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Does NordVPN Offer a 5-Year Plan?

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NordVPN doesn’t offer a 5-year plan. However, you can get the VPN for five years using available plans to save big on the month-to-month subscription fees.

You can do this by combining the one-year plan five times or mixing double two-year plans with a one-year plan.

No matter which you choose, you get to lock in the current NordVPN pricing since it’s bound to go up, considering the cost of maintenance and additional features to come out in the future.

This piece will discuss how to get the most extended duration on your NordVPN plan in this piece.

How to Get the NordVPN 5-Year Plan?

You cannot get a NordVPN 5-year plan because the company doesn’t offer it. 

The only way to use the VPN for five years is by combining the available one and 2-year plans.

Follow these steps to get the best NordVPN deal over five years:

  1. Pay for the NordVPN 2-year plan.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Create another account with a new email address after two years to benefit from the first-time discount and extra free three months again.
  2. After using the second 2-year plan, cancel your subscription and subscribe to the 1-year plan. Alternatively, create a new account to enjoy the 1-year plan discount offers.
If you’re unsure about committing to a two-year NordVPN plan, use its 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you’ll have full access to its features and test the service for 30 days. If unsatisfied, cancel within 30 days to get a full refund.

Why Doesn’t NordVPN Offer a 5-Year Plan?

Like most VPN services, NordVPN doesn’t offer a 5-year plan because it already guarantees the best value with its 2-year plans. Introducing longer, cheaper plans may lead to longer commitment times with lower cash flow, impacting how the VPN provider keeps up its security and introduces new features.

nordvpn protection

NordVPN has offered a 3-year plan for a limited time, but it’s no longer available. 

So, it might bring the 3-year plan back in the future or even provide a 5-year option.

How Much Does the NordVPN 5-Year Plan Cost?

There’s no defined cost for the NordVPN 5-year plan since the VPN provider doesn’t have this plan. Thus, the best way to enjoy the VPN for five years is by subscribing to two back-to-back 2-year plans and then adding a 1-year plan.

nordvpn 2 year plan
NordVPN's 2-year pricing across tiers

To justify this purchase, let’s calculate how much it costs to use NordVPN for five years over the one and 2-year plans.

All NordVPN plans are divided into three tiers: Standard, Plus, and Complete

The Standard tier offers the most basic features and is the cheapest.

The Complete tier includes additional advanced features and costs the most.

When buying the 2-year plan for the first time, you can receive up to a 68% one-time discount on the Complete tier with our NordVPN offers, paying only $161.73.

On renewal, you’ll pay the full price of $447.39. This is followed by the 1-year plan at $248.55, for a total of $857.67. Thus, you’ll pay an average of $14.29 per month for five years.

nordvpn 1 year plan
NordVPN's 1-year pricing across tiers

To enjoy the first-time discounts every time you get into a new plan, you’ll need to use a different NordVPN account. At the end of the five years, you’ll have spent only $425.31 if you choose the highest tier, and that’s an average of $7 per month.

What Features Are Included in NordVPN’s 5-Year Plan?

nordvpn features

NordVPN’s core features aren’t limited due to the duration of your plan. 

Thus, you can enjoy everything the VPN offers, whether you choose its monthly or yearly plans. The only difference is that the more extended plans have better cost savings.

Here are a few standout features to expect:

  • Next-Generation Encryption. NordVPN uses next-generation AES 256-bit encryption technology to scramble your online data. This makes it undecipherable by third parties like your internet service providers, hackers, or governments monitoring your online activity.
  • Threat Protection. The Threat Protection security feature protects you from cyber threats such as malware, ad trackers, and harmful websites. It also scans files for malware before you download them to your devices.
  • Dedicated IP Address. A dedicated IP address exclusively belongs to you, unlike a shared one used by multiple users. NordVPN’s dedicated IP address makes it easier to secure online payments without the bank locking you out of your account, avoid Captchas, and beat overused VPN IP blacklisting.
  • Double VPN. Double VPN chains multiple VPN servers for extra encryption. In other words, encrypting your already encrypted data. Thus, making it harder for anyone trying to track you online.
  • DNS Leak Protection. NordVPN protects your data from leaking to third parties by using its DNS servers. It also features a kill switch technology to keep your IP/DNS details from leaking if you randomly lose connection to the VPN server, no matter how briefly.
  • High Speed. While a VPN typically slows your internet, NordVPN is optimized for speed, ensuring minimal speed losses. With its NordLynx protocol, NordVPN maintains high speeds over 5300+ servers in 59 countries.
  • Meshnet. You can connect up to 60 devices over an encrypted private tunnel for file sharing and gaming, thanks to the Meshnet tech. You can add up to 10 of your own devices using your NordVPN account and up to 50 external devices.
  • Obfuscated Servers. Obfuscated servers are special servers that allow you to use NordVPN in regions like China and Russia and on networks with VPN service bans. NordVPN’s obfuscated servers change how your data packets look to firewalls, hiding your VPN usage to look like regular traffic.

Are There Deals and Discounts on NordVPN’s Plans?

NordVPN provides discounts of up to 68% for its one and 2-year plans but none for the monthly plan. Here’s a quick look at its deals for both plans across all tiers:

  1-Year Plan 2-Year Plan
Standard $4.49/month, 45% off $3.69/month, 55% off
Plus $5.49/month, 48% off $4.69/month, 55% off
Complete $6.79/month, 59% off $5.99/month, 63% off

Likewise, NordVPN offers three months free when you buy a 2-year plan, regardless of your chosen tier.

Luckily, you can save more on NordVPN through our limited-time discounts and get a 30-day risk-free testing period.

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The NordVPN 5-year plan doesn’t exist and thus doesn’t offer student discounts. 

The student discount is only available on the two-year plan.

While the 5-year plan doesn’t exist, you can cancel all available NordVPN plans by logging into your account and canceling auto-renewal. You can get a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days of your purchase.

After five years, NordVPN will cost you as much as a couple of 2-year plans and a single yearly plan. You’ll enjoy discounts on your first purchase but pay the full fee on renewal.

Since NordVPN’s prices change with time, buying your multi-year plans is advisable before its pricing structure changes.


Unlike other VPNs, such as PureVPN, NordVPN doesn’t provide a 5-year plan.

But this isn’t a deal breaker because its one and 2-year plans are competitively priced.

Plus, with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get your money back if you’re unsatisfied with the VPN. Take advantage of these NordVPN deals to save more on your chosen long-term plan today!

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