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Does IPVanish Work With Steam in 2024?

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IPVanish works with Steam from anywhere. The VPN’s 2,200+ servers in 75 global locations and WireGuard Protocol make it ideal to browse the Steam store from geo-blocked regions and play games with increased protection and privacy.

Additionally, if you reside in or plan to travel to Indonesia, where Steam is banned, you can use IPVanish to access it and enjoy your favorite games.

Get ready as we visit Steam’s digital storefront with IPVanish and enjoy it like never before.

How to Unlock Steam Games With IPVanish?

Using IPVanish to unlock Steam Games is easy.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Go to the IPVanish website via this deals link.
  2. Click “Special Offer: Save 78%.” This may differ based on the offer in progress when you access the page.
ipvanish special offer button
  1. Select an IPVanish subscription plan. I suggest the 24-month plan because it offers the most savings.
  1. Enter your email address to create an IPVanish account.
ipvanish account creation
  1. Select a payment method, then click “Subscribe Now” to complete your transaction.
ipvanish payment method
  1. Download IPVanish for your preferred device. It’s available for desktops and mobile devices.
ipvanish special offer button
  1. Launch the app and log into your new IPVanish account. I’ll use its Windows PC app for this demo.
ipvanish account login
  1. Click the gear icon to enter your settings. Then, select “WireGuard” under “Protocol.”
ipvanish wireguard protocol
  1. Return to the home page and activate the kill switch.
ipvanish kill switch
  1. Click the location pin, then the down arrow beside your desired city to view the servers in that location.
ipvanish location pin
  1. Double-click on a server to connect. You can also click the main city/location to get assigned the best server there automatically.
ipvanish server
  1. You’re now connected with IPVanish and can browse Steam for your favorite games, such as Warframe or Rocket League.
browse steam using ipvanish

How to Troubleshoot IPVanish Not Working With Steam?

If you’re using IPVanish with Steam and having issues, there are a few things you can do to rectify them and get things going again:

Update Steam Client

If the Steam client is outdated, it may not work with IPVanish. 

If you notice any issues, update the Steam client on your device and connect to IPVanish again. This is especially the case if you’ve turned off Steam automatic updates.

Connect to Another Server

If you’re unable to use Steam while connected to an IPVanish server, the best bet is to connect to another server. IPvanish has over 2,200 servers, so there are plenty to choose from.

Restart the IPVanish App

While testing IPVanish with Steam, I sometimes encountered issues staying connected. The case persisted even after switching servers. 

The solution was restarting the IPVanish app on my PC. 

If you encounter a similar problem, a good restart usually works.

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You can get banned for using IPVanish with Steam. However, this only happens if you use IPVanish to change your location to buy a game in a different region.

Hence, it’s best to use IPVanish to securely play games you already own with DDoS protection. Alternatively, connect to the VPN to unblock access to Steam but keep the server location you initially registered from.

Should I Get IPVanish for Steam?

You should get IPVanish for Steam as it offers increased protection while playing Steam games, thanks to its AES 256-bit encryption and built-in DDoS protection on all servers.

Additionally, IPVanish will unblock Steam in markets like Indonesia, India or China over its 2,200+ servers.

Grab IPVanish today and enjoy all Steam has to offer.

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