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Does Private Internet Access Work in the Philippines?

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Private Internet Access (PIA) works in the Philippines!

With its extensive server network, PIA allows Philippine tourists and locals to unblock international streaming platforms (Netflix US, Peacock, HBO Max) in Makati or anywhere else, free of PDLT, Smart, and Globe speed throttling.

I also use PIA’s Philippines server to secure my online banking transactions from cyber criminals while on untrusted public WiFi networks in Filipino pubs, bars, and other public WiFi-accessible areas.

Ready for an unforgettable online experience in the Philippines?

How to Set Up PIA on PC/Mobile in the Philippines?

PIA is compatible with various PC and mobile operating systems. 

Here are the general setup procedures:

  1. Buy a PIA subscription. I recommend the multi-year plan for its long-term savings.
  1. Download the PIA app for your device. I’ll download the Windows PIA app for this tutorial.
pia app download
  1. Log in to the PIA app with your credentials (username, password).
pia log in
  1. Activate the kill switch. This hides your real IP and internet activity from malicious actors if the PIA connection suddenly drops on untrusted WiFi networks in places like Laqui’s Bakery in Makati or Marquis Hotel in Boracay.
pia vpn kill switch enabled
  1. Choose the WireGuard protocol for the best content unblocking, gaming, and browsing speeds in the Philippines.
pia wireguard protocol
  1. Connect to an appropriate PIA VPN server location. I recommend clicking the power button to get nearby servers for browsing and privacy.
pia power button
  1. Alternatively, click the right arrow icon to open the server list for location-specific servers to unblock content abroad.
change pia server
  1. Search for a preferred PIA VPN server location. Click to select it.
pia server locations
  1. Click the power button to connect to the chosen location.
  2. Ensure your PIA VPN connection is secure by checking for leaks on www.ipleak.net. Your assigned PIA IP address should match that on the leak test site.
pia ipleak test on morocco server
  1. That’s it! Stream buffer-free HD episodes of Search Party on HBO Max, watch Formula One races on Sky Sports F1, and unblock NCIS on Netflix US from your Bohol Island beach resort!
stream f1 with pia on milano server

How to Set Up PIA for Console/Smart TV in the Philippines?

Smart TVs and consoles lack PIA apps. Fortunately, you can set up PIA on Smart TVs and gaming consoles using Smart DNS, the router method, or a virtual router setup.

Method #1: Virtual Router Set Up

Follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription (Enjoy savings).
  2. Download the PIA app for your device. Only the Windows PC app works for this setup.
  3. Install, launch, and log in to the PIA Windows app with your credentials.
  4. Set up your PC to share a VPN connection. Follow the video below and adapt the necessary steps to your Windows PC.
  1. Connect the PIA app to an appropriate server.
  2. Connect your smart TV or gaming console to the PIA VPN Windows hotspot you’ve created.
  3. Enjoy the latest NCIS episodes on your Samsung or LG smart TV in El-Nido and stream live international premier league matches on Supersport using your gaming console in Caloocan.

Method #2: SmartDNS Method

PIA provides Smart DNS to enable your non-VPN-compatible devices to unblock content globally in some of the most extensive libraries (UK, US, etc.).

Here are Smart DNS tutorials to configure PIA on:

Method #3: Router Method

You can use PIA on smart TVs, gaming consoles, or other devices that don’t natively support VPNs by installing the VPN on a router.

Here’s a video that outlines how to set up PIA on a DD-WRT router:

If you have other router software models, follow the tutorials below:

Once installed, connect your PlayStation or Xbox gaming console or smart TV to the router network to enjoy PIA’s content unblocking, DDoS protection, and improved ping.

How to Get a Philippines IP Address With PIA?

PIA offers a Philippines server and IP address to perform sensitive activities like securing your Pangasinan Bank online transactions while on untrusted WiFi networks in Manilla, Quezon, and Davao.

Follow these steps to get a Philippines IP address:

  1. Buy a PIA subscription (enjoy savings).
  2. Follow steps 2 to 5 in the PC/Mobile set up.
  3. Click on the expand arrow on the PIA app to access the complete servers list.
pia connected to massachusetts server
  1. Type “Philippines” in the search bar and click the server.
pia philippines server
  1. Click the large power button to connect.
pia power button
  1. That’s it! I used the PIA Philippine IP address to connect to local COD Warzone gaming peers in Zamboanga City and secure my Philippine National Bank (PNB) online transactions without missing the latest Eat Bulaga episodes.
pia connected to philippines server

How to Set up Port Forwarding on PIA in the Philippines?

PIA allows you to forward ports to access your home network remotely, host game servers like Minecraft, and boost torrenting speeds in the Philippines.

Follow these steps to activate PIA port forwarding:

  1. Open the PIA app.
  2. Ensure the PIA VPN connection is disabled.
  3. Click the three dots icon, then “Settings.”
pia settings menu
  1. Go to “Network,” then click “Request Port Forwarding.”
pia network settings
  1. Return to the VPN homepage to select a server location that supports port forwarding. PIA will generate a random port forwarding number.
pia server port forwarding number
    1. Note: Some PIA server locations don’t support port forwarding and will have a grey icon indicating the same.
pia port forwarding locations
  1. That’s a wrap! Use the PIA port forwarding number to configure routers, torrent clients, supported gaming titles, and other applications for optimal performance.
gaming with pia on philippines server

Are PIA Dedicated IP Servers the Best for the Philippines?

PIA Dedicated IP servers are the best for the Philippines if security and online privacy is your primary concern. Otherwise, a regular PIA server will do the trick to secure your internet connection from eavesdroppers and access geo-restricted content.

I also conducted speed tests on the different PIA servers, and the Dedicated IP servers came out tops against regular and Multi-Hop servers, recording less than 10% speed drops.

Interesting Reads:


PIA doesn’t provide a dedicated IP server in the Philippines. 

You can still use any other PIA-dedicated IP servers in the US, the UK, Australia, or Germany since these are the only locations offering this service.

You can use any PIA streaming-optimized servers in the Philippines to watch international content relating to that particular server location. 

For example, the PIA Swedish streaming-optimized servers allow buffer-free streaming of original Netflix Sweden shows like Gangs of Oslo in Coron.

WireGuard is the fastest PIA protocol for the Philippines, consistently recording blazing-fast speeds on all my different speed tests. 

This makes WireGuard the best protocol for HD and 4K streaming of local and international content anywhere in the Philippines.

Enhance Your Philippines Internet Experience

PIA boasts an extensive server spread to unblock Netflix UK shows in Tacloban while securing your public WiFi connection from cybercriminals in places like Cagayan De Oro.

Additionally, PIA offers port forwarding to host gaming servers (Minecraft, COD Warzone) and a Philippines IP address to connect to gaming peers in Antipolo and Koronadal.

And there’s more where that came from.

Ready for an unforgettable internet experience in the Philippines? 

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