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5 Best VPNs for Croatia: Secure & Fast

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The best VPN for Croatia is a fast and secure VPN that allows Croatians to stream their favorite TV programs at a reasonable price.

After testing several VPN providers, I found Surfshark. It’s excellent value for money, secure, has great speeds, and allows for streaming various types of Croatian and international content.

ExpressVPN is another excellent VPN for Croatia, thanks to its maximum security features and streaming capabilities. And PIA is another strong contender, thanks to its excellent value for money.

Top 3 VPNs for Croatia (May, 2024)

ExpressVPN different devices

The BVI-based provider is super secure and keeps your data private while allowing you to stream Netflix, iPlayer, or Croatian local TV!

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Surfshark Devices

The Dutch provider Surfshark is not only great value for money thanks to its unlimited connections but is also very secure and private and allows you to stream your favorite sport – from Croatia or anywhere!

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pia devices

Save money with PIA – a great value VPN service with ten simultaneous connections, top-level encryption, and excellent speeds! Not to mention its superb streaming capabilities!

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With all providers, I conducted DNS leak tests for security checks, ran tests on Croatian and international streaming services, and tested speed and data consumption.

In addition, I compared their pricing and what Croatian users can get for the prices.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPNs for Croatia

Here’s why I think that these five VPN providers are the most reliable VPNs for Croatia:

  • Surfshark (undisclosed number of servers in Croatia) – Best Overall Choice for Croatia
  • ExpressVPN (1 server in Croatia) – Most Secure Choice for Croatia with Great Streaming Capabilities
  • PIA (undisclosed number of servers in Croatia) – Best Value for Money and Great Speeds
  • CyberGhost (14 servers in Croatia) – Great Streaming and Torrenting
  • PrivateVPN (1 server in Croatia) – Superb Streaming Capabilities

VPN Speed Test Results and Servers in Croatia

Here’s an overview of the speed tests result I got for VPNs in Croatia:

Baseline speed: Ping 36 ms, download 22.2 Mbps, upload 2.84 Mbps.

Provider Name Ping, ms Download Speed, Mbps Upload Speed, Mbps Servers in Croatia Price
ExpressVPN 91 15.85 6.17 1 ExpressVPN Price
Surfshark 98 23.4 2.69 Undisclosed Surfshark Price
CyberGhost 219 0.94 0.10 14 CyberGhost Price
PIA 121 27.7 1.44 Undisclosed PIA Price
PrivateVPN 92 24.3 5.68 1 PrivateVPN Price

VPN Data Consumption Test Results

And here’s an overview of how much data VPNs consume when connected to a Croatian server:

Provider Name Baseline Data Use Protocol Data Use When Connected to VPN
ExpressVPN Total 23.5 MB Lightway UDP Total 32.9 MB
Surfshark Total 1 MB WireGuard Total 6.1 MB
CyberGhost Total 3.4 MB WireGuard Total 10.9 MB
PrivateVPN Total 5.2 MB OpenVPN UDP Total 11.2 MB
PIA Total 35.3 MB OpenVPN UDP Total 11.2 MB

Best VPNs for Croatia

These five VPN providers are the best VPNs for Croatia.

They all have Croatian VPN servers, great speed, and streaming capabilities that unblock many Croatian and international services.

At the same time, they have a strong focus on online security and keeping your activities private, thanks to their top-level encryption and privacy policies.

Here’s an overview of each VPN and why I consider them the best VPNs for Croatia.

Surfshark - Best Overall

The Dutch provider Surfshark has at least one server in Croatia, although the representatives on the live chat support didn’t disclose the exact amount. Here’s why it’s the best VPN for Croatia.

Is Surfshark Fast?

I tested Surfshark’s speed using the Speedtest app on my device.

Here are the results.


When connected to Surfshark’s Croatian server:

Like with ExpressVPN, I can report an increase in my Internet speed when using Surfshark, amounting to 11%. However, the ping was quite high, which will likely be the case for you if you’re away from Croatia.

ExpressVPN and PrivateVPN had lower pings, whereas PIA’s was significantly higher and CyberGhost’s even more, putting Surfshark square in the middle.

Nonetheless, the VPN provider didn’t impact my browsing experience, so I can recommend Surfshark as a great VPN for speed.

Does Surfshark Consume Much Data?

I tested Surfshark’s data consumption over 5 minutes using Glasswire. Here’s what I saw:


When connected to Surfshark’s Croatian server:

So, Surfshark does consume a lot of data, like ExpressVPN, and much more than PIA  – but not as much as CyberGhost. 

To prevent huge charges on your Telemach or Hrvatski Telekom plan, consider using Surfshark on Wi-Fi.

Is Surfshark Secure?

Surfshark’s RAM-only servers and strict no logs policy keep your data private. It also offers AES-256 encryption, ensuring your traffic is encapsulated with no way to crack it.

Meanwhile, Surfshark’s kill switch, which can be enabled manually in the app, can disconnect you from the Internet if your VPN connection drops while you’re in Croatia. It’s common with public networks (like in the Cogito coffee shop in Dubrovnik’s Old Town), as they tend to be unreliable – so such a feature is essential.

To ensure that the provider wasn’t leaking my IP, I ran a DNS leak test with IPLeak.net when connected to a Croatian server.

As you can see, it showed a Croatian IP address. Since I’m not in Croatia, I’m satisfied that Surfshark isn’t leaking my IP.

Can You Stream and Torrent With Surfshark?

Surfshark is a great VPN if you want to stream and unblock geo-restricted content. Suppose you’re in Croatia and want to watch your favorite BBC iPlayer shows like “Doctor Who.”

In that case, you must connect to one of Surfshark’s British servers, log in to BBC iPlayer, and enjoy!

In terms of streaming Croatian sports like Vitezovi Zagreb boxing matches from outside Croatia, Surfshark is also a reliable VPN.

I tested Surfshark with Sportska Televizija – a major Croatian sports channel – while connected to a Croatian server, and it worked very well.

streaming sportska televizija with surfshark while connected to croatia server

Although Surfshark doesn’t have dedicated streaming and torrenting servers like CyberGhost, it allows for a great streaming experience.

And I encountered no problems with P2P, either.

Although, Surfshark doesn’t allow seeding, unlike ExpressVPN and PrivateVPN.

Still, I recommend the Dutch provider for all your streaming and torrenting needs!

Is Surfshark Expensive?

Screenshot MS 1 1
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Surfshark is cheaper than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, but more expensive than PIA or PrivateVPN. But, considering Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s worth the price!

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ExpressVPN - Best for Secure Browsing & Streaming

The BVI-based provider has one server in Croatia, making it the best for convenient and secure browsing and streaming.

Here’s why.

ExpressVPN Speed

I compared my baseline Internet speed with the speed when connected to ExpressVPN’s Croatian server. Here’s what I found.


expressvpn baseline speed test

When connected to a Croatian server:

expressvpn speed test results while connected to croatia server

So, the download speed even improved significantly with ExpressVPN – by about 25%. The ping, however, was quite high – but that’s likely because I’m a significant distance away from Croatia.

I, therefore, rate ExpressVPN very high in terms of speed, but as you’ll see later, ExpressVPN’s price and data consumption are beaten by other VPNs on the list, like PIA.

ExpressVPN Data Consumption

To see how much data is consumed when I’m connected to ExpressVPN, I used GlassWire. Here’s what I saw:

Baseline data consumption:

When connected to ExpressVPN’s Croatian server with Lightway protocol:

So, ExpressVPN consumes a fair amount of data, although not double the amount, like PrivateVPN. So, I’ll issue the same recommendation here for Croatian users as I did for Surfshark – try to use it on Wi-Fi instead of mobile data if you can help it.

ExpressVPN Privacy and Security

I rate ExpressVPN the best VPN for online security.

In addition to a no-logging policy verified by several third parties and RAM-only servers, it offers AES-256 encryption.

This encryption is the best in the industry.

You can therefore be certain that your traffic in Croatia isn’t visible to any prying eyes if you’re connected to ExpressVPN.

Another important feature of ExpressVPN is the Network Lock kill switch. This is useful if you’re visiting Croatia and need to use public Wi-Fi at a place like the D16 coffee shops in Split.

Those networks are often unsecured; if your VPN connection breaks, it opens up your traffic to third-party tampering.

The kill switch blocks your traffic until your virtual private network connection is restored, protecting you from such tampering.

Unlike PIA, ExpressVPN only has one kill switch that can only be enabled in the app, with no possibility of its manual configuration on the device directly.

I also performed a DNS leak test on ExpressVPN using IPLeak.net.

It confirmed that my real IP address wasn’t leaking.

expressvpn dns leak test results while connected to croatia server

ExpressVPN Streaming & Torrenting Capabilities

I was very happy to see that ExpressVPN worked with Netflix when I connected to its Croatian server. I enjoyed a popular Croatian show, “The Paper,” and others available in the region with no problem.

streaming netflix with expressvpn while connected to croatia server

Similarly, if you’re in Croatia and want to unlock foreign content, like the American Netflix show “Sense8,” all you have to do is connect to an ExpressVPN server of the relevant country. I was happy to see ExpressVPN working well with US Netflix, so I recommend it to Croatian users.

streaming netflix with expressvpn while connected to us server

ExpressVPN also allowed me to stream Croatian TV channels like Libertas TV – a station based in Dubrovnik.

expressvpn libertas tv croatia server

Additionally, all ExpressVPN’s servers allow torrenting with any client, including its Croatian server. Like PrivateVPN but unlike Surfshark, ExpressVPN also allows seeding.

We don’t endorse using ExpressVPN or any VPN for torrenting copyrighted materials. However, the privacy and encryption features of the provider can ensure that your IP isn’t leaking while you’re using your torrent client for whatever purpose.

ExpressVPN Pricing

ExpressVPN plans
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

Where ExpressVPN does lose out to other providers on this list like Surfshark and PIA is its price. It’s the most expensive VPN service that I’ve reviewed. Luckily, you can use it on up to five devices simultaneously, though that’s still the lowest allotment on my list.

ExpressVPN does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, that’s not available in the App Store.

So, if you have an iPhone, buy the subscription from the ExpressVPN website instead of the App Store.

And if you want to save money, grab this awesome ExpressVPN deal!



PIA - Best Value for Money

The American VPN service PIA (Private Internet Access) has servers in Croatia, but a live chat support representative was unable to specify how many. Here’s why I rate it the best VPN for value for money.

PIA Speed Test

I tested PIA’s speeds when connected to a Croatian server against my baseline speed. Here’s what I got:


When connected to a Croatian server:

So, PIA gave me an excellent speed boost – over 40% speed increase! That’s the highest increase on this list.

The ping was high, as expected, as I’m far from Croatia.

I nonetheless recommend PIA as a good VPN for speed.

PIA Data Consumption

I also tested PIA’s data consumption on my device for over 5 minutes using the Glasswire program. Here’s what I got when I connected to PIA’s Croatian server:


When connected to PIA’s Croatian server:

Surprisingly, connecting to PIA significantly reduced my data consumption! It was the best result on the list, as all other VPNs, especially CyberGhost and PrivateVPN, amplified it significantly.

For that reason, I recommend PIA as a mobile data VPN for use with Croatian communication service providers like Hrvatski Telekom if you want to save money on data.

PIA Security

Like other providers on this list, PIA offers top-level AES-256 encryption. That ensures Croatian public Wi-Fi users can use PIA to prevent the owners of such networks from logging their data and to protect themselves from cyberattacks.

banner on public wifi security prompt of private internet access

PIA’s code is also open source, so Croatian techie users, such as those living on a digital nomad permit, can peruse it to verify its security.

Its no-logging policy has been independently verified by two court cases involving the FBI, providing extra assurance to its users.

PIA also has a kill switch. It can help you protect your traffic from being exposed to BBC’s server, for example, if you’re streaming an iPlayer show from Croatia. Once the VPN connection is restored, you can resume streaming without exposing your IP to the British servers.

Unlike ExpressVPN and PrivateVPN, PIA has two kill switches on its Windows and Android apps that you can enable manually to ensure that your connection is cut even when the PIA app is closed.

So, if you forget to switch on PIA or don’t have it enabled to switch on automatically, you’re still safe when browsing in any Croatian coffee shop with free Wi-Fi.

To check PIA’s claim that my IP was truly hidden, I ran a DNS leak test when connected to a Croatian server. Since it came back with a Croatian IP, I’m satisfied that PIA keeps my IP address safe.

Streaming With PIA

I was happy to see that I could watch Croatian TV channels like Z1 outside Croatia when connected to PIA’s Croatian server.

You must connect to the server, open the channel’s website, and enjoy its content!

streaming z1 tv with private internet access while connected to croatia server

PIA also unblocked BBC iPlayer for me to enjoy my favorite British content, like the FA CUP, which is popular among Croats.

streaming bbc iplayer with private internet access while connected to uk server

All I had to do was connect to PIA’s London Streaming server, log in to BBC iPlayer, and find the program I wanted. It worked like a charm!

I was, however, unable to use PIA to access Netflix until I tried relaunching it a few times with different servers.

It worked very well with the US server but not with the Croatian one. Therefore, I can only partially recommend PIA for streaming Netflix in Croatia.

How Expensive Is PIA?

Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

PIA offers better value than CyberGhost in its best plans.

It’s also cheaper than Surfshark and ExpressVPN but pricier than PrivateVPN. However, unlike with the latter, you can use PIA on up to 10 devices simultaneously, so it’s suitable for large Croatian households.

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CyberGhost - Best for Streaming and Torrenting

The Romanian provider CyberGhost has 14 Croatian servers – the highest number on this list. Here’s why it’s an excellent VPN for streaming and torrenting in Croatia.

CyberGhost Speed

To test the CyberGhost speed, I connected to its Croatian server and ran the test on the Speedtest website. Here’s what I found.


cyberghost baseline speed test results

When connected to a Croatian server:

cyberghost speed test results while connected to croatia server

Unfortunately, my Internet speed left a lot to be desired in this case, so CyberGhost’s speed test results don’t look too promising.

However, my browsing experience remained similar with CyberGhost.

Therefore, I recommend CyberGhost if your Internet speed in Croatia is good, e.g. if your ISP is A1 Hrvatska or Hrvatski Telekom.

However, I can’t recommend CyberGhost for mobile data hotspots, as it doesn’t work when I use my phone as a router.

CyberGhost Data Consumption

Like other providers, I tested CyberGhost’s data consumption with GlassWire over 5 minutes. Here’s what I got.


When connected to a Croatian server with WireGuard protocol:

Like ExpressVPN and PrivateVPN, CyberGhost also consumes a lot of data. For that reason, as well as the reasons in the above section, I recommend CyberGhost for Wi-Fi only.

CyberGhost Security

CyberGhost has AES-256 top-level industry encryption, guaranteeing the safety of your traffic – whether you’re browsing in a cafe in Pula or traveling somewhere outside Croatia.

For the former, CyberGhost’s kill switch can block your traffic automatically if the connection breaksSuppose many others use your favorite public Wi-Fi in Croatia. In that case, CyberGhost’s kill switch can also keep you safe from malicious actors.

However, unlike most other providers on the list, CyberGhost’s privacy features aren’t independently verified. Nonetheless, I recommend CyberGhost for online privacy in Croatia since it doesn’t have data retention laws.

I also tested CyberGhost’s privacy features by running a DNS leak test via IPLeak.net. I’m happy to report that a Croatian IP was showing rather than my real one.

cyberghost dns leak test results while connected to croatia server

Streaming & Torrenting With CyberGhost

I was happy to see CyberGhost’s capabilities allowed me to unlock geo-restricted content on Netflix in Croatia, such as the movie “365 Days.”

streaming netflix with cyberghost while connected to croatia server

CyberGhost allows Croatian users to unlock many libraries worldwide, thanks to its dedicated streaming servers. For example, suppose you want to enjoy BBC iPlayer’s content from Zagreb.

In that case, connect to the UK server optimized for BBC iPlayer and log in to your BBC account.

bbc iplayer bookmark on uk server

I used that server to watch the English Premier League on BBC.

I enjoyed it with no problems. So, I recommend the provider to the Croatian fans of English football.

streaming english football with cyberghost while connected to uk server

As for Croatian sports and other TV programs, CyberGhost unblocks them just as well. So, if you’re traveling abroad but still want to watch Croatian TV, the Romanian provider can help.

cyberghost n1 tv croatia server

Likewise, if you want to use your torrenting client in Croatia, CyberGhost works well with any client. And it has a server in Croatia optimized for torrenting.

But if that server is too busy, you can connect to many other servers nearby for good speed.

CyberGhost Value for Money

cyberghost vpn subscription plans and pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

CyberGhost’s long-term plans are on par with PrivateVPN.

It also offers the longest money-back guarantee on the list with its long-term plans – 45 days.

All the plans allow for seven simultaneous connections.

So, for bigger households in Croatia, I recommend one of the other providers with more connections and better value, like Surfshark or PIA.

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PrivateVPN - Best for Convenient Streaming

The Swedish PrivateVPN has one server in Croatia.

I included it in this list of the best VPNs for Croatia due to its seamless streaming capabilities. Here’s some more info.

PrivateVPN Speed

Testing PrivateVPN’s speed when connected to its Croatian server yielded the following results:


When connected to PrivateVPN’s Croatian server:

So, there was a small drop in the speed when I connected to the VPN, but it was only 7% – more than manageable!

Other VPNs have amplified my speed – Surfshark by about 5%, ExpressVPN by over 25%, and PIA by over 40%. However, as you’ll see below, PrivateVPN’s reduction didn’t affect my streaming experiences.

PrivateVPN Data Consumption

I tested how much data PrivateVPN consumes over 5 minutes when connected to a Croatian server. Here’s what I got.


When connected to PrivateVPN Croatian server:

As you can see, PrivateVPN consumed twice as much data during my unprotected connection. That’s less than CyberGhost or Surfshark but more than ExpressVPN. For that reason, it’s cheaper for Croatian users to use PrivateVPN on their Wi-Fi.

Is PrivateVPN Secure?

Like the rest of the providers here, PrivateVPN offers the highest standard of encryption – AES-256. That means whether you’re browsing from home in Zagreb or a street cafe in Dubrovnik, your Internet traffic is encapsulated and can’t be decrypted in our lifetime.

Also, like other providers here, PrivateVPN offers a kill switch to keep your traffic safe, whether you’re working on your laptop or downloading something on your phone via a public network. If your connection breaks, the kill switch will block your traffic until it’s restored, keeping it from being exposed.

Unlike PIA, PrivateVPN only offers an app-only kill switch, so make sure you enable it every time you switch on PrivateVPN. In that way, it’s similar to ExpressVPN, which doesn’t allow device configuration of the kill switch either.

privatevpn settings on kill switch feature

Unlike ExpressVPN and Surfshark, PrivateVPN’s security features aren’t independently verified.

I tested PrivateVPN’s privacy with IPLeaks to see if it leaked my IP address when connected to its Croatian server. It didn’t, as it showed a Croatian IP rather than my real one.

privatevpn dns leak test results while connected to croatia server

Streaming With PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN works well with Netflix. I unlocked several shows unavailable in my country when I connected to a Croatian server, such as “The Unlikely Murderer.”

streaming netflix with privatevpn while connected to croatia server

And if you want to stream Scandinavian thrillers available on the Swedish Netflix library while in Croatia, PrivateVPN can help with that too, thanks to its Swedish servers. They’ll let you enjoy shows like “Snabba Cash” as soon as you connect.

streaming netflix with privatevpn while connected to sweden server

PrivateVPN also allows you to watch Croatian sports channels.

I tested it on one of the country’s main sports channels, Sportska Televizija, and it worked very well. 

PrivateVPN also allows torrenting on all its servers, keeping your IP private from the rest of your peers. It’s compatible with all torrent clients and allows seeding, like ExpressVPN.

live customer support chat about seeding inquiry

And thanks to its unlimited bandwidth and wide range of servers in Europe, including Croatia, you don’t have to worry about torrents slowing down your speed!

PrivateVPN Value for Money

privatevpn pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.

PrivateVPN is the second cheapest provider on this list, after PIA.

PrivateVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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What Should You Look For in a VPN for Croatia?

Croatia has many Internet users and sports fans, especially football.

And to accommodate the fans, a VPN for Croatia should offer excellent speeds and seamless streaming experiences.

For fans who want to watch HNL’s matches outside Croatia, you also need a VPN that unblocks Croatian TV channels, including sports channels.

And fans of British and American TV shows like “Peaky Blinders” and “Stranger Things” need a VPN that unblocks Netflix.

google results on most popular tv shows in croatia for 2021

Meanwhile, Croatia, unfortunately, has about 20% of people living below the poverty line. Thus, Croatian VPN users need a VPN that’s a good value for money.

That means a low-priced provider that can offer good speed, streaming, and security on as many devices as possible.

Nonetheless, Croatia is a very popular tourist destination. And many popular cities like Dubrovnik have public Wi-Fi in most places.

While it makes things easier for tourists, it also makes them more vulnerable to hackers and other malicious actors using that Wi-Fi.

For that reason, a VPN with good privacy features and a kill switch that disables your traffic if your connection is lost is a must if you want to visit Croatia.

Does Croatia Have Strict Censorship Laws?

Croatian laws ban censorship of any kind, and despite a few incidents over the years, it’s considered a fairly relaxed country regarding freedom of speech.

It’s part of the EU, which makes it a signatory to the GDPR – a very serious data protection law that protects individuals’ privacy.

Croatia doesn’t have data retention laws, so the authorities can’t compel ISPs or VPN providers to hand over any data or logs.

How Do You Get a Croatian IP Address?

Here’s how you can get a Croatian IP address using ExpressVPN:

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription and launch it on your device.
  2. Connect to ExpressVPN’s Croatian server.
  1. Run a DNS Leak test on IPLeak.net to see if you have a Croatian IP address.

Can You Watch Croatian TV Outside Croatia?

You can watch Croatian TV channels such as Z1 and SPTV outside Croatia, thanks to the VPNs on this list.

Here’s how you can watch Croatian TV channel Z1 abroad with Surfshark:

  1. Get a Surfshark subscription and launch it on your device.
  2. Connect to a Croatian server.
  1. Go to Z1TV’s website.
searching z1tv website
  1. Choose a show you want to watch or click “Live.”
streaming z1tv with surfshark while connected to croatia server
  1. Enjoy!

How to Watch HNL Matches Outside Croatia?

If you’re outside Croatia and want to watch a Dinamo Zagreb match or another HNL match, you can use a VPN. Here’s how to watch HNL matches outside Croatia with CyberGhost:

  1. Launch CyberGhost and connect to its Croatian server.
cyberghost app homepage on croatia server
  1. Open the HRTi website or another Croatian TV station’s website and choose the match you want to watch or type it in the search box.
searching hrti website on cyberghost
  1. Log in to your HRTi account or register.
hrti log in register
  1. Click on the video and enjoy!
streaming nogomet with cyberghost while connected to croatia server

Is Free VPN a Good Idea in Croatia?

I don’t recommend a free VPN for Croatia.

Using a free VPN carries a risk of the VPN companies using your data to make money by selling it to third parties. Seeing annoying ad pop-ups for Grofice and other local brands is an example of such a sale, which could impact your UX and even introduce malware to your device.

Also, free VPNs haven’t undergone security audits, so there are few ways to verify whether their encryption claims are true. That will potentially put you at risk while using public Wi-Fi in Croatia if the encryption is insufficient.

Interesting Reads:


Using torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent is legal in Croatia.

However, it is illegal to use such software for downloading copyright-protected content. And there’s a precedent of Croatian authorities arresting an owner of a website hosting pirated content in 2016.

Therefore, while it’s not illegal to use torrent software in Croatia, you shouldn’t use it to commit IP theft. Additionally, many VPNs prohibit using their services for illegal activities, such as downloading IP-protected content without the owner’s permission.

The fastest VPN in Croatia is PIA – it boosted my speed by over 40% in my tests.

Other fast VPNs are ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

ExpressVPN is available in Croatia, with one physical location.

You can connect to the Croatian ExpressVPN server in the ExpressVPN app.

You can also use ExpressVPN in Croatia to connect to other locations – for example, the Netherlands to unlock the Dutch Netflix library or the UK to watch iPlayer.

Yes, Netflix is available in Croatia and has a library featuring Croatian content like “The Paper.”

You can also use a VPN such as ExpressVPN or PrivateVPN to unlock Netflix content from other countries, like the USA or Sweden.

CyberGhost works very well in Croatia, thanks to its 14 servers in the Republic. So, if you want a Croatian IP address or fast torrenting, you can connect to any of those Croatian servers.

And if you want to unlock foreign content, CyberGhost has plenty of servers in other countries for you to choose from!


I reviewed and tested the features of five popular VPN providers.

These tests led me to conclude that the best VPN for Croatia is Surfshark, closely followed by ExpressVPN and PIA.

All three providers offer great speed, security, and streaming options, but Surfshark is the best. And it’s very affordable!

For those reasons, I recommend Surfshark as the best VPN for Croatia.

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