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Does Private Internet Access Have DDoS Protection?

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Private Internet Access (PIA) has DDoS protection on all its servers, and it’s automatically enabled when you connect to the VPN. This means you get its DDoS protection on mobile devices and PCs with the native PIA app.

Smart TVs and gaming consoles can also get this DDoS protection by connecting via a PIA-enabled router. However, they won’t get this functionality from the Smart DNS setup.

In the rest of this guide, I’ll share steps to get PIA’s anti-DDoS security and everything else you need to know.

How to Enable PIA’s DDoS Protection?

PIA’s DDoS protection is enabled by default whenever you connect to its servers. 

It does this by changing your IP address to the server’s IP address, making it impossible for DDoS actors to know where to direct their attacks.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Get your PIA subscription. You’ll save more with these discounts.
  1. Download and install the PIA app for your device. I’ll get its Windows PC app for this demonstration.
  2. Launch the app and click “Log in.” Enter your username (starts with a “p”) and password to continue.
  1. Pull up the PIA server list to search for a preferred server. Alternatively, click the big power button to connect to the nearest/fastest server. I’ll search for the US Tennessee server for this example.
  1. Double-click the server to connect. Or click once and click the big power button (shown below) to connect.
  1. Browse Discord servers, connect to gaming peers online, and surf chat forums without the fear of getting DDoS-ed.

Does the PIA DDoS Protection Always Work?

PIA’s DDoS protection ALWAYS works by default when you connect to a server. Hence, you don’t have to tweak settings or manually enable anti-DDoS security to get this feature.

Likewise, this means that installing the PIA app on your device isn’t enough for DDoS protection. Without connecting to any of the VPN’s servers, your IP address remains exposed to hackers and attackers.

private internet access ip leak test on us server
PIA replaces your IP address with the VPN IP address for anyone looking to DDoS you.

However, if the hacker knows your IP address, you can still get DDoS-ed while connected to a PIA server. That means they don’t have to look up the new IP address (the VPN’s) when they can direct their attacks to the source.

In this case, speaking with your ISP and getting a new IP address is best.

Furthermore, PIA’s DDoS protection only protects the devices the VPN is set up on. So, you can’t access outside services affected by DDoS attacks (like a website).

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Frequently Asked Questions

PIA offers DDoS protection on all its protocols: WireGuard and OpenVPN. 

Thus, users can connect to a preferred protocol and enjoy anti-DDoS on the VPN service provider’s servers.

The Affordable DDoS Protection Promise

PIA spends a lot on its DDoS protection by spreading the cost across millions of customers. That’s why it can afford to offer you DDoS protection at a low price on top of its other reliable privacy and security features.

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