How to Use NordVPN With Deluge?

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You can set up NordVPN and Deluge fast and easily via a SOCKS5 proxy server or using a P2P Specialty Server.

And in this guide, I’ll show you everything you need to know to set up, use, and troubleshoot NordVPN with the Deluge BitTorrent client.

I checked that all the information is up-to-date by contacting the official sources and parsing the most active user forums.

NordVPN comes with very useful features for torrenting, like a built-in kill switch and a malware blocker (CyberSec).

But NordVPN isn’t without its faults regarding Deluge; it doesn’t support port forwarding, a key feature for the BitTorrent ecosystem.

Keep reading to find out all the details!

Set Up NordVPN With Deluge

Setting up NordVPN with Deluge is easy!

Choose option A for a fast configuration through your NordVPN app.

Go for option B if you want a separate VPN tunnel for your Deluge traffic with better performance.

But beware, Deluge has known problems of IP leaking when operating via a proxy.

A. Set Up NordVPN on Deluge Connecting to P2P Specialty Servers

  1. Open your NordVPN app and log in.
  2. Tap on Specialty Servers > P2P to let NordVPN choose the best server for your location. You can also click on next to P2P and select your preferred country and server.
nordvpn p2p server

B. Use NordVPN on Deluge via a SOCKS5 Proxy Server

  1. Open Deluge.
  2. On Windows and Linux: Go to Edit > Preferences. On macOS: Find in the menu bar Deluge > Preferences.
  3. Select Proxy from the categories menu.
  4. Configure the following options for Peer, Web Seed, Tracker, and DHT sections:
  • Type: SOCKSv5 W/ Auth
  • Username: Your NordVPN service username
  • Password: Your NordVPN service password
  • Host: Enter one of the following addresses:
  • Port: 1080
deluge proxy settings

Find your NordVPN service credentials at your Nord Account.

Go to Dashboard > NordVPN and look in the Advanced Configuration tab.

nordvpn advanced configuration

NordVPN provides proxy setup tutorials for Deluge and all the other main BitTorrent clients.

Check here.

PROS and CONS: Which Is the Best Setup For Me?

My personal preference is option A.

Here’s why:

  • It’s easy and fast to configure through the NordVPN app.
  • NordVPN’s P2P Specialty Servers are optimized for torrenting, giving good speed and stability.
  • You can have a dedicated tunnel for your Deluge BitTorrent client traffic with NordVPN’s Split Tunneling feature.

Option B usually offers better speeds and a separated VPN connection by default.

SOCKS5 proxy connections are often non-encrypted and insecure, but that’s not the case when using NordVPN.

The problem is that this setup is prone to leak your IP, resulting in the loss of anonymity.

We’ll cover all this in more detail in the following sections.

Can I Use NordVPN With Deluge on Android and iOS?

Deluge only supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, but you can still control a Deluge server with your smartphone through a thin-client app.

Thin-client refers to a computer (software or hardware) that controls a bigger one located in a remote place.

Deluge can have a server-client mode of operation.

You can set up a Deluge daemon named deluged on a central computer or server.

That can be accessed and controlled by other computers or clients via one of Deluge’s user interfaces.

Here are some general steps for configuring Deluge in server-client mode, controlled by your smartphone, and protected by NordVPN:

  1. Set up NordVPN with Deluge on your home computer, as we saw before. That will be the server.
  2. You’ll need to set up the Deluge Daemon. Follow the instructions here. You may also need to open a port on your firewall. Here you have a tutorial for UNIX systems.
  3. Download a thin-client app for Deluge on your smartphone.

For Android, you can use:

  • Trireme. This app was made specially to work with Deluge. It’s not available in the Google Play app store, but you can find it on F-Droid.
  • Transdroid. It works with Deluge and all the other major BitTorrent software.

For iOS:

  • Deluge-Remote. The app was coded for iOS 12, but users report it working on iOS up to 14.0. It also has support for iPad.
  • BarMagnet. The project is currently unmaintained.
  1. Now, you’ll need to link your Deluge client with the server. You can use an SSH tunnel or an additional VPN connection. The remaining steps are for the NordVPN option.
  2. Connect to a NordVPN regular server on your smartphone.
  3. Look for the Deluge auth file in the server computer.
    On Windows, you’ll find it in: %APPDATA%\deluge
    Open the file and add this line: your_user:your_password:10
  4. If you use Trireme for Android, you’ll need to add the server in your Trireme app:
  • Host: IP address of your server computer
  • Port: 58846
  • Username: your_user
  • Password: your_password

Is Deluge Working With NordVPN? Check Now!

Restart Deluge after applying the previous settings.

Verify your Deluge traffic is going through the VPN tunnel.

Browse this website.

It should show the location given by NordVPN’s server.

Finally, check Deluge is working properly.

Open up a torrent with lots of seeds and verify that it’s downloading.

nordvpn with deluge

Did each test go as intended?


You can start to enjoy using Deluge anonymously with NordVPN.

If not, recheck your configuration details; host, login, port, etc.

Also, read if there are error messages on Deluge main screen.

Find a solution for your problem in the section NordVPN & Deluge: Troubleshooting.

Why Use NordVPN on Deluge?

NordVPN is a reliable VPN provider with a long trajectory in the market and has especially convenient features for BitTorrent software like Deluge.

Torrent Anonymously With NordVPN on Deluge

When you aren’t using a VPN, anyone can see your IP address.

That’s also true for the peers you’re connecting to while torrenting and for your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You could have legal problems if you’re caught seeding or downloading media protected by copyright.

Your ISP could also rate-limit your bandwidth if it discovers you’re torrenting.

NordVPN or any VPN service provider can hide your IP address, so you’ll be safe when using Deluge or other BitTorrent clients.

NordVPN Provide Torrent-Optimized Servers in +40 Countries

Deluge is a free, open-source, cross-platform, lightweight, and feature-rich BitTorrent client.

As it delivers great speeds, you should combine it with fast VPN servers.

NordVPN P2P Specialty Servers are torrent-optimized, providing fast speeds and stability.

The server’s location relative to you is also important for a good speed.

NordVPN offers plenty of P2P servers in 44 countries covering all the continents.

nordvpn p2p servers

NordVPN’s CyberSec Feature Protects You From Downloading Malware

Torrenting through Deluge can put you at risk of accidentally downloading malware.

NordVPN has a special feature named CyberSec that blocks ads and malicious websites.

How to enable it?

  1. On your NordVPN app, go to Settings.
nordvpn app
  1. Check General > CyberSec. Switch it on.
nordvpn general settings

NordVPN Has an Internet and a Per-App Kill Switch

If your VPN tunnel drops while using Deluge, your IP address will become visible to your peers and ISP.

NordVPN’s Internet Kill Switch protects you by dropping your internet access when you aren’t connected to a VPN server.

NordVPN’s App Kill Switch feature lets you customize the behavior per app.

You can choose the apps to be closed when you disconnect from the VPN or the connection drops.

To enable these features, go to Settings > Kill Switch.

nordvpn kill switch

How to Use NordVPN & Deluge Together: The Best Way

There are more NordVPN features and Deluge setup options for enhancing performance and security.

Use a Separated Connection for Deluge With NordVPN Split Tunneling

You can torrent with Deluge on a separated NordVPN tunnel and keep the rest of your activity out of the VPN.

This is a great idea if you’re on a trusted network and want better internet performance.

NordVPN’s Split Tunneling feature is very versatile; you can select which apps will use VPN-protected connections or which ones won’t.

To enable NordVPN Split Tunneling, go to Settings > Split Tunneling.

nordvpn split tunneling

I contacted NordVPN Customer Service, and they confirmed that NordVPN’s Split Tunneling feature is only available on Windows, Android, and Firebox/Chrome browsers extensions.

nordvpn support on split tunneling

Bind Deluge to Your NordVPN Server’s IP Address for Better Security

Binding Deluge to the NordVPN server’s IP address will ensure that files are only downloaded while the VPN is active.

That adds an extra layer of security to NordVPN’s Kill Switch and could prevent, for example, leaking your IP address if you start Deluge before turning on the VPN.

Here’s how to bind Deluge to NordVPN’s server IP address:

  1. Open NordVPN app and turn on the VPN.
  2. Take note of the NordVPN server’s IP address you connected to.
  3. Open Deluge.
  4. Go to Edit > Preferences.
  5. Click on the Network tab.
  6. Fill the blank below Interface with your NordVPN server’s IP address.
  7. Click Apply and OK.
deluge network preferences

Notice that now Deluge is bound to the NordVPN server’s IP address you specified.

Therefore, if you connect to a different NordVPN server, Deluge won’t work.

You’ll need to always connect to that same IP address or update it on the Deluge configuration when connecting to a different NordVPN server.

NordVPN Doesn’t Support Port Forwarding. Why Is This Relevant?

Without Port Forwarding, peers can’t connect directly to your Deluge BitTorrent client.

That will affect your speed, especially for seeding.

Moreover, the torrenting ecosystem needs peers with this feature enabled; P2P torrenting would become impossible without them.

Wait, What Is Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is a note telling your router to send data to your specific port and IP inside your local network.

That allows you to send and receive packets that otherwise would be filtered by your firewall or the Network Address Translator (NAT) filter.

How Can 2 Peers Connect?

  • If both have port forwarding enabled, any of them can start a connection with the other.
  • If one has port forwarding enabled but not the other, only the first can start the connection.
  • None of them have port forwarding allowed; they’ll need an intermediary node to help them connect. And this middle-man needs to have the port forwarding feature enabled.

With port forwarding, more peers can connect with you faster.

You’ll experience better performance in your Deluge BitTorrent client.

We confirmed NordVPN’s lack of this feature by contacting its customer service.

nordvpn support port forwarding

NordVPN & Deluge: Troubleshooting

Here’s a list of common issues users reported when using NordVPN with Deluge and possible solutions.

Note that most of the problems happened with the proxy setup.

Deluge Doesn’t Connect to Any Peer When Using NordVPN’s Proxy

First, check that all the configuration details are correct; host, username, port, etc.

NordVPN’s proxy working configuration can also change over time.

Check here for the last updated host addresses.

If the problem persists, consider using the setup method A mentioned in Set Up NordVPN with Deluge.

IP Leaks When Using Deluge With NordVPN’s Proxy Setup

Deluge has a long history of leaking IP addresses when in Proxy mode.

reddit discussion about ip leaks when using deluge

Even though the bug was fixed for Deluge versions 2.x, it isn’t yet available for Windows or Mac OS platforms.

deluge download

The problem with Deluge on proxy mode is that, when the proxy goes down or is unreachable, it will still continue downloading without it.

That may happen using NordVPN’s proxy or from any other VPN service provider.

Worsening the situation, it’s hard to bind Deluge to a proxy safely.

The simple solution would be to set up NordVPN on Deluge via the NordVPN app, as we covered previously in Set Up NordVPN with Deluge.

Advanced NordVPN & Deluge Setup With Docker

Setting up NordVPN and Deluge in a Docker image is an advanced configuration to enhance performance and security.

Why would you need it?

Some users need to have a separate connection for torrenting, but we saw that NordVPN’s Split Tunneling isn’t available for several OS platforms.

Using Deluge with a proxy setup can provide the desired individual torrenting tunnel but at the cost of possible IP leaks.

NordVPN and Deluge in a Docker image can provide both desired features without the drawbacks.

Try this setup only if you have knowledge about Network Programming or the time and motivation to learn about it in the process!

Here’s a reference guide on how to set up NordVPN and Deluge in a Docker image:

  1. Download .ovpn files for the P2P NordVPN Specialty Server of your preference here. Choose a country > Advanced > P2P > OpenVPN TCP.
nordvpn server recommendations
  1. Go to your docker containers and install binhex-delugevpn.
  2. Set the following environmental variables:
  • Host Path 2: /mnt/user/Downloads/
  • VPN_ENABLED: yes
  • VPN_USER: NordVPN service username
  • VPN_PASS: NordVPN service password
  • VPN_PROV: Custom
  • LAN_NETWORK: Your network address (for example,
  1. Click on Apply to create the docker image.
  2. Navigate to Appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn/. Copy the downloaded .ovpn file there.
  3. Restart the binhex-delugeVPN Docker image and sign in. The default password is “deluge”.
  4. Verify that your IP is protected! Check in the bottom-right corner your public IP Address. It should match the one from the NordVPN Server you configured. You can know the NordVPN P2P server’s IP address by using ping to the domain name of your .ovpn file.
nordvpn ping ip address

The binhex-delugevpn docker image supports WireGuard secure protocol and uses iptables firewall rules to prevent IP leaks.

You can also set up NordVPN & Deluge using NordVPN’s official Docker container named Bubuntux.

Check here for more information about this setup.

Where Can I Ask for Help?

This Reddit forum has an active community helping each other in everything related to torrents.

Here you can find the Deluge official forum.

Don’t forget you can contact NordVPN’s customer support for anything related to its service.

What’s Next?

NordVPN provides a great service for downloading torrents via Deluge client, ensuring security, privacy, and good performance.

Now is the time for torrenting!

You can check this article for knowing the best torrent websites working in 2021.

If you would like to try another BitTorrent client, here you have an updated guide for qbittorrent.

How can your ISP discover you’re torrenting?

Check here.

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