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How to Set Up PureVPN on Roku?

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Having a hard time setting up PureVPN on Roku? Relax, and let me take you through the steps.

Over the last 7+ years working in the VPN industry, I’ve found PureVPN to be a reliable and easy-to-use VPN for Roku.

And in this post, I’ll lay out the setup process and help you connect the VPN with Roku in no time.

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Does PureVPN Work With Roku?

Yes, PureVPN works with Roku. But since Roku does not have built-in VPN capability, you can only use the service by connecting to a PureVPN-protected hotspot.

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, because I’ve outlined all the steps you need to take below.

Easy Methods to Set Up PureVPN on Roku

As I’ve just mentioned, you’ll need to create and connect to a WiFi hotspot to set up PureVPN on Roku. You can choose to use either a physical router or run a virtual alternative on your Mac or Windows PC.

I’ll cover both methods below so you can go with the most convenient option for you.

Method 1: Setting Up PureVPN on Roku Via Physical Router

If you have a router at home, then this is the solution I recommend. It’s simpler and keeps the service running all the time.

Currently, PureVPN supports all the common brands, and you can click here to check if yours is compatible.

Here are the steps you need to follow to install PureVPN on your router:

Step 1: Get PureVPN

First, sign up for PureVPN. 

You can choose between 1-month, 1-year, or 2-year subscription lengths.

Although the 1-year plan is dubbed the “Most Favorite,” I would recommend opting for the 2-year plan. You may miss out on the 7-day free trial, but you will save a whopping 23% in the long run.

Next, select your payment method and enter your details to complete the purchase. PureVPN accepts both PayPal and credit cards.

PureVPN payment methods

Step 2: Configure Your Router With PureVP

You should note that the configuration process may differ depending on router firmware. Owing to the brand’s vast popularity, I’ll be using my TP-Link router to walk you through the next steps.

1. Open the control panel and click “Network” on the left panel.

Open control panel and click “Network”

2. Click WAN and select PPTP/Russia PPTP from the “WAN Connection Type” drop-down menu.

Click WAN

3. Enter your PureVPN username and password, and from the same window, select “Dynamic IP.”

4. In the “Server IP Address Name” box, enter the address of a PureVPN US server. Click here to go to the list of server addresses.

The list of server addresses

5. On the left panel, click DHCP, then enter primary and secondary DNS addresses.

DHCP settings

6. Next, click on the “Security”> “Basic Security” and enable SPI Firewall, PPTP Passthrough, L2TP Passthrough, and IPsec Passthrough.

Basic security settings

7. Go back to Network>WAN>WAN Connection Mode and choose whether to connect on demand, automatically or manually.

8. Click “Save” and click the “Connect” button.

That’s it! You’ve successfully configured PureVPN on your router.

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Step 3: Connect Roku to Your Router

Once your PureVPN connection is up and running, proceed to the steps below:

1. On Roku, go to Settings>Network and click Ok.

Network settings on Roku

2. Next, arrow over to “Set up new wireless connection.” Press Ok.

Set up new wireless connection

3. After Roku scans for available Wireless networks, navigate to your WiFi and click Ok.

4. If required, enter your password and click “Connect.” 

Enter network password if needed and click Connect

Good job! Your Roku is now connected to your PureVPN-enable WiFi router.

Method 2: Setting Up PureVPN on Roku Via Virtual Router

If the first solution doesn’t work for you, there is another way you can go about it – sharing your computer connection via hotspot.

Share PureVPN Connection via Windows in 11 Quick Steps

Windows 10 comes with a handy hotspot feature that allows you to share your connection easily. You won’t need any additional software, and it will only take you a matter of minutes.

Just follow the steps below, and you’ll be all set:

Step 1: Subscribe to PureVPN.

Step 2: Download and install the app on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3: Go to Settings>Network & Internet and select Mobile Hotspot.

Select Mobile Hotspot

Step 4: Next, click “change adapter options” on the right top corner.

Select change adapter options

Step 5: Right-click on the PureVPN connection and select Properties.

Select Properties

Step 6: Click on the Sharing tab.

Click on the Sharing tab

Step 7: Now check the box next to the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” option.

Step 8: Select Wi-Fi from the dropdown menu under “Home networking connection.


Step 9: Click OK to exit.

Step 10: Launch the PureVPN app and log in.

Step 11: Choose and connect to your preferred server location.

Easy peasy.

Now you just need to hook your Roku to the mobile hotspot and start streaming.

How to Share PureVPN Connection Via Mac

Setting up a virtual router on Mac is any more complicated than on Windows. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the PureVPN application.

Step 2: Go to your Downloads folder and run the app installer.

Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions to complete the install.

Follow on-screen instructions to complete the install

Step 4: When prompted, enter your Mac’s username and password.

Enter your Mac’s username and password

Step 5: Open the app and log in with PureVPN credentials

Log in to PureVPN app

Step 6: Return to “System Preferences,” then go to the “Sharing.”

Sharing on Mac

Step 7: Select “Internet Sharing” from the left panel and on the right-hand side, set the following:

  • Share your connection from: VPN (L2TP)
  • To computers using: Wi-Fi
Step 8: Next, click “Wi-Fi options” on the bottom right corner and enter the following details:
  • Network Name: (enter a name)
  • Channel: (leave as default)
  • Security: WPA2 Personal
  • Password: (enter a password)
  • Verify: (re-enter your password)
Internet-sharing network details

Step 9: Click OK.

Step 10: Now check the box next to “Internet Sharing” to turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Internet Sharing: Off

Step 11: A prompt will appear asking you to confirm if you want to turn on Internet Sharing. Click Start.

Step 12: Once the Wi-Fi hotspot is active, a green light will appear next to the Internet Sharing field.

Internet Sharing: On

Step 13: Open Roku and connect to your newly created Wi-Fi network.

How to Change My Region on Roku to the U.S?

Roku does not have the option to change regions. To switch your account to the US, you’ll need to do a factory reset and then create a new account. 

This time, though, make sure you follow the steps below.

Step 1: On Roku, go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset.

Step 2: Type in your PIN code on the resulting pop-up.

Step 3: Confirm the PIN to begin the factory reset process.

Step 4: Now, launch PureVPN and connect to an American server.

Step 5: On your browser, go to my.roku.com/signup.

Step 6: Fill in your details and click “Continue.” Make sure the email address you use is not attached to another account.

Step 7: Enter a Pin and click “Continue.”

You now have a new Roku account registered to the US region.

Can't Stream Roku With PureVPN. What Now?

PureVPN worked well with virtually all the Roku channels in my tests, and I didn’t experience any IP blocks. However, if you’re unable to stream certain content, simply switching to a different server should resolve the issue.

Alternatively, you can try out some of the other top VPNs for Roku. Overall, I’ve found NordVPN to be a great VPN for Roku, and it currently tops our list in 2021.

A couple of other reliable options include ExpressVPN and the relatively affordable Surfshark VPN.

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Yes, PureVPN will improve your Roku streaming experience. With the VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and watch any content that’s available on Roku from anywhere in the world


It isn’t too hard to set up PureVPN on your Roku, regardless of whether you opt for a physical or virtual router.

But this VPN brings more than just simplicity and ease of setup to the table. It has a good selection of US servers, and I was blown away by its fast connection speeds.

PureVPN also offers excellent value for money, and you can test it risk-free using their 31-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for a stress-free Roku experience, PureVPN will be simply perfect for you.

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