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Does Hotspot Shield Work With Omegle? (+Alternatives)

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Hotspot Shield works with Omegle, but you’ll have to find a server that Omegle doesn’t block. In my experience, you’ll have to sift through several servers to find a working one.

Omegle uses strong measures like advanced IP and GPS scanning technology to detect and block VPNs. So, finding a server that works for Omegle is a game of luck.

I’m suggesting Hotspot Shield after testing around 33 VPN services.

Today, I’ll explain how you can access Omegle using Hotspot Shield and discuss other great alternatives.

How to Use Omegle With Hotspot Shield? (Step-By-Step Guide)

After going through social media and contacting Hotspot Shield customer service, I decided to check things on my own. These are the steps I took to access Omegle over Hotspot Shield.

  1. Sign up for Hotspot Shield.
sign up for hotspot shield
  1. Install the Hotspot Shield app and log in with your credentials.
install and log into hotspot shield app
  1. Select a location where Omegle is accessible. I chose the USA for this example.
search location server for omegle
  1. Open Omegle and start chatting.
start chatting on omegle
  1. If you’re getting an error that says, “Error connecting to server. Please try again,” keep changing servers till you find the right one.

Why Is Hotspot Shield Good for Omegle?

hotspot shield for omegle

Here are a few reasons why Hotspot Shield is good for Omegle:

  • Military grade encryption: Hotspot Shield uses a 256-bit encryption mechanism to prevent data leaks and secure users from hackers, cyberattacks, or getting deanonymized by Omegle. It’s the most powerful encryption technology and is almost impossible to decrypt.
  • No-logging: Hotspot Shield provides complete independence to its users, thanks to its strong no-logging policy. Surf the internet without worrying about getting traced.
  • Privacy protection: Hotspot Shield has strong privacy features like a Kill switch and DNS protection, among others, to secure your information during your Omegle chats.
  • P2P support for video calling: So, your Omegle video calls are always secure, fast, and never leak.
  • Fast servers: Hotspot shield has fast servers over multiple locations, ensuring lag-free video calls and chats on Omegle.
  • Multidevice connection: Allowing you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, Hotspot Shield is a great choice for a group of friends or a big family.

Grab Hotspot Shield today and enjoy its 45-day cash-back guarantee to test the VPN risk-free for Omegle.

Alternative VPNs for Omegle

Even though Hotspot Shield works quite well with Omegle on the right server, there are also great alternatives that work even better.

Here’s what each alternative VPN brings to the table.


expressvpn for omegle

ExpressVPN excels with some of the most advanced unblocking features, a great network (3000+) of servers, and secure encryption technology. Here’s a quick overview of other features that makes this a great Omegle VPN.

  • Less speed reduction than Hotspot Shield.
  • Larger server setup than Hotspot Shield.
  • Fast obfuscation to hide your VPN usage from Omegle without suffering speed drops.
  • Cooperative customer support helps users with almost every service-related problem.
  • Well-designed, simple, and non-technical interface which almost any user can operate.
  • Compatible with almost every device, including Omegle-supported platforms like Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux OS, iOS, or Android devices.

Grab these ExpressVPN discounts to enjoy the premium service for Omegle.


surfshark for omegle

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN service popular among fans for its speed, privacy features, and robust server count (3200+ across 100 countries) at super affordable rates.

But that’s not all that makes it suitable for Omegle:

  • Surfshark connects you to Omegle without buffering or delay.
  • Huge server count that enhances its performance in rush hours, e.g., 600+ US servers to unblock Omegle without overcrowding.
  • Decent, intuitive, and easy-to-operate interface.
  • Reliable unblocking features, unlike Hotspot Shield, which has problems accessing Omegle sometimes.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections as compared to 10 on Hotspot Shield.

Buy Surfshark and test it risk-free for 30 days to enjoy uninterrupted fast Omegle video calls.


nordvpn for omegle

The NordVPN network has the largest server VPN network here (5200+), packed with superb features and facilities enhancing security and anonymity.

Find out some other impressive Omegle-related features you can enjoy on this provider:

  • NordVPN is ultra-fast for clear video calls on Omegle.
  • NordVPN costs less than Hotspot shield.
  • Flawless compatibility with every device you can use with Omegle.
  • NordLynx protocol allows Omegle to operate faster and more securely.

Grab a NordVPN subscription and start meeting new people on Omegle.

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Yes, Hotspot Shield offers its users free and paid services. The free version is available with certain limitations, which makes it difficult to use for Omegle.

For example, you’ll get a daily data cap of 500 MB or a monthly data cap of 15 GB, impacting how many live sessions you can hold on Omegle.

Similarly, the free version is limited to one device per account and is notorious for limited servers and annoying advertisements.

Hotspot Shield is a great choice for video calling on Omegle, given its relatively fast servers and P2P support. However, the free version has data limits and fewer servers with advertisements, making it unsuitable for longer video calls.

Last Word

Omegle is a fun site connecting you with strangers to have a great time over the internet. But due to restrictions, Omegle is inaccessible in many regions.

Fortunately, Hotspot Shield can help with that.

Omegle blocks several VPN servers, but you can still access it if you find a suitable server. Likewise, I added some other remarkable alternative Omegle VPNs to explore.

All of them provide complete worth to their value.

Ready to start meeting quality strangers? Grab these Hotspot Shield discounts and be on your way.

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