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Does PureVPN Work in Croatia?

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PureVPN works in Croatia, and you can use the VPN to unblock Hulu, American Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or any other content in the country.

Likewise, you can connect to PureVPN to download torrents securely, get public Wi-Fi security, or securely connect to gaming peers in Croatia or abroad.

However, the VPN doesn’t offer a Croatian server. If that’s a deal breaker, I’ll also recommend alternatives with Croatian servers.

In the meantime, let’s determine how best to set up PureVPN for Croatia.

How to Use PureVPN on Mobile and PC in Croatia?

PureVPN has a native VPN app for PC and mobile users in Croatia, making its setup easier than other devices.

Here’s how to get the setup done:

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  1. Download the PureVPN app for your device. Look through your smartphone mobile app store or the PureVPN download page for PCs.
purevpn device compatibility
  1. Launch the PureVPN app and log in with your account credentials.
  1. Connect to a PureVPN server. You can choose the Recommended Location to quickly get the fastest/nearest server or search for a preferred server.
purevpn recommended location
  1. Browse the web securely and unblock content from Croatia on PureVPN.
purevpn connected to belgrade server location

How to Use PureVPN on Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles in Croatia?

PureVPN lacks a smart DNS option which is usually the easiest way to set up smart TVs and gaming consoles. Fortunately, it supports routers, which is just as useful.

Here’s how to get this setup up and running:

  1. Get your PureVPN account. Here are some PureVPN offers for you.
  2. Install PureVPN on your router. I’ll link a video guide to do so on DD-WRT routers below.
  1. Ensure to choose a preferred server location when setting up PureVPN. I’ll discuss more about the suitable servers later.
  2. Connect your gaming console or smart TV to the router network.
  3. Enjoy PureVPN’s unblocking and protection on your devices.

What’s the Best PureVPN Server & Protocol for Croatia?

The best PureVPN server for Croatia depends on if you want to unblock content, play games, download torrents securely, or get privacy for your internet activities.

That’s why the best PureVPN server to unblock content is the one in the location where such content is available. For context, connect to the US to unblock Netflix US, click on a UK server to stream BBC iPlayer, and use the Norway server to watch NRK TV.

unblock fox news with purevpn
PureVPN's US server unblocks access to FOX News

On the other hand, you should connect to any of PureVPN’s P2P servers for gaming, torrenting, streaming content, and other high-speed needs.

purevpn p2p servers

But for privacy, all PureVPN servers are equipped with the same AES 256-bit encryption that keeps T-Mobile, VIP and Tele2, and other ISPs out of your online activities.

This encryption also keeps the public Wi-Fi admins at the Billa Café Bar in Zagreb, Cukarin in Split, Buffet Kozino in Zadar, or anywhere else blind to your sensitive logins, conversations, and other online activities on their networks.

purevpn ipleak test on germany server
PureVPN is that zero-leaks VPN you've been looking for!

On top of that, PureVPN provides quantum-resistant servers you can connect to for better security and privacy. The VPN provider promises these servers are secure enough to withstand next-generation quantum computer hacks.

Hence, keeping your live traffic secure, no matter what.

Does PureVPN Offer Croatian Servers?

PureVPN lacks Croatian servers, meaning you can’t get a Croatian IP address on the VPN. Hence, you don’t get the closest server to secure your gaming sessions against local peers, and you can’t unblock HRT1 or DOMA TV while getting VPN encryption via the Croatian server.

If this is a dealbreaker, explore PureVPN alternatives offering a Croatian server and more features missing from this provider.

What Are the Best PureVPN Alternatives for Croatia?

PureVPN lacks a Croatian server and doesn’t support Smart DNS setups either. 

That’s some of what it’s missing, but you can get so much more from its best alternatives.

NordVPN – Standard & P2P Croatian Servers + Smart DNS

unblock nova tv with nordvpn
NordVPN unblocks Nova TV sports channel on its Croatian servers

NordVPN has a standard server in Croatia to get a local IP address. 

You can connect to this server to retain access to your OTP Bank or Erste Bank online account while enjoying robust encryption against your ISP or public Wi-Fi admins.

Furthermore, NordVPN offers a P2P-optimized Croatian server, ideal for gamers who want low-ping servers in Croatia with DDoS protection. That reminds me that PureVPN doesn’t offer DDoS protection anyway.

You can also use NordVPN’s Smart DNS to unblock content on your Smart TVs and gaming consoles. This is missing on PureVPN and doesn’t require setting up extra hardware (like your router) or ensuring your router is VPN-compatible.

NordVPN offers more to beat PureVPN, like Threat Protection (ad and malware blocker), a Dark Web Monitor, and an ultra-fast, exclusive protocol

Grab the NordVPN discounts below and enjoy all these (and more) with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark – Croatian Server on Unlimited Connections + Smart DNS

unblock doma tv with surfshark
Surfshark unblocks Doma TV on Croatian server

Surfshark also boasts a Croatian server to get you the IP address needed to stream Domo TV, RTL, and HRT2 from anywhere. It might not be a P2P server like NordVPN offers, but it’s better than the no-show with PureVPN.

The best part is that Surfshark also offers servers in 100+ countries, giving you access to more content than PureVPN’s 70+ countries.

Surfshark also offers Smart DNS, making it easier to set up on your gaming consoles, smart TV, streaming units (like Roku), and other devices without a VPN app.

Did I mention that Surfshark promises unlimited simultaneous connections compared to PureVPN’s ten? Grab the Surfshark offers below to see for yourself.

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No matter where you find yourself in Croatia, PureVPN is equipped to unblock content and keep your privacy intact.

So, travel to the country and never fear losing access to your favorite streaming platforms or leaving your data in the hands of ISPs, unfiltered.

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