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Does PureVPN Offer Split Tunneling?

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PureVPN offers split tunneling, allowing users to decide which apps should get the VPN’s encryption when connected.

However, it only offers split tunneling on Windows and Android devices

That leaves its macOS, Linux, and iOS setups without split tunneling.

I discuss enabling its split tunneling on the supported apps below. 

Beyond that, I also tested and recommended alternative VPNs with split tunneling on more platforms.

How to Setup PureVPN Split Tunneling on a PC?

Only Windows PC users get PureVPN’s split tunneling. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Get a PureVPN account. I recommend these discount deals for savings.
purevpn pricing
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  1. Download and install the PureVPN Windows app. You can click App > Windows on its website to get the app.
purevpn windows app
  1. Launch the app and log in with your username and password. These should be the details you signed up with.
  2. Click the settings icon, then “Split Tunneling.”
purevpn split tunneling
  1. Toggle it ON.
  2. You may get a notification. Click “OK.”
purevpn split tunneling notification
  1. Click the “+” icon under “List of apps.”
purevpn list of apps for split tunneling
  1. Select the apps you want to use with PureVPN. I’ll pick Opera and uTorrent for this example.
  2. Click “Close.”
  3. Click the locations icon and connect to any server. I’ll click the “Recommended Location” for this example.
purevpn recommended server
  1. Once connected, click the “Connection Details” tab.
purevpn connection details tab
  1. Confirm that split tunneling is on.
  2. Now, enjoy PureVPN coverage on selected apps while your other apps bypass the VPN to get full speed and retain access to local content.

How to Setup PureVPN Split Tunneling on Smartphones?

PureVPN only offers split tunneling on Android devices. That leaves iOS devices without the feature for now.

So, here’s a stepwise guide for Android users:

  1. Buy a PureVPN account. Grab these HUGE deals for first-timers.
  2. Download the PureVPN Android app via the Google Play Store.
  3. Tap the app to open it. Then, log in with your username and password.
  1. Accept the permission to configure your Android system.
  1. Tap the hamburger menu icon.
  1. Tap “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Advanced,” then “Split Tunneling.”
purevpn mobile app split tunneling
  1. Choose between the split tunneling options, depending on how you want to use the VPN.
    1. Allow only selected apps to use VPN – a convenient choice when you only want a few apps to use the VPN.
    2. Do not allow selected apps to use VPN – a better option to keep only a few apps off the VPN.
  1. After choosing from above, tap “+” beside the apps you want to include.
  2. Tap the back button.
  3. Tap “Connection Protocol.”
purevpn mobile app connection protocol
  1. Toggle OFF “Automatic.” This ensures you don’t automatically get cycled into the “Proxy” protocol, which doesn’t support split tunneling.
  1. Select another protocol. I recommend WireGuard or IKEv2 for speed, security, and the least data consumption.
  2. Toggle off “Connect to Fallback.” You don’t want to risk the VPN cycling back to “Proxy.”
  3. Return to the VPN homepage. Tap the chosen location to choose another server, or tap the power button to connect to the recommended location.
  1. Once connected, tap “Connection Details.”
  1. Confirm that split tunneling is active.
  2. Securely unblock shows like NCIS on Netflix US routed via the VPN while you get local news content and updates on other apps.

How to Setup PureVPN Split Tunneling on Smart TV?

Android TVs can install the PureVPN Android app. Hence, you can follow the smartphone setup (shown above) to download, install, and use PureVPN’s split tunneling on the TV.

However, non-Android smart TVs like LG and Samsung TVs can’t install a PureVPN app. Instead, you can use PureVPN on them via Amazon Fire TV stick.

Since the Fire TV stick also runs on a version of Android, you can still use the same Android setup method in this case.

How to Test That PureVPN Split Tunneling Is Active?

To ensure PureVPN split tunneling is active:

  • Test every app that passes through the VPN tunnel to see if it behaves like it’s using the VPN and
  • Simultaneously test every app left out of the VPN tunnel to see if it behaves in like manner.

However, this can get tedious. Hence, I’ve devised a simpler test to establish that split tunneling works with the correct setup:

  1. Download two browsers if your device has only one.
  2. Set up split tunneling as described above. Only choose one of the browsers to pass through the VPN tunnel. I’ve chosen the Opera browser.
  3. Connect to a PureVPN server. I’ve chosen the Canada server for this example.
purevpn connected to toronto server
  1. Open both browsers. That’s Opera and Google Chrome browsers, in my case.
  2. Run an IP leak test on both browsers.
purevpn ip leak test on canada server
  1. If the split tunneling works, only the selected browser (Opera, in this case) should show the VPN-assigned IP address.

Best PureVPN Split Tunneling Alternatives

PureVPN’s split tunneling worked fine every time I used it. However, you may be unable to shake the fact that you can only use it on Windows and Android devices.

That leaves your Linux systems, macOS, and iOS units without a solution.

Hence, I researched some PureVPN split tunneling alternatives to consider.

PIA – Split Tunneling on all PCs and Android

private internet access split tunneling

Private Internet Access split tunneling is active on Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, only macOS units running the Monterey version or earlier can use PIA’s split tunneling. Still, that’s better than PureVPN, which doesn’t have a solution for these units.

Furthermore, PIA supports split tunneling on Android devices

That means it’ll also work on your Android smart TV and Amazon Fire TV stick.

Beyond that, PIA throws in more freebies like port forwarding and DDoS protection, which you’ll have to pay extra to get on PureVPN.

And to cap it off, PIA’s unlimited simultaneous connections mean you don’t have to share it on only ten devices like PureVPN supports.

Did I mention that PIA is cheaper than PureVPN, too?

ExpressVPN – Split Tunneling on Windows, Android, Routers and Mac

expressvpn split tunneling

ExpressVPN is ahead of PureVPN on PCs by offering split tunneling on Mac and routers. And, like PureVPN, you get the same feature on Windows and Android devices. By extension, ExpressVPN offers split tunneling on Amazon Fire TV sticks and Android TVs.

Hence, it’s a better alternative to PureVPN all-round, only lacking split tunneling on iOS devices like PureVPN does.

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PureVPN’s split tunneling works on all protocols in its Windows PC app. 

However, the feature doesn’t work on the new Proxy protocol on Android devices.

Hence, disabling Automatic protocol selection and choosing a non-proxy protocol like WireGuard to use PureVPN’s split tunneling on Android devices is best.

Get the Best of Two Worlds

Are you worried about PayPal flagging your account for suspicious activity while unblocking Netflix content via PureVPN? Or you’ve lost access to the NBA game because you’re torrenting over PureVPN?

Setting up PureVPN’s split tunneling should make all that a thing of the past!

Grab a PureVPN discount for savings, follow the setup methods above, and you should start enjoying the best of both worlds!

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