9 Types of Hackers Explained: What Can They Really Do?

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There are three main types of hackers:

  • White hat hackers
  • Black hat hackers
  • Gray hat hackers

Despite these three, there are other types of hackers. Many people believe that all hackers plan malicious attacks against computer systems, which isn’t true.

Like the white hat hackers, some hackers are there to ensure that computers’ safety is guaranteed.

But the rest bad guys can make a lot of harm if you leave easy ways to access you device. Make sure you use a VPN to stay safe from hackers.

This post will show you the various types of hackers and what they mainly do. Let’s jump straight into it. 

9 Types of Hackers

1. White Hat Hacker

The irony about white hat hackers is that they are excellent hackers. They are ethical computer hackers or computer security experts whose work mainly tests existing internet infrastructure and does proper research on its loopholes.

White hat hackers develop algorithms and carry out numerous methodologies to break into systems; the primary purpose is to strengthen them. A good example is a lockpick who works his way around locks to inform the owner of measures or things they can do to make it work perfectly.

Famous white hat hackers have played a pivotal role in history by ensuring that big corporations manage their robust network framework to be unbreakable for all types of hacking methods. White hat hackers have come a long way from being government employees to private consultants. They continue to make it possible for the internet to be safe and secure. 

2. Black Hat Hacker

Black hat hackers are the opposite of white hat hackers. In short, they are the wrong people. They are responsible for all the harmful activities in hacking.

Their main goal is usually to break into systems purely to sabotage systems. The illegal activities they indulge in are like altering public databases, stealing credit card information, etc.

They usually have a malicious approach to gain fame or monetary benefits from loopholes in the internet frameworks.

Some of the most dangerous black hat hackers have committed severe offenses like robbing banks and financial institutions of millions and sensitive private data. 

3. Gray Hat Hacker

Gray hat hackers are famous for having mixed intentions, which are sometimes hard to figure out. It’s hard to classify their intentions as those for white hat hackers who have good intentions or black hat hackers who are malicious.

Gray hat hackers break into systems but not for their interest. Their main goal is always to break into systems, dig out information and make it public. They violate laws and ethical standards by looking for vulnerability in systems but with good intentions.

The exciting thing about gray hat hackers is that they are the most found hackers on the internet. 

4. Script Kiddie

When you start to classify all types of hackers, you’ll realize that script kiddies are the newbies. The script kiddies aren’t responsible for any damages, mainly because of the skill and effort in their hacking.

They mainly depend on pre-written codes so that they can execute their plan. Most of the time, they run a website against software and interfere with the way it works.

Even though their hacking is not that elite, they can still cause some significant damages.

5. Suicide Hacker

The name suicide hacker is adopted from the notorious suicide bombers who cause serious problems and damages before killing themselves in the act.

Comparably, suicide hackers know that their identity will be revealed but never the less go-ahead to execute their hacking plan.

Mostly they do it for money, but some of them for fame because they know they have nothing to lose, just like suicide bombers. 

6. A Hacktivist

Hacktivists, better known as internet protesters, break into computer systems for social or politically motivated reasons.

It is also termed civil disobedience to promote specific agendas from the political or social sphere.

The process includes defacing websites and uploading promotional materials so anyone who views can only receive information that the hacktivist wants you to see and not the website developer.

7. Red Hat Hacker

Red hat hackers are somehow similar to white hat hackers in the way they operate because they both work to protect IT systems from cyberattacks.

They are generally ruthless with black hat hackers as their work is mainly to stop them. Red hat hackers are always on the lookout for any malicious activity from the black hat hackers to hack into their system and destroy it.

The hacking of black hat hackers’ systems would not only solve the problem but force them out of business.

8. Blue Hat Hacker

Like the script kiddie, the blue hat hacker is also seen as an amateur in hacking. They are mostly the security professionals outside the organization.

They are usually called by various companies who pay them to check their systems before they launch an event.  This is why they are referred to as blue hat Microsoft hackers.

Most of the time, they use readily available techniques targeted at an entity of any bad intention. You can somehow compare their roles with that of white hat hacker because they are invited to check system vulnerabilities. 

9. Green Hat Hacker

The green hat hacker is also in the category of newbies hackers like blue hat hackers and script kiddies.

They usually don’t possess so much knowledge in hacking and only take credit for their passion and willingness to learn and excel.

They are among online learners who watch various videos and tutorials so that they can sharpen their skills. However, they receive a lot of flak because they possess little knowledge of how a web works.


You might come across misused words like purple or yellow hat hackers from time to time, but at least now you know that the above is the only category of hackers.

As you have seen, not all hackers plan malicious attacks. Some support computer safety, like white hat hackers and red hat hackers.

Now that you have known all types of hackers, it’s important to plan on how to ensure your computer systems are safe and secure so that you don’t be a victim of any sort of data loss.

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