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Can You Play World of Warcraft With NordVPN?

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You can play World of Warcraft with NordVPN for lag-free raids and dungeons.

For instance, I connected to NordVPN’s South Korean server to reduce latency while playing on a private Korean WoW server (Uwow Asia). This allowed for fast Battleground PvP sessions with my Korean friends despite connecting from Germany.

Keep reading to learn how to set up WoW with NordVPN!

How to Play World of Warcraft With NordVPN?

Hone your alchemy and jewel crafting skills from anywhere and enjoy fast-paced dungeons without disruptions by setting up NordVPN for WoW on PC.

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a NordVPN subscription and save BIG on the long-term plan by grabbing these exclusive NordVPN discounts.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Download NordVPN for your WoW platform. I’ll download the NordVPN Windows app for this guide, but the setup also works for macOS.
windows compatible with nordvpn
  1. Log in to the NordVPN app with your credentials.
  1. Activate the NordVPN Kill Switch to hide your real IP address if the VPN connection drops. Thanks to this feature, I used my school network to complete quests on the title with zero issues from network admins. Go to Settings > Kill Switch and toggle the switch ON.
locating kill switch settings in nordvpn
  1. Choose the NordLynx Protocol for fast-paced PVP Arena showdowns. The protocol enabled me to beat opponents on fast-paced PVP dungeons and raids without lags. To activate, go to Settings > Connections > VPN protocols > NordLynx.
selecting nordlynx protocol in nordvpn
  1. Connect to the NordVPN server closest to your WoW server to guarantee low ping (and avoid instant kills due to latency).
nordvpn servers
  1. That’s it! I used NordVPN to reduce rubber-banding while casting offensive spells and dealing heavy AOE damage on opponents.
playing world of warcraft with nordvpn on sweden server

How to Reduce Latency on WoW With NordVPN?

The best way to reduce latency on WoW with NordVPN is by connecting to the NordVPN server closest to your WoW server.

For instance, I used NordVPN’s US servers while playing on the American WoW Azralon server and experienced minimal latency issues.

Specifically, I connected to the NordVPN Buffalo-Texas server and recorded 22ms ping for home and world games, which was excellent for lag-free PVE raids on the US Area 52 World of Warcraft servers.

world of warcraft nordvpn latency on us server

I also tested other NordVPN servers with numerous WoW realms.

Here’s the summary:

NordVPN Server WoW Realm In-Game Latency
US-Buffalo Area 52 (US server) Home - 22 ms
World  - 22 ms
South Africa Azshara (Korean Server) Home - 310 ms
World - 241 ms
France Antonidas (German Server) Home - 72 ms
World - 86 ms
Brazil Tol Barad (Brazil server) Home - 18 ms
World - 25 ms

Don’t forget to use NordLynx to lower your ping and improve speeds.

world of warcraft interrogation icon
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According to Blizzard’s ToS, VPN use isn’t explicitly prohibited.

Thus, you can freely use NordVPN on the title without getting banned.

However, improper VPN use can lead to bans, such as frequent server hopping, which makes Warden (Blizzard’s anti-cheat software) flag your account for account sharing.

A common reason NordVPN’s split tunneling fails to work with World of Warcraft is incorrect NordVPN DNS values. To resolve this, change your NordVPN DNS values in the VPN app to and, respectively.

To change DNS values on the app, go to Settings > Connections and toggle Use Custom DNS ON. Then, input the numbers above and save the changes.

Enjoy Fast Speeds in Azeroth

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for World of Warcraft and offers an extensive server spread to connect to the closest server to your preferred WoW realm, thus lowering in-game latencies on the title and guaranteeing lag-free gaming.

Additionally, the VPN offers an intuitive Kill Switch that immediately terminates your WoW session if the VPN  connection suddenly drops, keeping your IP address hidden from network admins and nosey snoopers.

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