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Does CyberGhost Work With Omegle?

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No, CyberGhost does not work with Omegle at the time of writing. Omegle uses advanced scanners to identify the IP addresses of the users accessing its website. If it detects the IP address range is coming from a VPN, it presents the user with an error preventing them from using the service.

According to CyberGhost support, users may be able to access Omegle using CyberGhost in the future, but a timeframe for that is unknown.

Although CyberGhost struggles to bypass the Omegle restrictions, several other providers can still get the job done. My recommendation would be to try PrivateVPN or Surfshark.

If you’re ready to learn more about why Omegle blocks VPNs, why you should use a VPN to access the service, and more, keep reading.

How to Use CyberGhost to Access Omegle?

As CyberGhost grows its network, it’s worth checking access to Omegle every so often to see if CyberGhost now works with the website.

To test your access to Omegle using CyberGhost on a Windows device, please follow these steps:

  1. Create an account with CyberGhost.
  2. Download and install the CyberGhost VPN app for your device.
  3. Open CyberGhost and select “best server location’’. This will connect you to the fastest server based on your selected location. Alternatively, select a server location manually from the available list.
  4. Open a web browser and navigate to Omegle.com.
  5. Select one of the options below “Start chatting:” start chatting’’ and you should see a screen similar to the one below to tell you you’re connected successfully.

What Are the Benefits of Using CyberGhost With Omegle?

There are several reasons to use CyberGhost with Omegle.

This includes preventing prying eyes from tracking and logging your activity by anonymizing your IP address.

At a very base level, surfing the web without CyberGhost would leave a digital footprint visible to your ISP, who could share your online activity with local authorities if requested.

Accessing Omegle without CyberGhost or another VPN means all of your activity, such as video, copies of your text chats, and more, will be stored on the Omegle servers along with your IP address. As a result, personal conversations that you’d prefer kept confidential could be viewed by the agents at Omegle.

Additionally, your connection to the Omegle servers is unencrypted without CyberGhost. That means your data could be hacked or stolen, with cookies, timestamps, and more used to trace everything back to your IP address.

Getting an Error Connecting to the Omegle Server Using CyberGhost? Here Are Some Fixes:

If you’re having trouble accessing the Omegle servers with CyberGhost, you’ll likely see a screen similar to the one below.

As CyberGhost adds more servers, the possibility to access Omegle increases.

There are a few fixes you can try which may unblock the restrictions at Omegle while using CyberGhost once these new servers are added:

Use a Dedicated IP Address

Cyberghost offers the option to use a dedicated IP address.

Without a dedicated IP address, you will share the same IP ranges with thousands of other users accessing the same server location.

Having a dedicated IP means a single IP address is reserved for your use, giving you a better chance of accessing Omegle with an IP potentially not blocked.

Visit Omegle in Incognito Mode

Browse in Incognito

Try a Different Server Location

With such a large user base at CyberGhost, thousands of users may access a single server location, which sends a red flag to Omegle.

It may be possible that some servers are blocked, while other less popular servers still work, so it’s worth swapping servers to check availability.

Ensure CyberGhost Is Running the Latest Version

CyberGhost will often add a new version of its app to fix bugs and patch vulnerabilities in its native apps.

If you have issues accessing Omegle with CyberGhost, check that you are running the latest version of CyberGhost.

Contact CyberGhost Support

If all else fails, please contact CyberGhost support to explore any other options that may help to access Omegle with CyberGhost.

They may also be able to tell you whether servers exist that allow access or whether they’ll be adding servers in the future.

CyberGhost Alternatives to Access Omegle

There are several VPN VPN providers that you can use to access the Omegle website. Please check out some of the CyberGhost alternatives below:

ExpressVPN is my top overall recommendation. It includes a feature-rich app and browser extension, a vast number of server locations, and rapid speeds, which are excellent across the board.

Surfshark is a budget-conscious provider, operating a no-logs policy from the Virgin Channel islands, boasting incredible speeds across the majority of its server locations.

NordVPN offers some very affordable subscription options. You’ll get a lightweight app and access to a great range of server locations.

Hotspot Shield uses military-grade encryption, offers a good selection of servers, and allows up to five simultaneous device connections, perfect for times when using Omegle across devices.

How Does Omegle Block VPNs?

Omegle blocks VPNs using advanced IP and GPS scanning technology to detect each user’s physical location and IP address that visits their website.

If you use a VPN and set your location using a server outside of your actual area, the Omegle servers detect that your GPS coordinates do not match your IP address location and restrict your access to the service.

For a VPN like CyberGhost to bypass the Omegle server restrictions, obfuscation techniques can scramble the traffic attempting to access the website.

As a result, it makes it harder for Omegle’s scanners to identify the incoming traffic and is, therefore, unable to block the connection.

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Final Words

CyberGhost may not be able to unblock access to Omegle, but a handful of VPNs can access Omegle servers. This may be because they use obfuscation techniques to make inbound traffic harder to identify.

If you value your privacy, it’s essential to use a VPN when accessing Omegle to ensure your conversations and identity are never visible to prying eyes like your ISP or hackers.

I’d recommend PrivateVPN as the best CyberGhost alternative. It goes the extra mile to shield your privacy. It offers military-grade encryption and includes features like an internet kill switch to ensure your IP is never identified if your connection drops.

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