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20+ Omegle Statistics and Facts

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Omegle is a popular peer-to-peer online site that lets you text and video chat with random strangers worldwide, and without registration.

Although launched in 2009, Omegle’s popularity surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, the site became a massive sensation among users stuck in lockdown, catapulting the platform into millions of monthly visits.

That said, we have taken the time to compile some of the most fascinating and up-to-date Omegle statistics to help you stay ahead of the curve.

6 Key Omegle Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • In November 2022, Omegle received a total of 67 million users.
  • As of June 2023, 66.19% of Omegle users were male.
  • 87.97% of Indian Omegle visits in June 2023 were via mobile devices.
  • An 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks created Omegle.
  • Omegle received 60.3 million website visitors in June 2023.
  • As of June 2023, Omegle had 1,200 keywords bringing traffic to the site.


key omegle statistics
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Who Uses Omegle the Most?

1. As of June 2023, 66.19% of Omegle users were male.

Female audiences, on the other hand, accounted for the remaining 33.81%.

2. In June 2023, 38.24% of Omegle users were between 18 and 24 years old.

Users aged 25 to 34 came in second (27.13%). The minority age group on Omegle was 65+.

Age Distribution Percentage
18 - 24 38.24%
25 - 34 27.13%
35 - 44 15.54%
45 - 54 9.33%
55 - 64 5.82%
65+ 3.94%

What Regions Visit Omegle the Most?

3. In June 2023, 34.77% of traffic to Omegle came from the United States.

Second and third-ranked users by volume were from India (10.29%) and the UK (4.9%).   

Country Traffic to Omegle
United States 34.77%
India 10.29%
United Kingdom 4.90%
Canada 3.51%
Italy 3.42%
Others 43.11%

4. 87.97% of Indian Omegle visits in June 2023 were via mobile devices.

Comparatively, 67.11% of US visits to Omegle came from mobile users.

Country % of Total Visits All Devices Desktop Mobile
India 27.85% 1.4 million 12.03% 87.97%
United States 9.66% 501.4K 32.89% 67.11%
France 7.37% 382.4K 2.54% 97.46%
Italy 5.71% 296.2K 9.52% 90.48%
United Kingdom 5.41% 280.7K 17.49% 82.51%

5. As of June 2023, Tunisia showed the most interest in Omegle.

Tunisia’s interest in Omegle ranked at 100. Coming in a close second is the Philippines (95).

Region Interest Over Time
Tunisia 100
Philippines 95
Bosnia & Herzegovina 72
Uruguay 66
Serbia 62

6. West Virginia showed the most interest in Omegle over all other US states.

As of June 2023, West Virginia showed peak interest with a score of 100. 

South Dakota, Iowa, and Montana followed with an interest score of 96 each. 

Maine came fifth with an interest score of 95.   

How Long Do Visitors/Users Stay on Omegle?

7. As of June 2023, Omegle users averaged 8 minutes and 22 seconds on the platform.

During this time, they visited an average of 6.59 pages per visit.

How Much Website Traffic Does Omegle Get?

omegle monthly website visitor growth
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8. Omegle had 60.3 million website visitors in June 2023.

This represented a 4.82% drop from May’s highs of 63.3 million. 

The site garnered 63.8 million traffic across mobile and desktop users in April.

9. In November 2022, Omegle received 67 million users.

It grew to 70.4 million users in December 2022 and rose by 0.2 million to 70.6 million in January 2023.

How Does Omegle Get Its Website Traffic?

10. 61.71% of Omegle’s traffic in June 2023 was direct traffic from desktop visits.

Organic search traffic came in second at 33.94%.

Marketing Channels Distribution
Direct 61.71%
Organic Search 33.94%
Referrals 4.19%
Social 0.09%
Paid Search 0.07%
Mail 0.01%
Display 0.01%

11. As of June 2023, Omegle had 1,200 keywords bringing traffic to the site.

Of these keywords, 99.80% were organic, while 0.20% were paid. 

The keyword ‘Omegle’ brought in a traffic volume of 17,121,576.

Keywords Traffic Volume
Omegle 17,121,576
Omegal 164,535
Omgle 116,296
Omegele 90,064
Omeagle 86,372

12. The top referral websites sending traffic to Omegle as of 2023 were in the video games console and accessories category.

Collectively, this category occupied 96.84% of the leading referral websites

Coming in second was the Adult category at 1.39%.

Category Distribution Percentage
Video Game Consoles & Accessories 96.84%
Adult 1.39%
Dictionaries & Encyclopedias 0.40%
Computer Electronics & Technologies 0.27%
Programming & Developer Software 0.14%
Other 0.96%

13. Omegle got 49.46% of its June 2023 social traffic from YouTube.

Reddit came in second at 30.46%, while Facebook Messenger was the least (4.17%) of the discernable options.

Social Media Platform Traffic Distribution to Omegle
YouTube 49.46%
Reddit 30.46%
Instagram 4.88%
Discord 4.54%
Facebook Messenger 4.17%
Others 6.50%

14. Between January and June 2023, mobile devices drove 85.1% of traffic to Omegle.

During the same period, 14.9% of traffic came from desktop visits

In June 2023 alone, the total number of device visits was 5,190,083, with 773,228 desktop visits and 4,416,855 mobile visits.  

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Omegle?

15. An 18-year-old Leif K-Brooks created Omegle.

The site officially launched on March 25th, 2009. It gained popularity in less than a month and grew to 150,000 page views daily

16. In 2009, Leif K-Brooks, through a Reddit post, clarified that Omegle is pronounced as “Oh-meg-ull.”

He also clarified that Omegle combined “Omega” and “Google.”

17. Trolling on Omegle is as old as the site itself.

In an original blog post by Leif on 3rd April 2009 on the Omegle blog, Leif specified that “Trolls are currently the biggest problem facing Omegle.” 

18. Omegle launched the popular video conferencing feature in March 2010.

19. Initially, anyone up to 13 was allowed to use Omegle services.

However, on October 6th, 2022, Omegle updated its terms and services to allow only persons 18 years and above to access the site freely.

20. Omegle’s Interest Over Time spiked near the Height of Covid-19.

Data from Google Trends shows that between Dec 27th, 2020, and January 1st, 2021, the search popularity of Omegle was at 100 for the first time.

Level Up Your Omegle Experience

These Omegle statistics prove that Omegle remains a popular site among internet users. After all, video chatting with random strangers is both entertaining and fun.

Although Omegle is a privately owned company that doesn’t disclose much of its operations, these statistics provide an intimate look into how the platform performs regarding traffic, user demographics, and revenue.

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