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NordVPN Obfuscated Servers: Everything You Need to Know

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NordVPN is an incredibly secure VPN service provider.

It’s also one of the few alternatives on the market that can go around pretty much every restriction on the internet.

One of the main reasons behind this are NordVPN obfuscated servers.

Obfuscated servers are special servers operated by NordVPN that protect people connected to them with an extra layer of security.

But how exactly can the obfuscated servers help you, and when is the right time to use them?

In the article below, I will be answering this as well as everything else you need to know about NordVPN’s ‘special’ servers.

What Are NordVPN Obfuscated Servers?

nordvpn obfuscated servers

NordVPN obfuscated servers are a list of specialized servers that work differently than the standard ones. To put into plain words, they mask your VPN usage and portray it as regular internet traffic.

Trying to access restricted and censored content in countries could get you in serious trouble.

Many people might not realize the necessity of obfuscated servers.

However, if you are living in or traveling to a country that has stringent internet regulations, excessive government surveillance, or VPN bans, you already know that regular servers won’t work properly, and you need another solution.

Obfuscation by definitions means “making something unclear or incomprehensible”, and NordVPN obfuscated servers help you achieve this by turning your VPN-encrypted traffic into everyday HTTPS traffic.

That way, no one can recognize that you are using a VPN, as you won’t look suspicious or stand out from any other internet user.

If you want more information, this video nicely sums up everything that you need to know about using obfuscated servers:

So, NordVPN’s goal behind the obfuscated servers is to enable you access to all the content on the internet, by putting an extra layer of protection.

When regular servers don’t work, it’s time to turn to obfuscated servers. But where can you find them?

Obfuscated Servers List

NordVPN makes it very easy to use their obfuscated servers.

They are in a separate list that you can find on its interface.

When you open NordVPN’s app or VPN client, you will see their regular server list with over 5,000 servers in 59 countries.

You will also notice that the provider has “Specialty Servers” in which you can find NordVPN’s P2P optimized locations and the Dedicated IP addresses.

But what about the obfuscated servers?

Depending on the device you are using, there are different ways to access them.

How to Enable NordVPN Obfuscated Servers?

Let’s see how you can get to NordVPN obfuscated servers in just a few simple clicks. Before we start, make sure that you’ve already passed these basic steps:

To connect to an obfuscated server on the VPN client after you downloaded the proper software for your computer, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Open the Settings menu in the upper right corner, and go to the Advanced Settings.
    Go to Advanced Settings
  2. Enable Obfuscated Servers by toggling the On/Off button.Enable Obfuscated Servers
  3. Go back, and, on the front page of the interface, you will now see the obfuscated servers in the server list.
    Servers list
  4. Click on the obfuscated server, and NordVPN will automatically connect you to the best location. You can also click on the three dots to choose a location manually.
    On apps

Keep in mind that once you log in to the obfuscated server, your internet speed might decrease.

If you are not using NordVPN in a country with strict internet regulations, it’s better to use regular servers to avoid a slower internet connection.

Also, these steps might not work if you are already in a country that blocks VPNs, as you won’t be able to access NordVPN’s website in the first place, nor download the software.

It’s best to install NordVPN before entering a country with heavy restrictions and VPN bans.

Connecting From Countries with Internet Restrictions

There is an entirely different way to access NordVPN obfuscated servers when you are located in a country with internet restrictions.

It will take you much more time and effort than with the regular download and setup process, but by carefully following the steps, you will manage to install NordVPN on your device.

NordVPN has step-by-step explanations on how to do this, and the process differs based on the device you are using:

NordVPN Obfuscated Servers Are Not Working?

If you are experiencing any issues with your obfuscated servers, there are a few things that you can do to resolve the problem.

It’s unlikely that an obfuscated server won’t work, but in case this happens, try the following:

Can NordVPN Obfuscated Servers Bypass the Great Firewall of China?

Yes, NordVPN obfuscated servers can help you bypass the Great Firewall of China, and they are your most reliable way of reaching restricted content and avoiding government surveillance in the country.

For many years now, China has been actively fighting a war with VPN providers because they go against the government’s policies of online surveillance and massive internet censorship.

Nowadays, you won’t find many VPNs that work there.

But NordVPN does, thanks to its obfuscated servers. With everything that the provider offers, NordVPN is, currently, one of your best options to access content in China and other heavily restricted countries.

However, as I already mentioned, make sure to install NordVPN outside the country, before your trip to China, if possible.

Also, always use an obfuscated server to remain protected.

You might even be able to use the standard NordVPN servers, although I wouldn’t recommend you that as it’s a less secure option.

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Obfuscated servers are special VPN servers that provide you with an extra layer of security. They hide your VPN traffic and make it look like normal HTTPS traffic. The obfuscated servers are your best choice for countries with heavy censorship, like China.

When you sign in to NordVPN, go to the Settings menu, and choose the Advanced settings. There, you will see the Obfuscated server option. After you turn them on, you can find the obfuscated servers under the Specialty Servers on your main interface.

Some VPNs are banned in China, including NordVPN. However, NordVPN still works in China, only you can’t access its website there. It’s best to download and set up NordVPN before entering the country, and use only the obfuscated servers while you are there.

NordVPN works in China. However, if you want to connect safely, it’s best to use one of NordVPN’s obfuscated servers for maximum protection. Although regular servers might work as well, we recommend using the obfuscated servers instead.


NordVPN obfuscated servers are an invaluable addition to the overall security of this VPN service provider.

I really like how much value you get for the price with NordVPN, and I especially appreciate the fact that I can use the obfuscated servers when I am traveling in countries where my privacy is at risk.

If you, too, are visiting a country with internet restrictions or you are already residing in one, I warmly recommend trying out NordVPN if you haven’t already.

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