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How to Get the NordVPN Film Theorist Discount?

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You can get the NordVPN Film Theorist discount to save up to 63% on your NordVPN plan via its dedicated discount link.

Film Theorist recommends NordVPN because it’s a great way to access geo-blocked content and watch movies and TV shows worldwide.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the NordVPN Film Theorist discount so you can save while gaining access to all of your favorite movies.

How Do I Get NordVPN Film Theorist Discount?

Here’s how to get the NordVPN Film Theorist discount:

  1. Go to the NordVPN website via this discount link.
  2. Click “Get NordVPN.”
get nordvpn
  1. Choose your preferred plan and click “Get [Plan Name].” The NordVPN Film Theorist discount only applies to the 2-year and 1-year plans. For the most savings, I recommend the 2-year plan.
  1. Enter your email address to create your NordVPN account.
nordvpn payment method
  1. Choose a payment option and enter your details.
  2. Complete your transaction and enjoy your new NordVPN account.

What Do You Get With the NordVPN Film Theorist Discount?

With the Film Theorist discount, you’ll get all the NordVPN features for a lesser price. 

The Film Theorist also recommends NordVPN due to the following:

Over 5700 Servers

NordVPN has 5700+ ultra-fast servers in 60 countries, powered for fast speeds with its proprietary NordLynx protocol.

Hence, you can easily unblock geo-blocked content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and other favorite streaming sites. 

Hide Your IP Address

NordVPN’s 5700+ servers provide thousands of IP addresses to mask your true IP address. Thus, protecting your digital identity and allowing you to bypass IP-based attacks, such as DDoS hacks.

No Logs Policy

While VPNs protect your data from outsiders, the data still passes through the provider’s servers. Thankfully, NordVPN has a no-logs policy, meaning it doesn’t store your data logs passing through its servers. This increases your privacy as an internet user.

How Long Does the Film Theorist NordVPN Discount Last?

The Film Theorist NordVPN discount lasts the duration of your 1-year or 2-year plan, but it’s not available on the monthly plan. However, there’s no telling for how long NordVPN will keep offering its premium services at such low prices.

That’s why it’s important to grab it while you can and save up to 63% on your subscription.

Is the NordVPN Film Theorist Deal Available for Existing Customers?

The NordVPN Film Theorist deal isn’t available for existing customers.

If you’re an existing NordVPN customer and would like to use the NordVPN Film Theorist discount, you’d need to create a new NordVPN account.

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Is the NordVPN Film Theorist Discount Worth It?

The NordVPN Film Theorist discount saves you up to 63% on a NordVPN subscription. Even better, NordVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee covers it, so you can try it risk-free.

So, browse with peace of mind knowing your data is safe, watch geo-blocked content from around the world, and enjoy your favorite movies or discover new ones.

All you have to do is to grab the NordVPN Film Theorist discount while you can.

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