermore, Surfshark stops ISP throttling, allowing 4K and HD streaming abilities. 

And it bypasses restrictions on apps, international channels, and bank accounts, giving the utmost online freedom in the Middle East.

So, grab my Surfshark deals to secure online freedom in the Middle East ASAP!

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