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Can You Use PureVPN With Vuze?

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Yes, PureVPN works great with Vuze, allowing you to torrent safely at lightning-fast speeds. The VPN service provider also has advanced military-grade encryption for improved online privacy and 6500+ P2P servers worldwide to bypass geo-restrictions to torrent websites.

In the rest of this guide, I’ll show you how to set up PureVPN for a seamless Vuze torrent download experience.

How to Use PureVPN With the Vuze Torrent Client?

You can connect to the PureVPN app to enjoy extra privacy on Vuze. 

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you do so:

  1. Get a PureVPN subscription (use these discounts).
purevpn pricing
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  1. Download the app and log in to your account. I’ll download the PureVPN Windows desktop app for this demonstration.
download purevpn for windows os
  1. Select a suitable connection protocol. I recommend PureVPN’s WireGuard protocol, or IKEv2 as a worthy alternative, for fast and secure torrenting.
purevpn protocols
  1. Connect to a preferred P2P server. I recommend the closest P2P server to you as it performs the best. I’ll use the Australian P2P server for this demonstration.
purevpn p2p servers
  1. Once you’re connected, test for IP leaks. I use www.ipleak.net, ensuring the IP address returned is the VPN’s IP, not my real IP.
purevpn ipleak test
  1. Download Vuze if you haven’t done so already. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  2. Launch your Vuze app and start torrenting.
use vuze over purevpn

Why Is PureVPN Great With Vuze?

PureVPN offers P2P servers, fast download speeds, a secure and private online experience, and other intuitive features that make it suitable for Vuze. 

Some of these features are listed below:

  • P2P Support: You get 6500+ global P2P servers to bypass geo-blocking to RARBG, The Pirate Bay, and other torrent websites or content. This server spread to 70+ countries also ensures you stand a higher chance of finding a nearby P2P server for the best performance.
  • Split Tunneling: This allows you to encrypt only your Vuze torrent downloading connection while other sensitive apps (such as banking apps, Paypal, and location-sensitive apps) can still stay on your local IP address where they work best.
  • Internet Kill Switch: PureVPN’s internet kill switch disconnects you from the internet if your VPN randomly disconnects. Coupled with Vuze, you’ll never lose your real IP address to copyright trolls, trackers, and other malicious elements in your swarm during the brief disconnection.
  • Device Compatibility: PureVPN is compatible with all macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Thus, you can safely use Vuze on your preferred devices. The best part is you can also connect 10 devices simultaneously with one PureVPN connection.
  • No Logging Policy: PureVPN’s audited zero data logging policy ensures no traces of your online activities – the torrent websites you visited and files you downloaded inclusive – are collected anywhere. Thus, you stay wholly secure with zero digital footprints of your Vuze activity.

That’s not all PureVPN offers, but those are some of its best features for Vuze. 

So, if you’re ready to save more on your PureVPN plans to start enjoying private Vuze usage today.

What Is the Best PureVPN Torrenting Server for Vuze?

purevpn torrenting servers

The best PureVPN server to download torrents on Vuze is the closest P2P server to your location. This ensures your internet traffic data doesn’t travel too far from your current location to the server location, reducing latency and improving download speeds.

If you don’t see a PureVPN P2P server in your country, it’s best to choose a P2P server in the closest country rather than reverting to a standard PureVPN server in your country. These P2P servers have been optimized for heavy traffic, like downloading torrents, while simultaneously hiding torrenting traffic on Vuze.

Does PureVPN Offer Port Forwarding for Vuze?

PureVPN offers port forwarding for Vuze, allowing users to set up secure file sharing and safe torrent downloads via the torrent client. However, the VPN provider charges extra for this feature, unlike some alternative VPNs, and only a few PureVPN servers support port forwarding.

What Are the Best PureVPN Alternatives for Vuze?

While PureVPN is a fantastic Vuze VPN, it lacks SOCKS5 proxy for faster torrenting, doesn’t have an in-built ad-blocker against malicious torrent website ads, and a few other things.

Thus, here are some exciting alternatives you may want to try:


access vuze with nordvpn

NordVPN mainly stands out against PureVPN with its in-house NordLynx protocol, designed for faster torrent downloads than the stock WireGuard on PureVPN. 

The VPN service provider also offers Threat Protection: an in-built ad blocker against malicious torrent website ads and malware protection from downloading malicious files via Vuze.

Furthermore, NordVPN packs 5500+ P2P servers for speedy Vuze torrenting, more than the P2P server count on PureVPN. I’ve used these to unblock The Pirate Bay and download non-copyrighted game updates without receiving DMCA notices.

Another unique NordVPN feature is its SOCKS5 proxies, which allow faster download speeds on Vuze without the VPN’s encryption burden.

The only drawback is that you can use NordVPN on six simultaneous devices, fewer than the ten connections you get on PureVPN. But that’s not much of a dealbreaker, and you might not even notice it.


access vuze over expressvpn

While ExpressVPN doesn’t have a P2P server section like NordVPN and PureVPN, all its servers are P2P-enabled by default!

It gets better: the 3000+ server network offers fast, reliable, and automatic obfuscation on all protocols. That way, your VPN usage is hidden, so you can bypass VPN censorship on some networks. This has helped a friend bypass VPN censorship to torrent websites in China, and I’ve also enjoyed these benefits on restrictive work networks.

For context, PureVPN can only use obfuscation on its OpenVPN protocols, significantly slowing your download speeds. Speaking of protocols, I recommend ExpressVPN’s Lightway – UDP for a lightning-fast torrent experience on Vuze.

The best part is that ExpressVPN allows torrent seeding if that’s your thing. 

Thus, you can upload and share your downloaded content on Vuze. 

However, this is only available via its port forwarding feature on the router app.

The upside is that you don’t pay extra to get port forwarding, unlike PureVPN, which charges for the feature. 

Private Internet Access (PIA)

use vuze with private internet access

Private Internet Access unblocked all the torrent websites and files I threw at it on the Vuze client, and it didn’t disappoint on download speeds either. 

While it’s not as fast as ExpressVPN, it performs on par with PureVPN on its WireGuard protocol.

However, it stands out from PureVPN with a MACE ad-blocking tool that keeps you secure against adware and malicious and intrusive ads you might have otherwise encountered on torrent websites. I felt its impact the most on a manga torrent website I love, which is notorious for its pesky ads.

On top of that, you get SOCKS5 proxy support here if you prefer that mode of torrenting on Vuze.

Likewise, PIA matches PureVPN pound for pound by offering ten simultaneous device connections and affordable long-term pricing to match.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s entirely legal to use PureVPN with Vuze. No country has banned using the VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions or any other Internet bans on Vuze.

Enjoy Secure Torrenting on Vuze With PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the best choices for Vuze owing to its incredible security and privacy features. Also, its P2P servers allow you to torrent Vuze files at ultra-fast speed.

However, the VPN may lack some crucial torrent-focused features. 

In that case, NordVPN is the best alternative for better security, faster speeds, a secure in-house protocol, and SOCKS5 proxy support.

Still, you can always test PureVPN risk-free for 30 days, during which you can get a no-questions-asked refund if unsatisfied with the service.

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