IPVanish for Torrenting: All You Need to Know

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You probably know that torrenting without the use of a VPN is trouble. While torrenting may be legal in many countries, downloading copyrighted content is not. Hence, it is a good idea to use a VPN to protect yourself from getting caught.

As a basic recommendation of several security experts around the world, the use of a VPN is encouraged to protect against cyber threats.

With so many hackers out there ready to get hold of personal information of internet users such as your credit card details, a VPN is meant to make your internet connection secure. Procuring a VPN service is also fast, reliable and cost-effective.

However, not all VPN providers have a no-logs policy. And most providers (if not all) have their user’s original IP address and records of activity saved with them. Consequently, this means perhaps such is hacked, the information it’s meant to protect would be easily seen.

Torrenting is a sort of P2P file sharing (peer-to-peer): hence personal details can be shared as well. It simply means there is a direct connection between the user and the source – there are no server connections whatsoever.

How Good Is IPVanish VPN For Torrenting?

As earlier stated, it’s common with a number of VPN providers not to allow torrenting, but IPVanish does allow peer-to-peer traffic on its servers.

When a torrent is being downloaded using IPVanish VPN, what shows is their IP address and not the users’ IP address. There’s another thing about IPVanish that also ensures an added security and that’s the ability of IPVanish to randomly change the user’s IP address at chosen time intervals.

This helps to keep your activities safe, even from prying eyes that may still be able to detect you by putting together your traffic statistics and data streams.

Unlimited Virtual Experience

The use of IPVanish for torrenting offers a combination of perks that you can hardly find with other VPN providers. No limit is put on the bandwidth by IPVanish.  Torrenting with IPVanish can go into hundreds of gigabytes and still never “max out” your data.

IPVanish also allows ten simultaneous connections on a single account. This means a number of devices can be connected at the same time without any disruption of connection or anything of such.

All servers allow torrenting and also make use of a free SOCKS5 proxy: this is great for torrenting and can be set up on your BitTorrent app to add extra security.

Does IPVanish Have a Big Server Network?

IPVanish has its servers spread across over 60 countries, and they are configured to make torrenting fast for you. IPVanish has almost 700 servers in North America and more than 400 servers in the whole of Europe with a total of more than 1,300 servers altogether.

Besides that, IPVanish offers over 40,000 IP addresses at any point in time. This allows you to use IPVanish in several countries with the performance still being quite good.

How Good Is IPVanish On All Your Devices?

When it comes to accessibility, it’s not just about the location, but the range of devices used has a part to play as well. IPVanish is known to support all the common operating systems out there without exception:  Windows Phone or computer, Android, Macbook, iPhone, or Ubuntu.

The capability of IPVanish to work on many platforms plus its offer of 10 simultaneous connections at once allows you to extend your connection security to other devices at your place work or family.

What IPVanish does in the case of several simultaneous connections at the same time is to encrypt those connections. Perhaps your device uses uTorrent, the connection will be protected completely as well.

Also, IPVanish can be used on your home router and help secure your smart devices such as cameras, smart bulbs, refrigerators or TVs. This only counts as a single connection added, regardless of the number of devices you connect to the router.

IPVanish’s Kill Switch for Torrenting

IPVanish makes use of both DNS and IPv6 leak protection. So, if the VPN connection drops, IPVanish can get rid of all network traffic immediately using the kill switch to prevent any leak of details or information.

Without the kill switch, once the VPN connection drops  (which is not so frequent anyway) your original IP address can be recognized easily as it is open to prying eyes. This can lead to serious trouble, especially when downloading copyrighted files.

It feels good to know that IPVanish has a measure against that to ensure you don’t get into any form of trouble.

Use your IPVanish VPN as a Fort

The importance of VPN increases as the involvement of ISPs in putting restrictions on torrenting increases. Hence, IPVanish has an option to block all LAN traffic for the more security-conscious folks.

This ensures that the only connection you make to the Internet at all is only through the VPN. This results in any accidental leaks being rendered completely ineffective when there is a connection drop.


For a wide number of reasons, you’d agree that IPVanish is a good choice for torrenting. To give you a summary of what we’ve been discussing in the article, here are some reasons you should choose IPVanish for torrenting:

  • operates on a no-logs policy;
  • no restriction on P2P file sharing;
  • great server performance in over 60 countries;
  • offers great connection speeds;
  • offers measures against data and IP leaks.

IPVanish is a good choice of VPN service for torrenting!

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