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How to Set Up NordVPN for Apex Legends?

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NordVPN is easy to set up with Apex Legends on your PC and with router support for gaming consoles.

You must subscribe to a NordVPN plan, download one of its apps for whichever device you play Apex Legends on, and sign in to get access to top features.

NordVPN’s DDoS protection is one of the many features that kept my IP safe while playing Apex Legends.

If you want the same and more, read the stepwise guides to set up NordVPN with multiple Apex Legends-compatible devices and be back in time for dinner!

How to Setup NordVPN to Play Apex Legends?

NordVPN delivers native VPN PC (Windows, MacOS, and Linux) apps to facilitate its setup for Apex Legends. You can also install the VPN on your router to play Apex Legend on your gaming consoles.

It’s as easy as hitting targets in the Firing Range.

How to Setup NordVPN on PC for Apex Legends?

  1. Get a NordVPN account. Enjoy the highest NordVPN discount while at it.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Download the NordVPN PC app from the VPN’s download page. For this example, I’ll download the Windows PC NordVPN app.
download nordvpn app for windows
  1. Log in with your account details after installing.
  2. Click “Quick Connect” to connect to the closest server. This will assign you to a server in your country or the closest one.
locating quick connect button on nordvpn
  1. Once connected, open up Apex Legends and return to playing with your DUMMIE.
playing apex legends with nordvpn on us server

How to Setup NordVPN on Gaming Consoles for Apex Legends?

NordVPN doesn’t have native apps for gaming consoles.

You can install the VPN software on compatible routers to slay Pathfinder and explore World’s Edge via PlayStation and Xbox units.

Here’s a quick setup guide:

  1. Sign up with these huge NordVPN savings if you don’t already have a plan.
  2. Double-check that NordVPN supports your router and install it. Here’s a more detailed router setup guide for NordVPN.
  3. Connect your gaming console to your router through Wi-Fi/Ethernet. NordVPN will now protect anything connected to your router.
  4. Start playing Apex Legends and fight on Olympus safely with your squad.

What Makes NordVPN an Excellent Choice for Apex Legends?

NordVPN is an excellent gaming VPN offering fast speeds and other fantastic features to make playing Apex Legends safer. Here are a few of its features to look forward to:

Unblocking Geo-Restrictions

NordVPN helps bypass geo-restrictions for Apex Legends in banned countries like Russia and Iran. In this case, connecting to a server where Apex Legends isn’t banned (like the United States, Germany, and South Korea) will allow you to play in one of these countries.

Likewise, you can use NordVPN’s Obfuscated Servers to stop your network admin or ISP from seeing you’re even using a VPN when playing Apex Legends.

obfuscated servers on nordvpn

However, only use these servers when necessary, as they cause a considerable speed hit which might impact your gameplay.

Fast Speeds and Low Latency

NordVPN offers lightning-fast speeds (it keeps up with the ultra-fast Octane while trying to sprint past enemies) for seamless gameplay on Apex Legends.

I tested by playing Apex Legends on a nearby server with 41ms ping.

playing apex legends with nordvpn on us server

Likewise, I ran a speed test on my 460+Mbps network, and NordVPN scored a 33% speed reduction.

nordvpn speed test results on us server

The drop didn’t affect my gameplay since I maintained the same low ping and didn’t have to worry about ping drops when climbing the Ranked Leagues.

IP Leak Protection

IP leak protection is part of NordVPN’s DDoS protection. Thus, sore losers and hackers in my Apex Legends P2P matchups can only see my VPN-assigned IP address, not my real IP address.

This keeps them from bombarding me with DDoS requests, which NordVPN servers can handle.

I double-checked and used a tool to see if my real IP was leaking while connected to NordVPN. Instead, it only revealed the IP address NordVPN gave me:

nordvpn ip leak test results on us server

NordVPN’s leak protection is automatic on every server.

Large Server List

NordVPN offers 5700+ worldwide servers in 60 countries.

So you’ll likely find a nearby server in your country or connect to a foreign one to play Apex Legends from a restricted country.

What’s the Best NordVPN Server for Apex Legends?

The best NordVPN Apex Legends server would be the one closest to you.

To get the best Apex Legends experience, you need fast speeds and low latency while playing. Choosing a nearby server will limit how much your speeds are reduced and still offer a low ping against lag while trying to score some headshots.

Furthermore, it’s best to connect to a nearby NordVPN P2P server while playing Apex Legends. These P2P servers are optimized for speed and should perform better than NordVPN’s standard servers.

nordvpn p2p feature

NordVPN has P2P servers in 51 countries, some with multiple servers inside certain countries.

What’s the Best NordVPN Protocol for Apex Legends?

The best NordVPN protocol for Apex Legends is its custom-made NordLynx protocol.

Not only is NordLynx built to mimic WireGuard, but it’s also much faster and shares the same high encryption. Enabling NordLynx will allow you to get the fastest speeds possible to duo in Kings Canyon, so you don’t let your partner down.

locating nordlynx server on nordvpn

Luckily, NordLynx is available with all of NordVPN’s servers.

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Get NordVPN and Start Playing Apex Legends

NordVPN is simple to set up with Apex Legends for PC or gaming consoles. Although installing the VPN on your router can take some time, doing so will protect your Apex Legends account on gaming consoles.

Once set up, you can benefit from NordVPN’s best gaming features, like leak protection, low ping servers, and unblocking capabilities to play Apex Legends from anywhere.

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