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Does PrivateVPN Offer Split Tunneling?

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PrivateVPN doesn’t offer split tunneling on any device, making it impossible to decide what apps/programs use the VPN or bypass it.

Furthermore, no PrivateVPN manual setups allow split tunneling on operating systems like Linux or other PC installations.

Check the options below for reliable PrivateVPN alternatives with split tunneling.

Best PrivateVPN Alternatives With Split Tunneling

PrivateVPN is one of the best VPNs I’ve used, but its lack of split tunneling may be a dealbreaker for you.

Hence, I tested other VPNs based on strong security, privacy, unblocking profile, and split tunneling. Here are the best options:


nordvpn split tunneling feature

NordVPN offers split tunneling on Windows and Android devices. 

This leaves out iOS users and PCs, but it’s better than nothing on PrivateVPN.

Furthermore, you can get URL-based split tunneling on the NordVPN browser extensions. That allows the VPN to work on some sites while others pass through without VPN encryption. This is useful if you want to unblock Netflix US/BBC iPlayer or other websites on your browser while retaining access to local news websites, for example.

On top of that, you get Threat Protection with NordVPN’s split tunneling.

In other words, apps you put on the VPN enjoy ad blocking, keep malware at bay, and evade online trackers.

Did I mention that NordVPN provides 5800+ servers compared to PrivateVPN’s 200+?

Private Internet Access

private internet access split tunnel feature

PIA’s split tunneling extends to more devices, covering macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems. So, you’re only missing the feature on your iOS devices.

Besides choosing what apps and programs pass through or bypass the VPN, PIA also allows you to split IP addresses from passing through the VPN

This is useful on corporate/structured networks where you don’t want some IP-based processes running through the VPN.

Furthermore, PIA matches PrivateVPN with free port forwarding and bundled SOCKS5 proxy. Afterward, PIA beats it by adding an ad blocker to protect the programs you leave in the VPN tunnel.

Finally, PIA connects unlimited devices, compared to PrivateVPN’s ten. 

In other words, you can enjoy its split tunneling on multiple Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android OS-based devices.

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Sticking With PrivateVPN?

If you don’t care for keeping some apps off the VPN tunnel while others get the full encryption, PrivateVPN checks every other box. It’s one of the best VPNs for Netflix/BBC iPlayer/Hulu, gaming, and torrenting.

So, grab these PrivateVPN discounts to save on one of the best providers.

Still, it lacks split tunneling. Additionally, you may have issues if you want to torrent heavy files and stream a live NBA game simultaneously. 

In that case, a reliable alternative like NordVPN (discounts here) is your best bet.

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