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Does Private Internet Access Work With YouTube TV?

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Private Internet Access works with YouTube TV!

Thankfully, the provider has VPN servers in the 50 US states. Hence, you can access your favorite regional US video streams on YouTube TV while outside the States.

Furthermore, PIA unblocks YouTube TV on PCs, smartphones, smart TVs and gaming consoles. That way, you can enjoy Turner Classic Movies on the go or watch live sports on ESPN with the big-screen experience!

Read the rest of this guide to see how!

How to Unblock YouTube TV With PIA on PCs and Smartphones?

PIA has native PC (Windows, macOS) and smartphone (Android, iOS) apps.

Therefore, you can download these apps to set up the VPN for YouTube TV, as I’ll show you below.

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  1. Download the PIA app. You can get it on your PC via the PIA site or from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). I’ll download the PIA Windows app for this tutorial.
selecting windows vpn on pia website
  1. Install the downloaded PIA file.
installing pia app on windows
  1. Launch the PIA VPN app, then login with your “Username” and “Password.”
pia log in
  1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon, then select “Settings.”
locating pia settings
  1. Go to “Protocols,” then select a suitable PIA VPN protocol. I recommend the WireGuard protocol because it’s fast and stable enough to stream live YouTube TV channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN in HD.
selecting wireguard protocol in pia
  1. Click “Privacy,” then check “VPN Kill Switch.” If the PIA connection accidentally drops, this hides your outside-USA IP from YouTube TV moderators.
enable vpn kill switch in pia
  1.  Exit the Settings page to go to PIA’s home page.
exit settings page on pia
  1. Click the “>” symbol against the displayed server location to open PIA’s complete server list.
selecting greater than symbol on pia
  1. Search for “United States,” then click “Latency” to filter the VPN servers.
filtering latency among us servers in pia
  1. Choose the first server on the list, as it’ll have the lowest latency for watching YouTube TV smoothly without stuttering connections.
  2. Click the power button to connect to the chosen PIA US server.
selecting power button in pia
  1. Run a quick IP/DNS leak test to confirm you’ve been assigned a US IP address in your chosen state.
pia ip leak test results in chicago server
  1. That’s it! Unblock YouTube TV to watch your favorite live TV content, movies, news, shows, and entertainment clips in HD from anywhere!
unblocking espn with pia on chicago server

How to Unblock YouTube TV With PIA on Smart TVs and Game Consoles?

While Smart TVs and game consoles lack PIA VPN apps, you can configure PIA on your home router, set up a virtual router connection, or use Smart DNS to unblock YouTube TV.

I recommend adapting my guides below for a stepwise approach to these setups:

Once you adapt the guides above to set up PIA on your devices, you can unblock YouTube TV channels quickly.

However, always choose a US server during the router, virtual router, Amazon Firestick, or Smart DNS setups since YouTube TV is only available in the US.

streaming youtube tv with pia

PIA Not Working With YouTube TV? (Troubleshooting)

Some users experience difficulties in circumventing YouTube TV location restrictions with PIA. Other users complained of a VPN detection dialog every time they ran PIA to unblock YouTube TV.

These occurrences rarely happen, and there’s no need to regret choosing PIA.

Instead, follow the troubleshooting tips below to remedy the situation.

Update PIA App

Using an outdated PIA VPN app can cause connection issues, protocol glitches, and poor VPN functioning. Thus, failing to unblock YouTube TV or leading to constant disconnections while unblocking the US-based platform.

So, always ensure you’re using the latest PIA version.

download pia v.3.5.2

You can check to confirm you’re running the latest mobile version through the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). PC users will get an update notification in the app through which they can download and install the latest PIA version.

Deleting Browser Cache and Cookies

Your browser cache and cookies save information about websites you visit, geolocation, and other data that may interfere with PIA’s YouTube TV unblocking potential.

So, deleting your browser cache and cookies is essential to use YouTube TV with PIA. Otherwise, your cache data might be leaking your true location to PIA.

Watch the short video guide below to delete the browser cache on Google Chrome:

Alternatively, watch the video below to clear the Mozilla Firefox browser cache:

Switch PIA Servers and Protocol

Not all PIA’s United States servers will reliably unblock YouTube TV.

For example, I tested the PIA US East server, and it couldn’t unblock YouTube TV.

youtube tv not available with pia on us east server

However, I could unblock the platform after switching to the PIA US Las Vegas server.

streaming youtube tv with pia on us las vegas server

So, switch PIA US servers when one doesn’t unblock YouTube TV.

On the other hand, the PIA WireGuard protocol is the most preferred for stable YouTube TV HD stream unblocking. However, switching to the OpenVPN protocol is best if WireGuard fails.

selecting openvpn protocol in pia

This is handy since some restrictive network providers (like workplaces and schools) censor YouTube TV (and other entertainment apps) behind a firewall.

Enable PIA Kill Switch

PIA uses a kill switch to prevent YouTube TV servers from detecting your IP address if you accidentally lose the VPN connection. Otherwise, your YouTube TV access will instantly become blocked on a non-US IP address.

enable pia kill switch feature

Therefore, remember to enable the PIA kill switch as shared in the PC/smartphone guide.

Allow PIA on the Firewall

Your device’s firewall settings may interfere with the PIA VPN connection, keeping you from streaming YouTube TV.

In that case, allowing PIA as an exception through the firewall is best.

Here’s how to do this on a Windows PC:

  1. Search for “Control Panel,” then click the app to open it.
locating windows control panel app
  1. Click “System and Security.”
locating system and security in windows settings
  1. Go to “Windows Defender Firewall,” then click “Allow an app through Windows Firewall.”
allow an app through windows firewall
  1. Click “Change settings.”
change firewall settings in windows
  1. Scroll to the PIA app or its extension. Then, check all the boxes against it.
allow pia on windows firewall
  1. Bonus: If the PIA app or extension isn’t available, click “Allow another app,” then follow the prompts to add it from your PC.
allow another app in windows button
  1. Click “OK” to finish.
selecting ok button in windows firewall settings
  1. Try unblocking YouTube TV when connected to PIA and see if that fixes your issue.

Disable GPS and Location Services

Disabling GPS and location services help to fix PIA-YouTube TV connection issues only on smartphones. This fix ensures YouTube TV admins aren’t using your mobile GPS/location service to detect and block your access to the platform.

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Watch FOX, CBS, and More on YouTube TV With PIA

PIA’s server spread to 50 US states makes it suitable to reliably unblock CBS, ABC, FOX, BBC, and other popular channels on YouTube TV.

The VPN provider also encrypts your connection to bypass ISPs and network admins’ speed throttling. Thus, you get top connection speeds to watch your favorite YouTube TV channels in HD or 4K.

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