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How to Use Atlas VPN With BitTorrent?

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Atlas VPN is a great VPN for BitTorrent. It’s easy to set up and delivers fast speeds for quick torrent downloads. It even has a dedicated app for all BitTorrent-compatible platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Android.

Though the VPN lacks some torrenting features I like, I’ve had a smooth experience using it with BitTorrent.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to set up Atlas VPN and use it with BitTorrent on your device.

I’ll also outline the best configuration settings for fast downloads and show you how to bind Atlas VPN to BitTorrent to prevent IP leaks.

Quick Summary: How to Share P2P Files on BitTorrent With Atlas VPN

Follow the quick steps below to set up and use Atlas VPN with BitTorrent:

  1. Sign up for Atlas VPN.
  2. Download and install the Atlas VPN app.
  3. Launch the VPN and log in.
  4. Connect to your preferred Atlas VPN server.
  5. Open BitTorrent and load a torrent file to download.

How to Set Up BitTorrent With Atlas VPN? (Detailed Instructions)

You must install both clients, run a VPN connection, and download your torrent file.

If that sounds complicated, don’t worry.

Here are the full instructions on using Atlas VPN with BitTorrent on Windows:

  1. Subscribe to Atlas VPN.
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  1. Download and install the Atlas VPN app on your device.
vpn apps on atlasvpn
  1. Launch the VPN app and enter your email address to log in.
atlasvpn one-tap protection feature
  1. Go to Settings and enable the Kill switch.
locating kill switch settings on atlasvpn
  1. Select “Home” and click the “Quick Connect” button to turn on the VPN connection. This will connect you to the fastest server location.
atlasvpn disconnected
  1. For better privacy, click the “Privacy Pro” tab to connect to SafeSwap and Multihop VPN servers.
atlasvpn uae
  1. After your Atlas VPN connection is active, open the BitTorrent client.
bittorrent torrenting
  1. You can now continue downloading your torrent files. If you want to download something new, go to your preferred torrent site and search the movies, shows, or software.
1337x homepage
  1. Select the file you’re looking for and click “Magnet Download.”
1337x magnet download
  1. When prompted, click “Open BitTorrent” and then OK to load the torrent.
allow open bittorrent on windows

That’s it. Your torrenting activity is now protected with Atlas VPN.

After downloading, remember to close the BitTorrent app first before disconnecting the VPN.

How to Bind Atlas VPN to BitTorrent?

If you’re concerned about IP leaks, you can bind Atlas VPN to BitTorrent.

This restricts torrent downloads to a specific Atlas VPN IP address, keeping you safe while torrenting.

Here’s how to bind Atlas VPN to BitTorrent:

  1. Open Atlas VPN and connect to a VPN server.
atlasvpn connected to switzerland
  1. On your browser, open IPLeak.Net to see your Atlas VPN IP address.
atlasvpn dns leak test
  1. Launch BitTorrent. Go to Options > Preferences and select “Advanced.”
locating advanced settings on bittorrent
  1. Scroll down to “net.bind_ip” or enter “Bind” in the “Filter” field to find the option.
bittorrent filter
  1. Click “net.bind_ip” and enter your Atlas VPN IP address in the “Value” field. Click “Set,” then OK.
locating value on bittorrent
  1. Go to Options > Preferences > Advanced and scroll down to “net.ougoing_ip.” Alternatively, you can use the Filter box to search for the option.
bittorrent filter value
  1. Enter your Atlas VPN IP address in the “net.outgoing_ip” value field.
highlighting atlasvpn ip address value on bittorrent settings
  1. Click “Set,” then OK, and restart BitTorrent.

Best Atlas VPN Configurations for BitTorrent

Here are some tips to get the best out of Atlas VPN when torrenting:

  • Use the WireGuard protocol: Atlas VPN offers two protocols – WireGuard and IKEv2/IPSec. WireGuard is secure enough for torrenting and faster download speeds.
  • Enable the kill switch: Always ensure your kill switch is active. This prevents IP leaks, keeping your ISP and copyright trolls at bay.
  • Choose the closest server: That gives you the best speed and torrenting protection in the same package.

Best Atlas VPN Alternatives for BitTorrent

The Atlas VPN-BitTorrent combo works incredibly well. The VPN also has great speeds and offers privacy-optimized specialized servers (SafeSwap and MultiHop+ servers) for secure torrenting.

That said, Atlas VPN doesn’t offer port forwarding, which is necessary for seeding torrents and doesn’t support split tunneling. That means you can’t selectively bypass the VPN for some apps while using it with BitTorrent. (Read my full Atlas VPN review here).

If you’re interested in an alternative, I recommend the following VPN providers:


nordvpn p2p servers

NordVPN is my #1 recommended VPN for BitTorrent, thanks to its ultra-fast speeds, military-grade encryption, and privacy features.

Here are some more reasons why NordVPN is a better option for BitTorrent:

  • Offers faster download speeds than Atlas VPN
  • Offers P2P-dedicated VPN servers
  • Supports SOCKS5 proxy
  • Supports split tunneling

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using bittorrent with expressvpn on ireland server

Another fast and reliable VPN service, ExpressVPN, works well with BitTorrent.

Here’s why the VPN is a great Atlas VPN alternative:

  • Faster connection speeds
  • Supports split tunneling
  • Uses fast obfuscation on all servers and protocols
  • Features port forwarding on the router app for faster downloads and torrent seeding

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torrenting on bittorrent with privatevpn on uk server

PrivateVPN is an excellent VPN for BitTorrent that supports port forwarding.

Unlike Atlas VPN, PrivateVPN also:

  • Supports torrent seeding
  • Provides dedicated IPs for torrenting
  • Offers SOCKS5 proxy
  • Supports split tunneling

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Interesting Reads:


I don’t recommend using the Atlas VPN free version with BitTorrent.

It’s limited to 3 standard free servers, which are frustratingly slow.

The Atlas VPN free plan also has a data cap, making it less than ideal for downloading movies, TV shows, and games.

Yes, it’s legal to use Atlas VPN with BitTorrent. But downloading copyrighted content is against the law in some countries.


Congratulations! You should now be able to use Atlas VPN with BitTorrent and download torrents safely.

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