Best VPNs for Torrenting

Torrent users have gone through a lot in recent years with major torrent sites getting shut down one after another. Aside from the crackdown on torrent sites, users also have to deal with numerous risks associated with torrent downloading.

Gladly, there are ways on how to protect yourself online while engaged in torrenting activities.

Torrenting has become widely popular these days because of the speed and flexibility that comes with it. And since many users rely on torrenting to download a large chunk of files, many hackers have now made torrent sites their haven.

These onlookers are just lurking in the dark, waiting for unsuspecting victims to fall into their traps. So, if you regularly download torrents, it is best to secure your connections by using a specific tool capable of shading you from prying eyes.

What Is the Best VPN for Torrenting?

Now that we have covered the importance of using VPN when torrenting, we are ready to check out the best VPNs for torrenting on the market today.

Let’s get to it!

1. NordVPN

This VPN company was launched in 2012 which is still fairly new. However, it is already making waves in the VPN industry.


There are a few things that make NordVPN the right choice for a VPN for torrenting purposes. NordVPN offers advanced security features that will let you enjoy your internet freedom.

NordVPN has a total of 3,368 servers located in countries. With this great number of VPN servers available, users should be able to change their IPs from one after another.

As far as torrenting is concerned, only selected servers support such activities.

Among the servers that allow P2P activities are the US, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, and Australia (check the laws) to name a few.

NordVPN also offers complete anonymity to its users – thanks to its no-log policy. Torrent users can enjoy uncapped speed and bandwidth. Thus, making NordVPN the best VPN for torrenting.

This Panama-based VPN company may offer more premium VPN packages.

Its monthly plan costs about $12.00 which is not far off with that of ExpressVPN which is a bigger company. However, you can actually save up to $200 if you sign up for its 2-year plan costing about $79! That’s a huge saving right there.

Subscribers can also benefit from NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee policy. Plus, you can connect 6 devices all at the same time using a single NordVPN plan.



2. ExpressVPN

Based in the British Virgin Islands, this VPN is one of the most trusted VPN companies today. The VPN company has been providing top-notch VPN services for the past couple of years and has won over a number of loyal followings.


One of the many advantages of ExpressVPN over other VPN services is its years of experience in the field of internet security. The company is dedicated to providing the best, and most reliable VPN service in existence.

ExpressVPN offers some of the best features in the market. ExpressVPN offers blazing VPN speeds, supports multiple devices, and hundreds of VPN server options.

As of this writing, ExpressVPN offers over 1,700 global servers that are regularly maintained to provide stable connections. It’s VPN servers are located in 94 countries. Some of the locations ExpressVPN offers are the US, Australia, Finland, Germany, and the UK.

You can check the full list of ExpressVPN VPN servers on its website. The VPN company does not throttle connections as well so you can be assured that you get to download your torrents without interruptions.

When it comes to online anonymity, ExpressVPN is the best VPN to subscribe to. Since ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, it is not obligated to follow any data retention laws since there aren’t such regulations in the country.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. ExpressVPN offers a more expensive VPN plan compared to its competitors. The VPN company charges $12.95 per month to enjoy excellent VPN connections.

Users can also opt for the multi-month plans which can save them some cash on subscriptions. ExpressVPN offers a 6-month VPN plan for $60 ($9.99 per month) and a special 15-month plan costing $100 (or $6.67 per month).

All of ExpressVPN’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can ask for a refund when you are not satisfied with the service.



3. IPVanish

IPVanish website

If you have been using VPN before, you probably have heard of IPVanish already. This VPN company has been a standout in the VPN industry ever since it was first launched in 2012.


IPVanish is among the best VPNs that ever existed and for the right reasons. This VPN company takes pride in its commitment to provide complete anonymity to users worldwide.

IPVanish offers some of the fastest VPN servers in the entire VPN industry. IPVanish has more than 1,000 servers in 60+ countries.

The great thing about IPVanish’s servers is that they are all operated by the VPN company itself. This means it can ensure the stable, fast, and well-maintained VPN servers.
IPVanish’s VPN servers are strategically scattered all over the globe. Its servers can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

This VPN also supports P2P file sharing so those trying to download large torrent files with confidence. With zero logs, torrent users can benefit from total internet privacy.

For the world’s best VPN service, you are definitely going to spend a bit more than other VPN services. Its 1-month plan costs only $10.00. Now, if you are looking to get some discounts, you could avail of the multi-month subscription plan.

IPVanish offers its 3-month plan priced at $8.99 per month or $27.00 for 3 months. Then there’s a better offer in the annual plan. Choose the 1-year plan and pay only $78 ($6.49 per month). Regardless of which VPN plan you choose, know what you will get the value for your money.



4. PrivateVPN

If you are looking for a secure VPN service, then you can never go wrong with PrivateVPN. This Swedish-based VPN service provider is all you need to keep your internet connections anonymous.


PrivateVPN offers only the best in everything. It makes use of the highest level of encryption (2048-bit with AES 256) to ensure that all connection requests are well protected.

The company also allows 6 simultaneous connections using a single VPN account. This will allow users to completely secure their internet connections anywhere they go.

P2P file sharing is one of the many selling points of PrivateVPN. The company provides unlimited bandwidth and unthrottled speeds to ensure smooth and stable torrenting activities.

As for its servers, PrivateVPN only has 80+ servers located in 56 countries

And depending on which country you are trying to connect from, there may also be certain restrictions regarding security protocols. China for instance only allows L2TP VPN connections.

Like any other good VPN service, PrivateVPN also has scattered VPN servers all over the world. This allows for global networking. Some of its server locations include Ireland, Japan, the US, and the UK.

If you love the features that PrivateVPN has to offer, wait till you learn about its pricing. For only $8.21, you can now connect to PrivateVPN’s stable VPN network.

The VPN company also offers multi-month plans which include a 3 months VPN plan ($16.88) and a 13 months VPN plan ($54.00).

Who says you can’t get great stuff for cheap?

PrivateVPN is definitely a bang for the buck!



Know What Risks You Take When Torrenting

The fact of the matter is, torrenters get more risk than rewards.

Aside from copyright infringement they have to worry about, they are also more susceptible to internet risks than regular internet users.

The torrent client is also built to see all IP addresses using the platform. Which leads us to greater privacy concerns. If you have downloaded the wrong torrent, then you are definitely in big trouble.

Anyone who is involved in copyright infringement activities can easily get in trouble with the law if they are not cautious with their torrenting activities.

There are also those so-called copyright trolls who would send you settlement letters informing you that you have been identified as one of the many who has downloaded the copyrighted material. These trolls are not really connected to any media producers whatsoever so you can just ignore them.

Malware and viruses are also rampant on torrent sites. You thought you were downloading the real deal only to get disappointed once your computer starts acting weird. Yep, there are many viruses in the form of torrent files so be careful when downloading torrents.

And of course, torrent users also have to worry about their ISPs throttling their internet connections. Internet service providers can detect internet traffics associated with torrenting. So, if they see that you are a regular torrent user, they could slow down your internet speed.

It’s also worth looking at how torrenting works.

Everything starts off by downloading the necessary torrent file that you want to consume. But unlike downloading directly from the internet, the downloaded torrent file is not the actual material/s just yet.

Torrents are basically a gate pass at this point. Once the torrent is activated (using a torrenting client such as BitTorrent), the file you intend to download will start to shape up in no time.

The torrent will then collect the broken down pieces (also called ‘packets’) of the material from ‘peers’. These peers now have different portions of the file being downloaded on a given server. Basically, all those downloading the same file have an important role in keeping the torrent material available.

And since you will be sharing your IP address with everybody else downloading the same torrent, you are basically at greater risks of getting hacked.

Using VPN is the Right Way to Torrenting

With all the cyber threats you have to deal with when torrenting, it is crucial to really protect your connections at all times. So, if you want to get the most out of your torrenting activities, get yourself the best VPN for torrenting.

Using a VPN while engaged in torrenting activities is a match made in heaven.
The correct way to download torrents

The fact is, it is dangerous to do torrenting if you are not using a reliable VPN with it.

Now, in order to make your torrenting activities completely anonymous, you must find yourself a good VPN service. If you use a VPN while downloading your torrent file, you get an added layer of security in the form of IP masking. Nobody, not even your ISP can detect your actual IP address.

IP masking is a good technique for getting anonymous online. Once your IP is masked, it will be impossible for onlookers to pinpoint your actual whereabouts. Hence, making your connections more secure and private.

Use Torrent with a Virtual Private Network for Safer Downloads

There are basically three steps in setting up your VPN to accommodate secure torrent downloading.

1) Find a VPN

The first thing you need to do is to find a good VPN service to keep your torrenting habits as safe as possible. Now, there are a bunch of VPNs out there claiming to provide torrenting accesses but it turns out it is just a marketing scheme.

There have also been many VPN services that have already stopped supporting torrenting activities. So it is worth looking into the VPN service before subscribing to any of its VPN packages.

Don’t worry, we have done the necessary testings and research to determine which VPNs still works for torrenting activities. We will list the top VPNs in the latter part of this article.

2) Connect to a VPN Server

Once you have subscribed to a good VPN service, you can now start becoming anonymous online. Install and run the VPN client app and then connect to any of the VPN servers available.

Certain VPNs automatically set the VPN server you can connect to in order to maximize the speed and stability of the connection.

3) Start Torrenting

Once you are connected to the VPN network, you can now start torrenting. Download the torrent client if you haven’t already.

You should now have anonymous torrenting activities. Keep your VPN running so as to maximize the security and privacy it has to offer.

Criteria to Consider in Choosing the Best VPN for Torrenting

As stated earlier, not all VPN support torrenting activities not to mention there are a lot of bad VPNs out there. So, finding the right VPN is really crucial in anonymizing your torrenting habits.

Now, before we go further into which VPNs still support torrent downloading, let us first take a look at the factors that were considered in coming up with this list.

Is P2P File-sharing Allowed?

This is the ultimate question you need to know the answer from in finding a VPN for torrenting. Check out the VPN’s website and find information regarding torrenting support.

If the company supports such activity, then you can consider it so long as it passes other criteria.

How is the Company’s Privacy Policy?

You don’t need a VPN that will log your data for more than 24 hours. Ideally, a good VPN will never log any of your data. However, some data such as time logs, login details, and bandwidth usages are needed for maintenance purposes.

Choose a VPN that keeps minimal to no logs at all. You may be asking why choose a VPN that keeps minimal logs?

Here’s why.

So that you will get maximum anonymity. Once a VPN company collects crucial information such as session logs, they can easily sell that data to third parties requesting such information.

When shopping for a VPN plan, go for the one that won’t log any valuable information.

How Fast is the Speed?

We all know how important speed is when it comes to torrent downloading. And of course, we all want the fastest connection we could get. So, make sure you subscribe to a fast VPN service.

Most VPNs will have certain speed slowdowns though – this is due to the heavy encryptions happening in the background. But such speed deterioration should not be noticeable at all. You can still enjoy seamless connection speeds while connected to the VPN.

Take note, however, that your internet speed will still depend on your internet service. There are VPNs, on the other hand, that are capable of bypassing the throttling activities imposed by ISPs.

The Legality of Torrenting

Let’s face it. Most of the torrent files are usually copyrighted materials and thus, downloading such files is technically illegal. However, many users still do such activity and that is one of the many reasons why the government and media producers have had a crackdown on torrent sites in the past couple of years.

Users can basically download torrents containing movies, games, desktop applications, and even best-selling novels.

And what’s amazing about torrent downloading is that you only need to click a single button and there you have it, your files are downloading already! Before you know it, your files are now ready on your computer.

The thing is, the act of torrenting is not really illegal – what makes it illegal is the stuff being downloaded; like the latest films, music collections, and software to name a few.

This leads us to the use of a good VPN service. Once you are connected to a VPN, you will no longer be under the watchful eyes of onlookers.

This means that whatever you do online, whether you are downloading copyrighted materials (not that we’re promoting or anything) or simply sharing massive files to acquaintances, rest assured your connections will be anonymous to anyone – from your ISP, content producers, the torrent site, and even the Big Brother of everything which is the government.

Use the Best VPN to Enjoy Torrenting

Any of the best VPN service providers mentioned above are great for torrent downloading. Sign up to any of these 5 providers and you will surely get anonymous torrenting experiences.

If you are looking for a way to hide from prying eyes, especially when you are involved in torrenting, use a reliable VPN service and you should be invisible online.

The best all-around VPN for torrenting is NordVPN.

Protect your privacy by using the right VPN service. Regardless of what you are doing online, you need to keep your connections secure.

Torrenting and VPNs go hand in hand. Always use a VPN to keep your torrenting activities completely private.

Choose the best VPN for torrenting now and experience torrent downloading like never before!

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