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Does PrivateVPN Work With Pandora?

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PrivateVPN works with Pandora, letting you enjoy curated playlists and podcast episodes from anywhere. In fact, 14 of its super-fast locations are in the US.

So, finding a server in the biggest Pandora library for buffer-free audio streaming is easy.

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How to Play Pandora With PrivateVPN on PC & Mobile?

Follow these steps to play Pandora with PrivateVPN on PC & mobile:

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  2. Download, install, run, and sign in to PrivateVPN. I’ll use Windows for my example.
  3. Click “Connection Guard” and turn on the kill switch. If your VPN connection drops, this prevents “unsupported country” messages or endless lags during song/podcast switches.
privatevpn connection guard
  1. Click “Simple View,” tap “Change,” select the US location with the least ping, and connect. For instance, I connected to New York.
privatevpn new york server
  1. Log in to Pandora and check out trending tunes on Today’s Hits Radio.
pandora using privatevpn

How to Play Pandora With PrivateVPN on Smart TV & Console?

You can play Pandora with PrivateVPN on Smart TV & console by configuring the provider with your router.

However, not all routers support PrivateVPN. Check your router manual for VPN support or confirm via Google. Otherwise, you can flash your unit to replace it with open-source firmware.

Once your gadget is VPN-ready, follow these steps to play Pandora with PrivateVPN on a Smart TV or console:

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  2. Install PrivateVPN on your router. Check this guide to find a suitable setup for your model.
  3. Connect your Smart TV or console to the router.
  4. Log in to Pandora and revisit your saved stations.

Can I Listen to Pandora Top Thumb With PrivateVPN's Dedicated IPs?

You can listen to Pandora Top Thumb with PrivateVPN’s dedicated IPs

I had an almost buffer-free experience, save for pre-play pauses that lasted a second for eight consecutive songs with the New York dedicated IP.

Hence, I seamlessly blasted my favorite Top Tumb Hits, from Nicki Minaj’s Last Time I Saw You to Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits.

privatevpn dedicated ip server

The Los Angeles dedicated IP location was almost as good for stutter-free play. 

However, lags between switches lasted 1-4 seconds on a 4.87 Mbps connection. 

Fortunately, most songs started playing within two seconds.

While differences may be subtle, as the platform isn’t bandwidth-intensive, the US-dedicated IP with the least ping is the best PrivateVPN server for Pandora.

Do All PrivateVPN Protocols Ensure Uninterrupted Pandora Podcast Streaming?

Not all PrivateVPN protocols ensure uninterrupted podcast streaming, but OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194), PPTP, and L2TP come close.

Here’s a summary of how long it took to unblock Pandora with PrivateVPN’s Chicago servers and subsequent lags between song/episode changes:

Protocol Download/Upload Speed (Mbps) Pandora-Opening Duration (seconds) Average Sturtter Duration Between Content Changes (seconds) Any Lags During Play?
Default OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) 3.39/0.67 6 1.5 No
OpenVPN (TUN+TCP+443) 4.18/0.16 8 3 Yes (mild 0.5-second pauses)
OpenVPN (TAP+UDP) 6.46/0.24 16 5 Yes (up to six seconds)
PPTP 6.21/0.69 8 2 Yes (mild 0.5-second)
L2TP 6.84/0.42 4 1.5 Yes (mild 0.5-second)

While OpenVPN (TUN+TCP+443) offered faster speeds than the default protocol, its performance on Pandora wasn’t as good. It took 69 seconds to switch from Drake’s One Dance to Ariana Grande’s 34+35 (I’m not kidding!).

Fortunately, other swaps were faster, averaging three seconds.

Also, OpenVPN (TUN+TCP+443) had random midplay pauses, all lasting under a second. While hardly noticeable on Distractible, Bruno Mars’s’ That’s What I Like pausing six times massacred my workout.

Meanwhile, PPTP and L2TP were exceptional except for 0.5-second midplay hiccups, which happened more often in the latter.

That said, OpenVPN (TUN+UDP+1194) is the best PrivateVPN protocol for Pandora, thanks to its seamless audio quality, even on a poor connection.

Furthermore, the default protocol is more secure than its closest Pandora competitors, PPTP and L2TP, and supports more devices/operating systems.

privatevpn protocol

So, keep your protocol on default and enjoy this year’s Rolling Stone Sound of the Year on your Android TV 12 without issues.

Does PrivateVPN Port Forwarding Fix Pandora Buffering?

PrivateVPN port forwarding may help fix Pandora buffering, as it may increase your download speed. Plus, you’ll need to connect to PrivateVPN’s US-dedicated IPs for it to have any effect on Pandora, and these are generally faster than regular locations.

For instance, I enjoyed Emrata’s 42-minute chat with Meghan Trainor stutter-free on a New York dedicated IP.

pandora using privatevpn new york server

Though the performance was similar to regular Chicago servers, ensuring smooth play with a dedicated IP’s faster speeds wouldn’t hurt.

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Play Pandora From Anywhere With PrivateVPN

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