Is NordVPN Good for Gaming?

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Online games are fun.

Whether you are a Dota fan, a nostalgic Classic WoW gamer, or you enjoy the newer games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind.

As much as it is fun and exciting, gaming can be equally as frustrating because of lags or geo-blocks, and sometimes even dangerous.

Without proper protection, you, as a gamer, are exposed to several types of online threats, some of which are very concerning to your online privacy.

Nowadays, there is an easy and effective way to protect yourself online.

The solution is to use a VPN while you are gaming.

A robust VPN will not only protect your online identity, but it will also unlock the frustrating geo-restriction you might be currently dealing with.

It’s a win-win.

However, finding a good VPN can be very difficult for passionate gamers.

I’ve been using NordVPN for a while now because the VPN has many specifications I found helpful for online protection.

But is NordVPN a good fit for you and other gamers?

Let’s find out.

NordVPN and Gaming: Everything You Need to Know

NordVPN is rich in security and privacy features, has a wide server range which you will find very useful as a gamer, and it’s very affordable.

However, when you opt for online safety and overall improved gaming experience, there are some particular things a VPN provider must enable its users with.

Otherwise, the VPN won’t be any good for gamers.

Let’s see how NordVPN checks out based on the most important gaming criteria.

NordVPN's Best Gaming Features

To answer your initial question, NordVPN is a good choice for gamers because it offers plenty of features that provide fitting solutions to the problems most gamers face.

Strong IP Address Protection For Anonymity and Bandwidth Throttling

IP addresses are your online identity, and they give out your actual location.

In general, you’d feel much safer if you don’t expose your real IP address, even when it comes to gaming.

NordVPN will mask your IP address, and the provider has leak protection that will keep you anonymous as long as you are connected to one of their VPN servers.

This feature also prevents bandwidth throttling from your ISP and enables you to play your games without lags.

DDoS Protection on All Servers

DDoS stands for distributed denial-of-service.

DDoS attacks are common in gaming, and they are usually used by other players when they want to gain a competitive advantage.

The DDoS attack happens when the attacker overwhelms the server or network and prevents normal traffic from passing through.

In this scenario, you run the risk of falling a victim of the DDoS attack or involuntarily participating in the attack by becoming a part of the attacking botnet.

Although a DDoS attack doesn’t necessarily pose a security threat, it can slow down your internet connection or prevent you from accessing a game server altogether.

NordVPN has DDoS protection on all of their servers, which enables gamers with another gaming advantage and an extra layer of security when they use NordVPN.

CyberSec Malware Protection

Unfortunately, games can contain malware in them, or you can get infected by clicking on links and downloading content.

There are several ways to protect yourself from malware attacks, including VPNs that enable malware protection in their features.

NordVPN’s advanced security feature called CyberSec protects against malware by blocking dangerous websites, as well as annoying ads.

The feature is available on all supported devices, except for Android.

Strong Unblocking Capabilities

NordVPN is capable of unblocking even some of the strongest geo-restrictions.

With over 5,000 servers this could be a powerful weapon in your arsenal.

In other words, NordVPN will help you access games that are otherwise blocked in your region or access gaming servers in other countries.

Fast Server Speeds That Prevent Lags

VPNs will slow down your internet connection, but it’s important to use one that won’t make a significant difference in your gaming experience.

Luckily for you, NordVPN is fast enough to keep your gaming smooth, but more on that later.

How to Use NordVPN for Gaming?

NordVPN is very easy to use, and the installation process won’t take more than a few minutes. To use this VPN in your gaming, you need to do the following:

Is NordVPN Fast Enough?

In my overall VPN experience, I noticed that most providers differ in server speeds. Some, including NordVPN, are much faster than others.

Although you will notice a slight speed decline, as you would with any other VPN, this won’t be enough to interfere with your gaming.

Keep in mind that some factors affect your server’s speed.

For example, the distance of the server you will be using while gaming.

You will find that different servers won’t be uniformly fast, but NordVPN has over 5,000 of them, so it won’t be challenging to locate one that works just fine.

With that being said, your games won’t lag if you use one of NordVPN’s fast servers, and there’s even a possibility for your ping to decrease. VPNs can execute that, but again, it depends on which server you need and use with your online games.

Sometimes, with more distant servers I noticed a significant increase in ping time, but this didn’t affect my overall experience.

Best NordVPN Servers for Gaming

With over 5,000 servers, it’s safe to say that you have a lot of options.

However, choosing the server really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

For example, if you want to unlock a game that hasn’t yet been released in your country, you should choose a server located where that game has already aired.

In case you want to use a VPN to prevent bandwidth throttling or keep your IP address secure, you can choose a nearby server. It’s a much faster, yet equally secure alternative.

For those of you who want to use NordVPN in countries with heavy VPN restrictions, such as China, the provider enables obfuscated servers that work best in these situations. If you don’t know what these obfuscated servers are, check out this video to learn more about how they work and when you should use them.

Finally, you can also use NordVPN’s static dedicated IP addresses, as they are more convenient than shared IP addresses, especially when it comes to gaming.

They do, however, exclude the option for anonymity that you have with shared IP addresses.


Is NordVPN Good for Gaming?

Yes, NordVPN is great for gaming. It offers anonymity and security.

It’s excellent against bandwidth throttling, malware attacks, and DDoS attacks.

Also, NordVPN is fast and has a nice server coverage, which can help you access geo-restricted gaming servers.

Does VPN Change Ping?

Yes, a VPN can change your ping. It can either increase it or decrease it, depending on the speed and reliability of the VPN service provider.

It also depends on which server you are using, and how far away it is from your real location.

Does NordVPN Reduce Ping?

NordVPN can reduce ping time, although it’s important which server you choose. More distant servers might not give the same results.

Still, NordVPN is a fast provider, and chances are, it will improve your online gaming experience.

Will a VPN Stop DDoS?

VPNs can stop DDoS attacks. They are an excellent tool for preventing this common gaming issue. A VPN will protect you by changing your IP address, and channeling your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel.


Overall, NordVPN is great for gamers, plus it’s very affordable, and from my VPN experience it’s much better to use one than stay unprotected online.

After all, there is nothing to lose, yet a lot to gain.

I hope that you found this article helpful and that you take this matter seriously.

If you have any opinions on the topic, don’t hesitate to write your comment below.

Also, feel free to share your own experience with VPNs and how they affected your gaming.

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