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How to Set Up and Use Private Internet Access on NVIDIA SHIELD?

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You can set up and use Private Internet Access on NVIDIA SHIELD by installing the VPN app on your NVIDIA SHIELD, using a PIA-compatible router, or sideloading PIA APK on the NVIDIA SHIELD.

The VPN will let you play GeForce Now games like 7 Days to Die or unblock shows on Peacock and Netflix without lag.

We’ll look at the complete setup guide, discuss a few troubleshooting tips, and provide NVIDIA SHIELD VPN alternatives to Private Internet Access, should you need them.

How to Set Up Private Internet Access for NVIDIA SHIELD?

You can set up Private Internet Access for NVIDIA SHIELD in three ways. 

Here’s a summary of the three methods:

Criteria Installing From Play Store VPN Router Sideloading a PIA APK File
Difficulty Easiest High Easy
Encrypts Traffic? Yes Yes Yes
Hides Your IP? Yes Yes Yes
Speeds Fast Fastest Fast

Method #1: Installing PIA Android App on NVIDIA SHIELD

Since the NVIDIA SHIELD uses the Android operating system, you can install PIA on it with these steps:

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  1. Connect your NVIDIA SHIELD to your PC or TV.
  2. Open Google Play on the NVIDIA SHIELD, search for Private Internet Access, and install the app.
pia on google play store
  1. Launch PIA and sign in with your account details.
pia log in
  1. Select the WireGuard protocol. This is the fastest PIA protocol, ideal for streaming content like Netflix or playing GeForce Now games without lag on NVIDIA SHIELD.
  2. Activate the kill switch by toggling “VPN Kill Switch” ON from the Settings menu. This will prevent your IP from leaking out if your PIA connection is disrupted.
  3. Open the server list and connect to your desired server. I connected to a US server for this example.
pia connected to connecticut server
  1. Play popular GeForce games like Onimusha: Warlords without lags on your PC through NVIDIA SHIELD, unblock content on geo-restricted platforms, or use other internet-enabled options on the NVIDIA SHIELD securely.
access geforce now with pia

Method #2: Setting up PIA on Your Router for NVIDIA SHIELD

This method entails connecting your NVIDIA SHIELD TV to an encrypted internet connection through a PIA-compatible router. You can get better speeds to your NVIDIA SHIELD console through a Gigabit Ethernet cable, perfect for handling heavy NVIDIA SHIELD software like cuLitho.

However, not all routers are compatible with PIA. Here are compatible router examples:

  • Asus AX68U Merlin FlashRouter
  • Asus ZenWiFi XD5 Mesh FlashRouter
  • GL.iNET Beryl-AX VPN Travel FlashRouter
  • DD-WRT Routers

Once you’ve established your router’s compatibility with PIA, follow these detailed setup guides for different routers like DD-WRT and AsusWRT.

Method #3: Sideload PIA APK to NVIDIA SHIELD

Only sideload the PIA APK to your NVIDIA SHIELD if you run into problems with the first method. Otherwise, sideloading might be an unnecessary risk to do without.

This step is essential in regions where you can’t find the PIA app on your Google Play Store.

Here’s the setup guide.

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  2. Download the APK file from the PIA Website. It’s recommended that you use a PC with a USB port. This is necessary for transferring the APK file to NVIDIA SHIELD.
  3. Move the APK into a flash drive.
  4. Follow the video guide below to sideload the app onto your NVIDIA SHIELD.
  1. Once the installation is complete, open Private Internet Access.
  2. Login with your account credentials.
  3. Connect to a server.
  4. Enjoy premium streaming and gaming content unblocking and enjoy online security on your NVIDIA SHIELD.

How Fast Is Private Internet Access on NVIDIA SHIELD?

I tested Private Internet Access on SHIELD TV Pro to see how well the VPN handled 4K streaming. I connected to a New York server from Kenya and unblocked Peacock TV to stream extended Chelsea vs Manchester City highlights.

streaming peacock tv with pia

There was no buffering throughout the match, even with the settings cranked up to 4K HDR playback at 60 FPS.


PIA support insists the PIA app isn’t designed for Android TVs. 

As such, you may experience performance issues or bugs when using it with NVIDIA SHIELD. If you run into any issues, try the following.

Sideload PIA

The lack of comprehensive support for Smart TVs by Private Internet Access leads to bugged features, and connection issues. To solve this, installing an APK version of PIA can help address the malfunctions. One significant feature only the APK version has is PIA MACE, which can help deal with pop-up ads when playing free games like The Talos Principle.

Sideload Earlier PIA Version

If you’re still struggling to connect to the NVIDIA SHIELD with recent PIA apps and APKs, consider switching to earlier APK versions of PIA.

New app updates can be over-engineered and have vital features scrapped. 

This brings a new set of problems for things that previously worked perfectly.

However, since PIA doesn’t offer earlier APK versions, you’ll have to resort to third-party sites, which can be risky. To be safe, run the downloaded APK files through malware checkers like VirusTotal before installing them.

Connect a Mouse to Your TV

You may be unable to access clickable PIA features on your NVIDIA SHIELD when using your regular remote control. To bypass this problem, you’ll need to connect a wireless mouse to your TV or NVIDIA SHIELD device. This will significantly improve your maneuverability around different settings.

2 Best VPN Alternatives for NVIDIA SHIELD

The lack of comprehensive PIA support for NVIDIA SHIELD usually forces users to try other methods. But if you’d rather start with a VPN that supports NVIDIA SHIELD correctly, here are two PIA alternatives worth considering.


PrivateVPN supports NVIDIA SHIELD devices and offers customer support help with the installation process. Additionally, the VPN provides APK downloads, but unlike PIA, you can even access earlier APK versions if you encounter connection issues.

Furthermore, PrivateVPN is a fast alternative capable of handling NVIDIA SHIELD’s 4K HDR, Dolby Vision HDR, and HDR10 without buffering. So, grab your PrivateVPN offers to unlock your NVIDIA SHIELD device’s full capability today.


NordVPN has full support for NVIDIA SHIELD, providing frequently updated setup guides and APK files to sideload on the NVIDIA SHIELD if the official app gives you issues

Additionally, you can connect to any of its 5800+ servers to access restricted content on streaming platforms like Peacock or Hulu. The VPN, through the NordLynx protocol, offers fast connection speeds that can handle real-time Ray Tracing when you play hyper-realistic games on NVIDIA SHIELD.

Why not grab your NordVPN discount deals today to enjoy this?

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Unlimited Streaming & Gaming on NVIDIA SHIELD With PIA

NVIDIA SHIELD is a fantastic entertainment device, but it can be bogged down with geo-restrictions and speed throttling.

Fortunately, Private Internet Access solves all that and more. 

Grab your Private Internet Access subscription today and unlock your NVIDIA SHIELD like never before.

But if PIA’s unofficial support for NVIDIA SHIELD devices complicates things, consider potential alternatives like PrivateVPN and NordVPN.

Whatever you choose, dust off your NVIDIA SHIELD device and put it to better use today!

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