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How to Stream Disney+ With ExpressVPN?

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Streaming Disney Plus with ExpressVPN is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

So, you can enjoy your favorite Disney originals from anywhere in the world in no time.

Disney Plus and ExpressVPN go together like Beauty and the Beast, and in the same way Cinderella didn’t want to miss the ball, I’m here to ensure you don’t miss out either.

The TL;DR Setup Steps

If you want to hit the ground running and avoid the in-depth steps, you don’t want to miss this part.

Below you’ll find the basic steps to get Disney Plus set up with ExpressVPN.

  1. Sign up for an exclusive ExpressVPN discount today.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN application for your chosen device.
  3. Connect to one of ExpressVPN’s server locations where Disney Plus is currently supported.
  4. Start watching your favorite movies and TV shows on Disney Plus!

If you’re still here, chances are you need a more in-depth version of the Disney plus ExpressVPN walkthrough.

No need to panic.

I’ve got everything you need to know, as well as some fixes for when things don’t work.

Sit back and keep reading.

expressvpn for disney plus

How to Stream Disney Plus With ExpressVPN? (In Detail)

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re likely in need of some hand-holding to get up and running with Disney Plus and ExpressVPN, allowing you to stream your favorite Disney shows and classic movies from anywhere in the world.

  1. Grab a massive discount on an ExpressVPN subscription today.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN application for Windows.
  3. Open the ExpressVPN application and connect to a supported Disney Plus server location. If you are connecting from an unsupported location, you could connect to a US or UK server (whichever is nearest).
expressvpn london server
  1. Sign up for a Disney Plus subscription if you don’t have one already.
  2. Open Disney Plus via your browser or the dedicated Disney Plus app.
  3. Hit Login at the top-right of the page.
disney plus page
  1. Enter your email address and password created on sign-up and then hit Login.
disney plus login page
  1. Select your profile, or add one if you haven’t created one yet.
disney plus profile
  1. Choose a movie or TV show and test the stream.
streaming disney plus with expressvpn

Assuming that works, you’re now rocking Disney Plus with ExpressVPN no matter where you are in the world!

If you’re attempting to stream Disney Plus using ExpressVPN from a Smart TV or games console, you might want to take advantage of ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service.

MediaStreamer is an ExpressVPN SmartDNS feature that can vastly improve your media streaming experience and works with ExpressVPN’s router application.

In short, you can register your games console or Smart TV’s IP address on the ExpressVPN website, add the DNS address within your network settings, and you’ll be rocking the MediaStreamer feature!

If you’re having issues connecting, check out the troubleshooting guide further down this article.

How to Purchase a Disney+ Sub From an Unsupported Country?

Purchasing a Disney Plus sub from an unsupported country doesn’t take long, but it’s a necessity if you want to stream Disney Plus with ExpressVPN from anywhere in the world.

If you haven’t got a Disney Plus subscription already and you live in an unsupported country, you’ll be greeted with the following message during the signup process: “Your payment method does not match the country from where you are signing up. Please change your payment method to match that country.”

Disney Plus requires you to have an IP address from a supported country as well as a registered payment method from the country you’re attempting to sign up with.

Don’t worry, though!

There are a couple of tried and tested methods to get past the payment card barrier.

Purchase a Disney Plus Sub With a Gift Card

  1. Follow the steps in this guide to subscribe and set up ExpressVPN.
  2. Purchase a Google Play gift card on Amazon (the amount should be enough to cover the cost of a 1 month Disney Plus sub).
  3. Create a Google account using a different email address to your primary account (if you already have one).
  4. Head to https://play.google.com/ and click “Redeem” from the left-hand menu.
google play store
  1. Enter your gift card number and Google will detect it’s a US gift card and request a US zip code and phone number (this can be any number and zip code from Google).
  2. Download the Disney Plus app for your device (signups don’t work via a browser), the app will detect your Google Play gift card balance and allow you to sign up.

Enjoy watching Disney Plus from anywhere in the world!

Use a Virtual Credit Card

The alternative Disney Plus sign-up method from unsupported countries involves the use of a virtual credit card.

If you find using a fake zip code and phone number for the US from another country is failing, this is the next best option.

A virtual credit card is a little like a prepaid card, where you can transfer funds from your bank account into a currency for use in a country of your choice.

US Unlocked is one of the most popular virtual credit cards for the purpose of unblocking services in the US.

You can get a one-time US Unlocked card here (it’s free), load money onto it, and continue the Disney Plus signup process.

When it comes time to enter your card details you’ll have a working card registered in the US, no phone number or postcodes required.

Disney Plus ExpressVPN Alternatives

If you’re having problems with ExpressVPN or the pricing isn’t what you’d like to pay, there are several tried and tested VPN providers that do a great job of unblocking Disney Plus.

NordVPN is one of the most affordable VPNs that bypass Disney Plus restrictions at the time of writing.

It comes packed with extra privacy features like an ad-blocker, and thanks to its use of the Wireguard protocol, speeds are rapid across many of its servers.

Surfshark is another budget-friendly VPN provider that trumps many others with its unlimited simultaneous device limit.

This is useful, as it allows streaming Disney Plus (and other apps) on as many devices as you could ask for at once.

It includes a zero-logs policy, so your ISP will never know what you’re up to online.

CyberGhost is among my favorite providers, as it has servers optimized for the task you’re doing.

For example, if you’re torrenting or streaming, there’s a server dedicated to each specific activity.

PureVPN offers a wealth of robust server locations capable of unblocking Disney Plus from across the globe.

It uses the best-in-class encryption technology to ensure you get the most secure connection available.

Disney Plus Not Working With ExpressVPN? Try These Fixes

Although ExpressVPN works flawlessly for most users, there may be times when you encounter an error like something went wrong or endless buffering.

Fortunately, there are several tried and tested fixes that are known to resolve the majority of issues.

Check out the list below.

Try a Different Server

If you’re getting an error or your stream never loads, it’s worth trying a different server location.

Let’s say you’re connected to London from the UK and Disney Plus isn’t loading, try a different UK server like the Docklands, for example.

Still no luck?

Try connecting to servers in a different country, such as the US or Germany, to see if that helps.

Check if Your Chosen Location Is Supported

Disney Plus is not supported in every country at the time of writing, so please check to see if the VPN server you’re using is on the list of countries supported by Disney Plus.

Disney is currently available in:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Denmark
  • El Salvador
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Monaco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Nicaragua
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • The UK
  • The United States
  • Venezuela
  • Uruguay
  • Ecuador
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • The Bahamas
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Belize
  • Haiti
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Lucia
  • Kitts & Nevis
  • Vincent & the Grenadines Suriname

Clear Your Browser Cache

When you use Disney Plus via a browser like Chrome or Safari, it stores cookies and cached data to ensure a smooth visit the next time you use the service.

Clear the browser cache for Firefox or Google Chrome, and this will clear any temporarily stored files.

Once complete, retest a Disney Plus stream.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy, opening an incognito window in Chrome or Firefox has the same effect as clearing your cache.

Incognito is like going undercover where none of your data is recorded!

Reinstall the Disney Plus App

If you’re using the Disney Plus application and have issues establishing a connection, reinstall the application by downloading it from the Disney Plus website or your device app store.

Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet speed affects the reliability of streams for Disney Plus and other streaming services, so it’s worth checking your broadband is up to the job.

You can perform a speed test at Ookla.

“Disney recommends 5 Mbps of download speeds for HD content and 25 Mbps for 4K.”

ExpressVPN doesn’t generally slow down your internet connection, but it’d be worth checking your internet speeds via a direct connection and with ExpressVPN enabled.

If you’re using wifi to stream Disney Plus, it may be worth attempting your stream over an ethernet (cabled) connection to see if that improves anything.

Log Out of Disney Plus

Logging out of Disney Plus and logging back in again will refresh your streaming session.

Try this to see if it resolves your connection issues.

Restart Your Device

Similar to logging out of Disney Plus, restarting your device will clear your device session.

If any bugs or glitches are impacting your internet session, a simple restart may resolve the problem.

If you are still having issues, I recommend contacting ExpressVPN support to see if they can help.

The Best Servers to Use With Disney+

Due to Disney Plus being rolled out to some territories while others are left in the dark, it’s worth getting to know which servers will work for you so that you’re ready to start binging the next episode of The Walking Dead.

I’ve tested various servers to ensure they work with Disney Plus and ExpressVPN.

You can find some of the working locations below.

The UK - London - Great

streaming disney plus with expressvpn london server

The UK - Docklands

streaming disney plus with expressvpn docklands server

The US - New York

disney plus expressvpn new york

The US - Chicago

disney expressvpn chicago

Germany - Frankfurt

streaming disney plus with expressvpn frankfurt server

Japan - Tokyo

streaming disney plus with expressvpn tokyo server

I attempted to use the Miami US server and tried Perth in Australia, which encountered the something went wrong” proxy error.

For the most part, selecting a server in a supported Disney Plus location should work perfectly.


How Does Disney Plus Know I'm Using a VPN?

Disney Plus detects VPN usage and blocks access to some servers for several reasons.

The Disney Plus servers check for irregularities between IP addresses and DNS settings.

If Disney Plus detects such a conflict, they may block a VPN.

Additionally, Disney Plus checks if the IP address connecting to its servers comes from a VPN.

Disney Plus and other streaming services collect information on IP addresses, and if a range of addresses is identified as belonging to a VPN, they are blacklisted.

When you then connect via a blocked VPN tunnel, the connection is blocked by the Disney Plus servers.

Can You Use ExpressVPN to Watch Disney+ on Apple TV?

Yes, you can stream Disney Plus with Apple TV using ExpressVPN.

The same principle applies to Apple TV users in the same way that Disney Plus limits the countries in which its services are available, displaying an error to unsupported locations.

If you wish to access Disney Plus from an unsupported territory, ExpressVPN will enable you to access the service from anywhere in the world – and its MediaStreamer feature will allow you to watch your favorite Disney shows on your Apple TV!

Can You Watch Disney+ in 1080p HD With ExpressVPN?

Yes, you can watch Disney Plus in 1080p HD using ExpressVPN for most devices.

ExpressVPN is only bound by the limits of your internet connection.

Disney plus requires a minimum connection speed of 5mbps to function and 25mbps for 4k streaming.

So long as your internet connection is closer to a 20mbps download speed, you should be set to stream 1080p HD content.

Can You Watch Disney+ With ExpressVPN for Free?

Yes, there is a way to enjoy Disney Plus with ExpressVPN for free, a little-known secret.

If you’re traveling or staying outside of your usual location for a short period, you may have trouble accessing Disney Plus with a direct connection.

That’s because you’ve registered your subscription in your home country, and Disney Plus detects you are connecting from outside your home region.

To get around this, you’ll need a VPN, but you might not want to pay for a full-feature subscription if you’re only abroad for a short time.

To get around this, take advantage of ExpressVPN’s 30-day refund policy.

That means you can sign up for a paid ExpressVPN account and then cancel after 30 days when you’re done using the subscription (or if you no longer need it to access Disney Plus).

You’ll get a total refund and access to a leading VPN provider for 30 days.

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ExpressVPN and Disney Plus run together like clockwork, which is great for users living in locations where Disney Plus isn’t available.

The process is straightforward, and you can be up and running within a few clicks.

ExpressVPN isn’t for everybody, though, so if you’re looking for a provider packed with great features on a budget, NordVPN is the way to go.

Otherwise, now is the time to grab an exclusive ExpressVPN discount to go with a Disney plus subscription, allowing you to enjoy classic movies like Aladdin and Disney originals like Recess!

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