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How to Use PureVPN With BitTorrent? Quick & Easy Steps!

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Using PureVPN with BitTorrent is as easy as connecting to a P2P server and clicking on a torrent download link.

PureVPN offers a versatile torrenting VPN, and there’s more than one way to put the service to use.

This guide explores how you can safely use BitTorrent while benefitting from the VPN provider’s specialty features like port forwarding.

Read on for a step-by-step explanation of how to connect PureVPN to BitTorrent without fuss.

How to Set Up and Use PureVPN With BitTorrent? (A Straightforward Guide)

Setting PureVPN up with BitTorrent is as easy as pie, and you can enjoy smooth, safe torrenting in a few minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN (get our exclusive discount).
purevpn pricing
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  1. Install the PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  2. Go to Settings > General to enable the internet kill switch (IKS).
enable iks on purevpn
  1. Click on the “Protocol” menu and select WireGuard for faster torrenting speeds.
purevpn protocol settings
  1. Connect to a PureVPN P2P server.
purevpn p2p servers
  1. Use doIleak.com to check for torrent leaks (find test instructions below).
  2. Go to bittorrent.com and download BitTorrent Web, Classic, or Android (for Android users).
  3. Navigate to your preferred torrenting site. I’ve chosen YTS.mx for this demonstration.
  4. Click on the magnet download link of the file you want. I’ve selected the 1978 copyright-free film, The Great Train Robbery.
yts.mx movie download
  1. The BitTorrent application will open automatically, and you’ll be prompted to accept the download. Click “Open BitTorrent.”
open bittorrent
  1. A menu appears where you can select your preferred download settings. Adjust these settings or click “OK” for a standard download. I continued with a standard download for this demonstration.
save to downloads on windows
  1. The file will connect to peers, and the download starts automatically.
bittorrent connecting to peers

Know that you’re protected from copyright trolls and cybercriminals.

Does PureVPN Have Port Forwarding for BitTorrent?

Good news, PureVPN has port forwarding for BitTorrent!

This means you can use the VPN to increase download and upload speeds, making it ideal for torrent leeching and seeding.

The next section shows you how to pair this PureVPN feature with the torrenting client.

How to Port Forward on BitTorrent Using PureVPN?

Here’s how to access and use PureVPN’s port forwarding:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN (get our exclusive discount). Remember to select port forwarding as an add-on before checking out.
  1. Install the PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  2. Go to Settings > General to enable the internet kill switch (IKS).
enable iks on purevpn
  1. Click on the “Protocol” menu and select WireGuard for faster torrenting speeds.
select wireguard protocol on purevpn
  1. Connect to one of PureVPN’s P2P servers.
  2. Log in to your PureVPN online account and click on the “Port Forwarding” tab.
  1. Select “Enable specific ports” to enable the feature.
  2. Enter a port number into the value field (the best ports for BitTorrent are 6881-6889). Click “Apply Settings.”
  1. Open BitTorrent and select Options > Preferences > Connection.
  2. Enter the same port number set in your PureVPN account.
bittorrent listening port
  1. Disable the following boxes:
  • Enable UPnP port mapping
  • Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
  • Randomize port each start 
  1. Click “Apply.”

Now, you can download and upload torrents at speeds that won’t frustrate you!

Does BitTorrent Support PureVPN IP Binding?

Yes, BitTorrent does support IP Binding via PureVPN.

If you’re skeptical about PureVPN’s kill switch, you can apply IP binding to ensure your torrenting’s protected even if the VPN connection drops.

Both options prevent IP leaks and DDoS attacks, ensuring an even more secure BitTorrent network.

Here’s how you can bind a PureVPN IP to the BitTorrent client:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN (get our exclusive discount).
  2. Download a PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to a PureVPN P2P server. Take note of the IP address.
purevpn connected to south africa server
  1. Launch BitTorrent.
  2. Select Options > Preferences > Advanced.
  3. Enter “ip” in the search filter. Click on “net.bind_ip.”
  4. Enter your PureVPN IP address in the bottom value field.
bittorrent ip address
  1. Click “OK” and “Apply.”
  2. Click “net.outgoing_ip” and again enter PureVPN’s IP address in the value field.
net.outgoing_ip on bittorrent settings
  1. Click “OK” and “Apply.”
Restart BitTorrent and continue torrenting.

How to Check for Torrent Leaks With PureVPN & BitTorrent?

There are several ways to check for torrent leaks with PureVPN, but I prefer using DoILeak.com.

Torrent leaks are not uncommon, and it’s good practice to ensure your client isn’t leaking IP/DNS requests before you start torrenting.

Here’s how to check torrent leaks:

  1. Launch your PureVPN app.
  2. Connect to a P2P VPN server.
  3. Go to DoILeak.com.
  4. Select “Torrent IP Leak Test.”
  5. Select “Begin test.”
torrent ip leak test
  1. A new pop-up window will appear. Click “Yes, my VPN is on.
  2. Download the four torrent tests and check the box “All four files are running in my torrent client.”
torrenting on bittorrent
  1. Click “Show Results.”
If the results say “Successful,” continue torrenting leak free! If issues are detected, follow the prompts to seal leaks and secure your VPN network.

Is PureVPN Fast Enough for Torrenting Using BitTorrent?

PureVPN is fast enough for torrenting on BitTorrent, and the speeds are on par with the most reliable torrenting VPNs.

I ran a few tests to understand how the VPN performs.

Let’s get to it!

First, I downloaded the public domain song, The House of the Rising Sun, using my base internet speeds without connecting to a VPN.

Here’s the result:

bittorrent baseline torrenting speed

As you can see, the 9.82 MB took 24 seconds to complete, rendering a max download speed of  670 KB/s and a 457.2 KB/s average download speed.

Now, let’s see how PureVPN’s P2P servers perform.

I started with the server closest to me, in Angola.

bittorrent torrenting speed angola

Here, downloading the same file took longer (more than double the time of my base connection download). The max download speed was poorer at 269 KB/s, and the average download speed dropped to 197.2 KB/s.

The good news is that I got better results with the next test, where I connected to PureVPN’s fastest recommended server in Russia.

bittorrent torrenting speed using russia server

The file took 37 seconds to download, surpassing my nearest server’s results.

The max download speed was also better at 450 KB/s, and the average download speed followed with a more acceptable 279.4 KB/s.

But my tests wouldn’t be complete without looking at the VPN’s port forwarding speeds.

So, I remained on the Russian server and enabled a connection to port 6882.

Here’s what I got:

bittorrent torrenting speed russia server

While the file took longer to complete than my base connection, the speed drop was insignificant. I was impressed by the average download speed (359.2 KB/s) and the max download speed (550 KB/s).

Speed Test Comparison Table

This speed comparison table provides an overview of my results:

Server Type Max Download Speed Average Download Speed Average Speed Loss Completion Time
None 670 KB/s 457.2 KB/s N/A 24s
Nearest Server (Angola) 269 KB/s 197.2 KB/s 79% 54s
Fastest Recommended Server (Russia) 450 KB/s 279.4 KB/s 48% 37s
Fastest Recommended Server With Port Forwarding 550 KB/s 359.2 KB/s 24% 31s

Why Should You Use BitTorrent With PureVPN?

Use BitTorrent with PureVPN to torrent under the radar of your ISP, copyright trolls, hackers, unscrupulous advertisers, and other parties wanting to infect your systems.

PureVPN’s climbing the ranks to be one of the top VPNs for optimally safe torrenting, getting my thumbs up for:

  • Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption that keeps your BitTorrent traffic protected and hidden from third parties like your ISP and copyright trolls.
  • Completing a third-party no-logs audit to prove its efforts at keeping your torrenting private and undetectable.
  • Catering to several locations. After all, you can find PureVPN P2P servers in 37 global locations, making it easy to connect to nearby fast torrenting servers for enhanced BitTorrent experiences.
  • Including an automatic kill switch to ensure you’re protected even if your VPN connection unexpectedly drops while using BitTorrent.
  • Providing multi-device support with dedicated apps to download torrents on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.
  • Split tunneling, a bonus feature that allows you to run torrents through a VPN tunnel while you continue with, say, online banking on your normal network.

The VPN provider’s customer support is top-notch, and agents respond to torrenting queries within 1-2 minutes.

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The best PureVPN server for BitTorrent is any of the servers listed under the app’s P2P category. These P2P servers cater to file sharing and are essential for successful, smooth torrenting.

Select the P2P server with the lowest ping to enjoy the best torrenting speeds.

Your ISP shouldn’t see you torrent when using PureVPN with BitTorrent.

This is because the VPN encrypts traffic, making torrenting undecipherable.

Technically, your internet service provider should only be able to see your initial connection to the PureVPN server.

Yes, you can use PureVPN with BitTorrent on Android.

Both providers have dedicated Android apps, which pair perfectly to create a seamless VPN torrenting experience.

You don’t need to use PureVPN’s port forwarding when using BitTorrent.

This add-on feature caters to the needs of torrent users who want to seed torrents and encourage faster download and upload speeds.

However, you don’t have to purchase or enable port forwarding if you intend to download torrents at an averagely fast VPN speed.

Yes, it’s safe to use PureVPN with BitTorrent!

In fact, PureVPN boosts torrenting security and allows you to use the client safer than without VPN protection. With its military-grade encryption and an automatic kill switch, PureVPN ensures privacy and security when downloading and uploading torrent files.

Signing Out…

BitTorrent security aside, PureVPN offers several perks, including unlimited bandwidth and simultaneous connections on up to 10 devices. It’s also one of the more affordable VPNs for torrenting, making it hard to resist!

Purchase your PureVPN subscription now to get an exclusive discount, or explore more BitTorrent VPN options.

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