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How to Get the NordVPN Tintoria Discount?

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Get the NordVPN Tintoria discount here to save up to 68%, courtesy of podcasters Daniele Tinti and Stefano Rapone.

While the Trintoria cast jokes about baldness and other light-hearted topics, their stance on online security is serious. So, they partnered with NordVPN to give viewers an affordable way to access military-grade encryption and ad-blocking.

Like Trintoria says, “Start strong,” and read on to get the best discount for NordVPN.

How to Get the NordVPN Tintoria Discount?

It’s easy to get the NordVPN Tintoria discount. All you must do is:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Click “Get NordVPN.”
  3. Select a multi-year NordVPN security package.
NordVPN pricing
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  1. Enter your email address and payment details to complete your purchase.
  2. Validate your NordVPN details.
  3. Log in to your NordVPN web account and download the app on your device.
  1. Launch your NordVPN app and log in.
  2. Connect to a NordVPN server and benefit from VPN features.

Daniele and Stefano give NordVPN a round of applause for its 5600+ servers in 60 countries. They advise that if Trintoria’s restricted in your location, like China, you can use the Italy servers to get your daily dose of laughter!

What Does Tintoria Use NordVPN For?

Tintoria uses NordVPN for private internet browsing and auto-connect for “abbozzato” (sketchy) public WiFi connections. In one of the comedy crew’s videos, they also briefly joke about using NordVPN to gamble.

In fact, NordVPN is very handy for gambling. It allows you to bypass geo-restrictions to access some of the biggest online gambling sites worldwide.

Plus, it helps keep all betting transactions under the radar of cybercriminals and opportunists.

I tested this feature by unblocking GGPoker and Bet365.

I used the #2523 UK server since it’s in a gambling-friendly region.

I accessed GGPoker immediately, but not Bet365.

unblocking ggpoker with nordvpn on uk server

Luckily, a quick change to Canadian server #1618 solved this.

nordvpn bet365 canada
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You can get a refund on the NordVPN Tintoria subscription.

But be aware of the terms and conditions.

For example, you must ask NordVPN support for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. Also, refund policies differ depending on where you bought your NordVPN subscription. For instance, there are different ToS if you paid through Google Play Store, iStore, or Amazon.

Existing users can get the NordVPN Tintoria deal by purchasing another subscription on top of an existing subscription. So, if you have 12 months left on a 2-year deal and purchase another 1-year plan using the Tintoria discount, you’ll have 24 months (plus any free months).

Get the NordVPN Deal Now - It’s No Joke!

Now that you have the steps to get the exclusive Trintoria NordVPN deal, you can make your online connection private without paying high subscription fees on the provider’s 1-year and 2-year plans.

You can also benefit from extra features like Threat Protection and Dark Web Monitor.

Under his breath, Daniele mentions that NordVPN is the best VPN try it risk-free to see if you agree!

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