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How to Play Runescape With Private Internet Access?

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You can play Runescape on PC and mobile with PIA by connecting to a suitable server via the PIA VPN app or connecting your PC to a PIA-enabled router network.

Either setup allows you to use PIA’s large server spread in 90+ countries to bypass IP bans on the title, maximize lightning-fast protocols for lag-free gaming, and get solid AES 256-bit encryption to secure your Runescape experience.

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How to Set Up PIA for Runescape on Mobile/PC?

Level up your melee combat experience, unlock necromancy skills, and beat Rasial in Runescape 3 free of speed drops by installing PIA on your mobile/PC gaming system.

Follow these steps:

  1. Buy a PIA subscription. Enjoy BIG savings on long-term plans by grabbing these PIA discounts.
  2. Download the PIA app for your device. For this guide, I’ll download the Windows PIA app.
  3. Open the app and log in to your PIA account with your username and password.
pia log in
  1. Enable the PIA kill switch to keep Jagex moderators and other gamers from learning your true IP address if the VPN connection drops. Go through Settings > Privacy and toggle “VPN Kill Switch” ON.
locating vpn kill switch on pia settings
  1. Activate the WireGuard protocol for fast-paced Rune Mythos and Unwelcome Guests quests free of speed drops or lags. Go through Settings > Protocols, then toggle “WireGuard.”
selecting openvpn protocol on pia
  1. Select a suitable PIA server location to bypass IP bans and enjoy lag-free Iron Man and legacy combat mode sessions. Connect to low-ping servers near you by clicking the large power button.
pia power button
  1. Alternatively, expand the PIA app and connect to a specific location from PIA’s complete server list by clicking the icon near the server name.
selecting choose automatically for pia server
  1. Ensure your Extinction and Fate of the Gods quests are secure by testing for VPN leaks on www.ipleak.net. Your assigned PIA VPN server address should match that of the testing site.
pia ip leak test results on uk server
  1. That’s a wrap! Enjoy high-adrenaline clashes with Ukunduka and grow your Menaphos reputation by 150% in the Crocodile Tears quest without worrying about speed drops or IP bans.
playing runescape with pia on uk server

How to Set up PIA for Runescape on Router?

You can set up PIA on different routers and share the secure Wi-Fi connection to all your Runescape-compatible devices. Here are general steps to follow:

  1. Confirm if PIA works with your preferred router by visiting the PIA router set up page.
  2. Get a PIA subscription (enjoy savings).
  3. Set up PIA on your preferred router. Follow this extensive guide for different router types.
  4. Install an appropriate PIA server location. For instance, you should download a Canadian server location to play against Canadian peers on Runescape.
  5. Restart the router.
  6. Then, connect your gaming device to the PIA-encrypted network for fast-paced and DDoS-free Runescape missions.

PIA Not Working With Runescape? Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes, Runescape may fail to work while using PIA. Although not a common occurrence, this may happen for various reasons.

In any case, try the following hacks to get back on the title.

  • Change your PIA protocol.
  • Connect to a different PIA server location.
  • Use the most updated PIA VPN version.
  • Check for IP leaks on your PIA VPN – Runescape connection.
  • Clear your browser caches and cookies.
  • Restore your PIA VPN’s advanced settings to default.
  • Contact customer support.
contact pia

Best Practices for Playing Runescape With PIA?

Playing Runescape with a VPN may come with the danger of getting banned on the title. Therefore, do the following for the best Runescape gaming experience while connected to PIA:

  • Avoid server hopping, as this may alert Jagex that you’re using a VPN. In other words, stick to the initial server/server location you used to unblock Runescape during subsequent gaming sessions.
  • Use PIA dedicated IPs for faster speeds and better security on the title. These servers can also help with server hopping since they don’t change, and you still get the VPN’s benefits.
  • Periodically check for leaks on your Runescape – PIA connection.
  • Enable the PIA VPN kill switch to prevent your real IP address from leaking if the VPN connection breaks down.
  • Connect to low ping/latency servers for fast speeds.
  • Use the WireGuard protocol for faster speeds and increased security.
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PIA can help bypass IP bans on Runescape by modifying your IP address on the title. However, PIA may fail to evade account bans since Jagex would apply these at an ID level rather than to the IP address of the erring gamer only.

PIA doesn’t support OSRS botting since it circumvents the original way Jagex meant for the game to be played. However, the VPN assigns you a different IP address, which may make it difficult for Jagex to track your real IP address while botting on the title.

Safely Tour Gielinor With PIA

Tour the enchanting and mystical world of Gielinor, slay villains, and cast spells without the risk of IP bans or speed drops by using PIA for Runescape.

You can leverage PIA’s extensive server spread, military-grade encryption, and dedicated IPs to unblock the title anywhere, enjoy fast speeds, and improve your security with one of the best Runescape VPNs.

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