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Does PrivateVPN Have a Family Plan? (Plus Alternatives)

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PrivateVPN doesn’t have a family plan. Hence, you’ll be restricted to ten simultaneous connections per account to share among family members.

However, a bigger family can still get more simultaneous connections from PrivateVPN. This is spread across paid and non-paid methods, as shown below.

And if you’re looking for VPNs with family plans instead, I’ll throw in some reliable alternatives at the end of this piece.

How to Get More PrivateVPN Connections for Family?

You can get more PrivateVPN connections to secure every device in your family by grabbing a new account or using the router setup method. I’ve explored both options below.

Method #1 – Install PrivateVPN on a Router

This option works best if all/the majority of your family members are in the same house/space where they can connect to a router network.

The main points that make this a desirable fix are:

  • PrivateVPN can be installed on a router.
  • Routers can connect 30 or more devices, depending on the type and make.
  • PrivateVPN connections to a router count as ONE device, no matter how many devices connect to the router.

That way, you can save nine precious connection slots (from PrivateVPN’s ten-device limit) by connecting all the devices in your household to the VPN router instead.

Here’s how:

  1. Get a PrivateVPN subscription with these discounts.
  1. Install PrivateVPN on your router. Follow this PrivateVPN-router installation guide or watch the video below.
  2. Connect your devices to the router.
  3. Enjoy secure internet connections, premium content unblocking and extra support for devices without VPN apps (like smart TVs and gaming consoles).

However, not all routers are compatible with a VPN setup. Luckily, flashing custom firmware on some routers will enable them to accept VPNs like PrivateVPN.

I’ve included a router flashing tutorial below.

But if your router doesn’t work with VPNs, you can turn your Windows PC into a virtual router.

Follow the video guide below:

Method #2 – Get a New Account

Every PrivateVPN account has a ten simultaneous device connection limit, even though you can install its apps on unlimited devices. If that’s not enough to cover your family members, it might be time to get another PrivateVPN account.

Unfortunately, you can’t purchase multi-logins on an existing account, as you get with PureVPN’s family plan alternatives.

So, here’s what to do:

  1. Get a new PrivateVPN plan. Save more with these HUGE deals.
  1. Ensure to register with a new email address. PrivateVPN won’t allow you to have another account with your existing email address.
  2. Decide which family members will be on either account and share the logins with them.
  3. Download the VPN apps on their PC/smartphones, and they can start enjoying their VPN.
While getting a new account sounds like a good idea, it might be cost-intensive and too cumbersome to manage for some. So, I’ve included alternative VPNs that offer a family plan/similar package below.

Alternative VPNs With More Family Connection Slots

No matter how big your family is, these alternative VPNs can help keep everyone on the secure internet at a minimal cost. Check out what they offer below.

Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

compatible devices on surfshark

Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous device connections per account.

Thus, you won’t worry about tricks like using a router or buying a new account.

The best part is that Surfshark’s pricing is like PrivateVPN’s despite offering more.

For instance, Surfshark includes Smart DNS for smart TVs and gaming consoles. Meanwhile, PrivateVPN only supports router installation for those devices.

On top of that, Surfshark boasts 3200+ servers in 100 countries, compared to 200+ servers in 63 countries on PrivateVPN. Little wonder it’s preferred for unblocking content across regions where PrivateVPN lacks servers.

Finally, Surfshark doesn’t limit your bandwidth on any of its servers or connections. So you don’t have to share bandwidth resources with your family.

Grab Surfshark with my discount offers below, and your family will thank you.

PIA – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

download pia today

PIA follows in Surfshark’s footsteps, offering unlimited simultaneous connections for all family members.

PIA also offered ten simultaneous connections, on par with PrivateVPN, until recently.

But now, PIA pulls ahead of PrivateVPN with more than just the family-sized device limit.

For starters, you get servers in 84 countries to unblock content in more regions than PrivateVPN. PIA also offers Smart DNS for smart TV and gaming console setups.

As if that’s not enough, PIA is one of the cheapest providers. And when you grab my discount offers below, you’re getting it for a steal.

PureVPN – Dedicated Family Plan With Individual Accounts

purevpn family plan pricing

PureVPN is the ideal family VPN if you want individually-managed VPN accounts where you’re the overall family manager.

To do this, get its specialized family plan, which comes at an extra cost, and you can enjoy up to five individual accounts managed under one super account.

Each account gets ten simultaneous connections, for a total of 50! This may be ideal for family members concentrated at multiple locations.

Besides this, PureVPN also beats PrivateVPN on server count (6500+ vs. 200+) and country reach (70+ vs 63). So, you can unblock more content via the provider. 

However, it also lacks Smart DNS. Instead, it gives you router support for gaming consoles, smart TVs, and units that can’t get a VPN app.

If PureVPN is more to your liking, I’ve got some sweet offers below.

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Robust Online Privacy for Your Family

Connected devices like printers and baby monitors are at a higher risk of IP hacking, causing privacy breaches. Likewise, you shouldn’t have to log out of a VPN for your sibling to stream/unblock content on their PC.

That’s where PrivateVPN’s ten simultaneous connections kick in. However, that would only work for a small family with minimal devices. Otherwise, check the alternative VPNs section for something more to your speed.

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