Can You Get a NordVPN Lifetime Access?

When you find the one VPN that really works for you, it’s only reasonable that you’d want to commit to it long-term. Especially if there is a good offer on the table.

I find NordVPN to be one of the most effective service providers for me.

There are many positive sides to it, which is why it’s my go-to choice.

However, I never got to try the now-canceled NordVPN lifetime subscription.

Unfortunately, NordVPN does not offer lifetime access to its users, although it used to have it.

Still, on the bright side, the VPN service provider does offer a few other excellent subscription alternatives that can be a real bargain.

Where Is NordVPN’s Lifetime Subscription?

NordVPN devices

NordVPN used to have a lifetime offer, but the service provider eventually canceled it.

If you are wondering what happened, and why the company abandoned perhaps their most preferable deal, the answer is simple.

With the substantial growth in popularity of NordVPN, the option for a lifetime subscription became unsustainable for the company.

More and more people started using the VPN since NordVPN’s lifetime subscription was a real bargain. At the same time, the service provider kept upgrading and adding valuable features for the users. With that, the servers became overcrowded, and the circumstances required a more feasible solution.

And it was perhaps the best decision for the company and for its users.

Although a lifetime access sounds excellent, there are a handful of negative aspects to it mainly for the service providers, but also for you as a user.

Does Lifetime VPN Subscription Really Mean Lifetime?

Despite common belief, a lifetime VPN subscription does not really mean a lifetime.

Many companies use words like “free” or “unlimited” to gain more customers.

Still, their offers are rarely ever true, and they almost always come with some sort of limitations.

In the same way, your lifetime subscription is not really that.

There is no guarantee that the company you invested your money in, will remain on the market after two or three years, let alone your entire lifetime.

The odds are against you, and what you thought was a lifetime offer, might just be a reckless move for your online privacy.

Long Subscriptions Are Better Than Lifetime Access

Long Subscriptions vs Lifetime Access

There is no guarantee that once you pay for a lifetime subscription plan, the service will remain the same.

The customer support might drop in quality, the servers could become unresponsive over time, or your privacy might decline.

For example, if you get a VPN for its privacy, every privacy policy change the company makes in the future will concern you. If they loosen up their regulations on privacy or start collecting data, you will be left with an unreliable VPN service provider.

There is no guarantee of what might happen, yet you paid the service for a lifetime.

That is why long subscriptions are a far better option.

You can commit to a VPN for a year or two or even get a longer subscription since they are cheaper.

Still, to gain the customer’s loyalty in the long term, VPN service providers will keep improving their service.

With that, not only you get an affordable deal, but chances are it will improve over time. And if it doesn’t you can always switch to a new VPN without losing too much money.

What’s Currently The Best NordVPN Deal?

NordVPN has several types of subscriptions, both long and short.

The service provider has a one-month plan for users who don’t want to commit long-term immediately. This is also their most expensive offer.

Moreover, NordVPN has a one-year price plan as well as a two-year subscription, both of which you can get at a discounted price.

Still, by far the best NordVPN deal is their three-year subscription.

It comes at a real bargain, and it’s a much better option than a lifetime deal.

If you are not sure whether you want to commit to NordVPN, you can always try it before you make the final decision.

Unfortunately, NordVPN does not have a free trial, but the VPN does come with a 30-day money back guarantee. That is excellent if you want to try NordVPN risk-free.


Is Lifetime VPN Worth It?

Lifetime VPN subscription sounds like a good investment, but in reality, it’s not worth it. There are more downsides to lifetime VPN subscriptions than there are positive things. You will be better off with a long term subscription instead.

What Does Lifetime Subscription Mean?

A lifetime subscription ideally means paying for a VPN once and using it for as long as you need it. However, in reality, lifetime never real means that it’s only a way of gaining customers, and it’s often unsustainable for VPN services.

Is NordVPN Worth the Money?

NordVPN is very affordable, especially if you opt for one of their longer subscriptions. Between its advanced features and excellent performance, NordVPN is definitely worth the money, and it’s a nice investment in your online privacy.

Is NordVPN Reliable?

NordVPN is a reliable VPN service provider. It comes with strong security and privacy features, as well as speedy servers on six continents. For a risk-free experience, NordVPN also enables a 30-day money-return policy.


All in all, although NordVPN does not have a lifetime offer, it does have inexpensive long-term subscriptions. Plus, their 30-day refund policy is a nice addition if you are in doubt.

So, if you still haven’t tried NordVPN, I encourage you to give it a go.

After all, it’s risk-free, and the best way to make a calculated decision is by trying it yourself and see whether it works for you.

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