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Does NordVPN Have YouTuber Discount Codes?

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NordVPN offers YouTuber discount codes via exclusive partnerships with famous YouTubers using its services.

You can enjoy attractive discounts and unlock the best savings on your preferred NordVPN plan through these codes.

Keep reading to find out which YouTubers offer the best NordVPN discounts and how to grab these fantastic deals.

What Are the Best YouTuber Discount Codes?

YouTuber discount codes are special offers promoted by YouTube influencers in their NordVPN-sponsored videos. These codes provide discounts on NordVPN’s long-term subscription when used to sign up.

Here’s a glance at the top 5 YouTuber discount codes you can use today for a cheaper NordVPN subscription.

YouTuber Discount Code Deal Link
PewDiePie pewdiepie Click here
Jacksepticeye jacksepticeye Click here
GameGrumps gamegrumps Click here
Mr. Beast mrbeastgaming Click here
Veritasium veritasium Click here

How to Apply NordVPN YouTuber Discount Code?

Want to get massive savings on your first NordVPN purchase or renewal?

Here’s how to apply your favorite NordVPN YouTuber discount code:

  1. Click on one of the YouTuber deal links given in the above table. For this demo, I’m using PewDiePie’s.
  2. On the official NordVPN pricing page, click “Get NordVPN.”
nordvpn download page
  1. Choose a plan. I recommend the 2-year plan, which offers the most value, plus extra months.
NordVPN pricing
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Click “Got a coupon?” at checkout.
nordvpn order summary
  1. Enter your preferred YouTuber’s coupon code here. You can choose any from the table provided above. Then, click “Apply.”
nordvpn coupon code
  1. The YouTuber discount code will be applied. If you don’t see further price changes, the discount has already been applied since clicking the discount link in Step 1.
nordvpn coupon code applied
  1. Complete your payment and start enjoying your discounted NordVPN plan.

The Best NordVPN Sponsored YouTubers

If you’re looking for the best YouTubers you can rely on for a great NordVPN deal, I’ve compiled them below. Here are the partnerships to know and how these YouTubers use NordVPN to their benefit.


pewdiepie for nordvpn

PewDiePie uses NordVPN primarily for his gaming sessions.

He uses low-ping and high-speed servers for seamless gameplay, streaming, and DDoS protection in competitive P2P games. He also taps into NordVPN’s 6,000+ server network to unblock content libraries.


jacksepticeye for nordvpn

Jacksepticeye relies on NordVPN to unlock exclusive U.S. content on platforms like Netflix, watch geo-blocked movies, and host Netflix watch parties to connect with his UK friends.

Gaming-wise, he uses its extensive server network to access games released earlier in other countries. Jacksepticeye also promotes using NordVPN to unblock and watch his region-restricted documentary, “How Did We Get Here?”


gamegrumps for nordvpn

GameGrumps uses NordVPN to safeguard against gaming-related security threats like man-in-the-middle attacks and DDoS attacks. He also praises NordVPN’s Threat Protection for blocking ads and preventing malware, leading to more secure streams.

Lastly, he uses NordVPN’s six-device connection to enjoy multiple secure streams across his devices from one NordVPN account.

Mr. Beast

mr beast for nordvpn

Mr. Beast endorses NordVPN for gaming due to its strong protection from DDoS attacks. He also enjoys NordVPN’s compatibility across all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and game consoles.

On top of that, Mr. Beast uses NordVPN’s Meshnet to connect his gaming friends securely, regardless of location. Hence, he can host private virtual LANs for multiplayer gaming experiences.


veritasium for nordvpn

Veritasium connects to relevant NordVPN servers to bypass NHL, MLB, and NFL game blackouts and unblock geo-restricted content. This extends to his documentaries, often limited to specific regions like the U.S. or Australia.

Additionally, prioritizing privacy, Veritasium uses NordVPN to mask his IP address while traveling or using public WiFi.

Why Use NordVPN YouTuber Discount Codes?

NordVPN YouTuber discount codes offer some appealing perks for savvy, long-term users. These include:

  • Better pricing: NordVPN YouTuber discount codes often offer better pricing deals, providing cost-effective subscription options.
  • Additional free months: Many codes provide extra free months when signing up, extending the subscription duration beyond the standard package.
  • All-feature access: The NordVPN-YouTuber discount codes allow you to get everything NordVPN offers without paying the total sum. Hence, you get the best value from an already highly valuable VPN.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or a binge-watcher looking to beat geo-blocks, NordVPN YouTuber discount codes can unlock the benefits you need cheaper.

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You’ll pay upfront, not monthly, for the chosen NordVPN discount subscription term. For example, if you opt for the 2-year plan, you’ll pay the total discounted price for the 2 years.

NordVPN can sponsor your YouTube channel if you meet the eligibility criteria for its affiliate program. Your channel will receive partnership opportunities and a unique discount code if deemed eligible.

Save on NordVPN With YouTuber Codes

With several content creators endorsing NordVPN, you don’t lack legitimate NordVPN discount codes to save on the service. However, avoid NordVPN group buys or fake discount code peddlers.

Luckily, you can follow my stepwise guide above to enjoy premium savings, valuable extras, and the complete NordVPN offering via YouTuber discount codes.

Ready to get started? Grab these attractive NordVPN-YouTuber deals to enjoy massive savings.

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