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How to Play RuneScape With NordVPN?

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You can play RuneScape with NordVPN by connecting to a RuneScape-compatible server location on the VPN service.

Fortunately, NordVPN has a vast server network to bypass RuneScape IP bans or geo-restrictions. That would help if you’re banned from the game or are in a RuneScape-restricted location, keeping you from conquering quests in Gielinor.

Keep reading to learn how to play RuneScape with NordVPN.

How to Play RuneScape With NordVPN?

You can help Azzanadra bring Zaros to Gielinor in Fate of the Gods or explore other RuneScape game modes/quests with NordVPN by following the steps below:

  1. Buy a NordVPN subscription and install the app on your RuneScape gaming device.
  2. Launch the app and log in with your details.
  3. Go to Settings > Kill Switch and toggle it on. This prevents RuneScape from detecting you’re using a VPN if the VPN connection drops.
nordvpn kill switch
  1. Exit Settings.
  2. Then, search for a RuneScape-compatible location and connect to a server.
nordvpn servers
  1. That’s it! You can now boost your combat skills in Lumbridge by killing some cows or sniffing out the murderer in One Piercing Note.
playing runescape with nordvpn on japan server

Can You Get Banned From RuneScape for Using NordVPN?

You can get banned from using RuneScape with NordVPN, but that’s if you break the gaming platform’s rules while connected to the VPN. 

You can also get banned if rulebreakers persistently use the VPN servers you’re connected to.

However, RuneScape has no rule against VPNs and doesn’t explicitly ban users from using one.

How to Use NordVPN With RuneScape Without Getting Banned?

There are a few tricks for those who aren’t rulebreakers and want to use RuneScape with NordVPN without getting banned. You can find them below.

Use Split Tunneling

nordvpn split tunneling

NordVPN’s split tunneling is a great way to avoid bans from RuneScape while using a VPN. This is mainly for those who only use the VPN for other platforms like Netflix and don’t need it for RS.

Split Tunneling allows you to select the apps you want your VPN to work with (like Netflix) while leaving others out. If this is the case for you, you can go to Settings > Split Tunneling and enable it.

However, this feature is only available on Windows and Android devices.

Using One Server Location

nordvpn new york server

Another hack is to stick with one server location on the VPN.

Choose your preferred server location and connect to it whenever you want to launch RS. This way, RS wouldn’t feel like you’re bouncing around and find a need to block or ban your account.

Using a Dedicated IP

The dedicated IP feature is an add-on that allows you to have an exclusive NordVPN IP address. This means you won’t be setting off any alarms on RS since the game servers will think you’re always playing and connecting from one location.

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Bypass RuneScape Restrictions With NordVPN

If you’re in a location where RuneScape is banned, like Iran, NordVPN is a solid choice to bypass this geo-restriction and engage in daily quests. It’s also great for those wrongly banned for Macroing Goldfarmer.

NordVPN offers 5800+ servers, giving you numerous options to connect to and bypass these bans. However, I recommend sticking to one server location to avoid getting banned while connected to the VPN.

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