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NordVPN Lifetime Deal vs Long-Term Savings – Expert Insights

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At the time of writing, there is no NordVPN lifetime plan.

Luckily, NordVPN still offers long-term plans – up to 2 years! And there are phenomenal deals that you can use to save big on them.

So, stick around. I’ll explain why NordVPN stopped offering lifetime access, the best (and longest) NordVPN deal, and why you should avoid free lifetime hacks.

Why Did NordVPN Stop Offering Lifetime Access?

NordVPN abandoned its lifetime access offer for several reasons, like bankruptcy, the cost of running a VPN, and safety and privacy risks. I’ll explain these reasons in detail below.

Reason 1: Cost of Running a VPN

When you think about the expenses of maintaining a reliable and efficient VPN service, sustaining a lifetime subscription is almost impossible. NordVPN considered the regular update of their network, maintaining their servers, having the necessary bandwidth, and providing effective marketing and customer service. 

So, they foresaw that offering a lifetime package might harm their premium VPN service in the long run.

Reason 2: Bankruptcy or Shutting Down Abruptly

Because running a VPN is expensive, you could have to deal with an outdated VPN, which can negatively influence its performance. Since NordVPN has a solid reputation, they understood the danger of a VPN going out of business and vanishing with consumers’ money and wanted to eliminate it.

Reason 3: Safety and Privacy Risks

NordVPN didn’t want to put its users at risk because, with lifetime subscriptions, VPN providers have financial difficulties and may think of selling your data records to advertising partners or other third parties.

Reason 4: Too Many Users

Almost everyone is drawn to a lifetime deal because, let’s face it, no one wants to subscribe multiple times if they can do it once. So, another major issue with lifetime plans is that the more people who subscribe for little cost, the more servers get overcrowded.

As such, too many users might cause sluggish performance, risking complaints and lower-quality service.

What Is NordVPN's Best & Longest Subscription?

NordVPN pricing
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NordVPN’s 2-year plan, which goes for $5.29/mo, is the best and longest subscription. Plus, with our deal, you can get a discount of up to 68% and an extra 3 months.

So, grab the HUGE discounts while you still can!

What Are the Benefits of NordVPN’s Best & Longest Plan?

NordVPN’s 2-year plan comes with all the benefits of its standard package, including:

  • Uninterrupted streaming. With this plan, you can enjoy your movie and shows without buffering.
  • Private DNS. You can always shield your online activities with this 2-year plan, get faster DNS query processing, and protect yourself against DNS hijacking.
  • Split tunneling support. For faster performance, you can give trusted programs direct internet access without sacrificing VPN security for your private information.
  • Strict no-logs policy. NordVPN will never store, see, or share your private data.
  • Double VPN. With your membership, you can have a security feature that encrypts your data twice while routing your traffic across two VPN servers instead of only one.
  • Smart DNS. With your subscription, you get access to a smart DNS that bypasses DNS restrictions by altering your DNS servers when you attempt to access restricted content.
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There are a lot of supposed free NordVPN lifetime tricks, but I don’t recommend any of them since these hacks are usually obtained illegally, and you could be putting your data and system at risk. 

To Round Off…

Lifetime deals are too good to be true. NordVPN understands this; that’s why they put a stop to their lifetime VPN subscription.

However, NordVPN’s longest subscription, the 2-year plan, is more than adequate to do whatever you need with a VPN. Plus, it has a HUGE discount!

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