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Does NordVPN Have DDoS Protection?

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In this day and age, online security and privacy are very important, which is why I turned to NordVPN as a reliable solution.

But how do you know that a VPN service provider has what it takes to keep you shielded on the internet?

There are different types of online threats, so many that it’s kind of hard to keep up with everything. One thing that you should be aware of is DDoS attacks.

Not only are they dangerous, but they also increased in number and complexity.

I wasn’t aware of the dangers that come with this online threat, but after seeing how sensitive we are to an attack, I realized that it’s important to find a VPN that offers protection against it. I advise you to do the same, especially if you are a gamer.

The good thing is that a handful of VPNs offer protection against it.

But, sometimes, it’s difficult to find the right one.

To help you out in the search, I will be discussing NordVPN DDoS protection below.

The key things that you need to know are how can DDoS attacks harm you, what can you do to protect yourself, and how NordVPN can help with this.

Let’s begin.

NordVPN’s DDoS Protection & Why You Need It

NordVPN is a very secure VPN service provider.

The company emphasized the need for proper online protection by implementing advanced security technologies.

That being said, NordVPN does have DDoS protection, and the best thing is that they have it implemented on all of their servers.

When I was searching for a VPN with DDoS protection, I found several providers but choose NordVPN, as it offers a lot of other security features in addition to this.

Plus, I believe that you will appreciate the fact that they have DDoS protection on all servers.

Now that I’ve answered your initial question let’s see why this is important for you.

What Is a DDoS Attack?

DDoS stands for Disturbed Denial of Service, which means that a DDoS attack happens when someone overwhelms a network, service, application, or a server with so much traffic that the normal traffic can’t pass through.

In plain words, the hacker or hackers will infect your computer with specialized malware and turn it into a bot. Once this happens, they can run commands on your computer, and use it to their benefit together with the many other devices on their botnet. The hackers can then attack their selected target and bring it down.

To grasp the concept, I recommend you to watch the video below, where the process is explained in detail.

DDoS attacks happen for many reasons, including extortions, online activism, and even vengefulness. If you are an average Joe, DDoS doesn’t directly affect you, but one thing’s for sure – you don’t want to be a part of it.

As I mentioned briefly in the beginning, if you are a gamer this online threat really concerns you. DDoS attacks are usually used in games like League of Legends, as a way for one gamer to attack and disrupt another gamer’s gameplay and advantage.

In this case, you are directly affected, and although it’s not necessarily a security issue, it can be really frustrating when it happens.

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How Can a VPN Protect You?

To keep yourself safe from becoming a bot in a DDoS attack, you need proper protection. Some VPN service providers implement DDoS protection in their features. They do this by either filtering excessive request floods or assigning particular anti-DDoS servers on their server network.

Overall, VPNs are an excellent weapon against DDoS attacks, even more so if they have anti-malware software. As I already mentioned, the attackers get to your computer or device by infecting it with malware, and with the proper protection, this won’t be able to happen in the first place.

NordVPN’s DDoS Protection Servers

NordVPN used to have only a few anti-DDoS servers before they removed them and implemented their DDoS protection on all of the servers.

That means all of their 5,000+ servers that you can use from their network are protected.

So, you don’t need to enable anything, nor you have to search for particular servers. By only signing up to NordVPN, installing their software on all of your devices, and connecting to one of their servers, you will be safe from a DDoS attack.


NordVPN has DDoS protection, plus the service provider is an excellent choice when you are looking for advanced online security.

Knowing how dangerous the internet can be, especially as technology is progressing, I wanted to share my experience with you, with the intention to help you take the needed measures.

And remember, don’t underestimate online threats, and keep yourself protected at all times.

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