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How to Use Private Internet Access With xCloud?

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You can use Private Internet Access with xCloud by connecting to one of the VPN’s servers in an xCloud-supported region like the US, UK, or Australia before launching the gaming platform.

This easy connection lets you change your IP address to a new location, providing access to trending Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) titles like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Overcooked 2, and more!

However, unblocking xCloud on game consoles and smart TVs via PIA is a bit trickier. 

I’ve helped with straightforward setup steps below.

How to Use PIA VPN With Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and Smartphones?

These setups require the PIA app, which works for PCs and Smartphones.

Let’s start:

  1. Get your PIA account. Grab an unbeatable Private Internet Access deal here.
  2. Click “Try PIA VPN Now.”
private internet access vpn download button
  1. Select a plan. I chose the 2-year deal for the most savings.
Private Internet Access Plans & Price
Image for illustration only. Design, deals, and details may differ. Click on the image for current info.
  1. Select your preferred payment method and enter your credentials to complete the purchase.
private internet access payment method
  1. Login to your PIA user account.
  2. Click “Downloads” to download the correct app to your PC. You can get the mobile app via your device’s app store.
private internet access downloads tab
  1. Launch the app. I’ve downloaded the Windows PC app for this setup, but the steps are similar for other devices.
  2. Click Settings > Privacy to enable the “VPN Kill Switch.” This ensures continuous protection if the VPN server connection accidentally drops (essential if you want to avoid DDoS attacks while playing vulnerable cloud games like Minecraft).
private internet access vpn kill switch
  1. Click “Protocol” and choose “WireGuard” for faster speeds. That ensures lag-free, real-time gaming.
private internet accessprotocol settings
  1. Go back to the home screen. Then, click “VPN Server.”
private internet access vpn server
  1. Choose a server in a location where Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported. I chose UK London since it offered the best ping rate next to my local (South Africa) server.
private internet access london server
  1. Click the large power button to connect.
private internet access connecting to milano
  1. Go to microsoft.com and create an account if you don’t already have one. Note your login details.
microsoft account creation
  1. Go to xbox.com and sign in using your Microsoft credentials.
xbox website
  1. Click Game Pass > Join Game Pass.
xbox game pass
  1. Click “JOIN FOR 1£” or “JOIN NOW.”
xbox join game pass
  1. Choose a plan. Then click “JOIN NOW.”
xbox game pass plan
  1. Click “NEXT.”
xbox pc game pass purchase
  1. Choose a preferred mode of payment.
xbox game pass payment method
  1. Enter your payment details. Be prepared to enter an address that correlates with the location detected, i.e., the server location.
  1. Click “Save.”
private internet access united kingdom server
  1. On the xbox.com home screen, click Games > Cloud games.
xbox cloud games
  1. Connect your Xbox controllers to your smartphone/PC, or choose a touchscreen game. The video guides below show how to connect your controllers to a phone or PC.
    1. Connect Xbox controllers to phone.
    1. Connect Xbox controllers to PC.
  1. Play on the Xbox Cloud Gaming service without restrictions. Here, I’m catering to stubborn patrons in Overcooked 2 (from unsupported South Africa, FYI)!
playing overcooked 2 with pia london server

Using controllers, my family also successfully competed on the Mexican tracks of Forza Horizon 5.

playing forza horizon 5 with pia london server

How to Use Private Internet Access With xCloud on Smart TVs and Consoles?

The best way to use Private Internet Access with xCloud on Smart TVs and consoles is by configuring a manual Smart DNS setup.

Here’s how to do so on PIA:

  1. Subscribe to PIA (get the best savings here).
  2. Use your web browser to log in to your PIA account
private internet access account log in on browser
  1. Click “SmartDNS.”
pia smart dns
  1. Click “ADD NEW DEVICE.”
private internet access smart dns add device
  1. Select the device you want to connect to PIA. I chose Xbox for this demo.
private internet access smart dns setup
  1. Select a Smart DNS server.
    1. Tip – choose the server closest to you for faster speeds.
private internet access smart dns location
  1. Note the Smart DNS IP.
private internet access smart dns ip
  1. Go to PIA’s help desk to see how to set up Smart DNS on different devices.
private internet access help desk
  1. Subscribe to Microsoft Xbox Gaming for a Game Pass. You can follow the detailed steps in the guide above to sign up via your PC.
  2. Connect your controllers to the smart TV or game console. The video guide below shows how to connect your Xbox controllers to Samsung Smart TVs.
  1. Launch the Xbox app on your TV or game console and sign in with your Game Pass credentials.
  2. Play xCloud games using the PIA Smart DNS location you chose to bypass geo-restrictions.
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The best way to fix xCloud’s “no internet” error when connected to PIA is by changing VPN servers till you find one that works. Alternatively, you can try PIA’s dedicated IP for less gaming interference, but this only works on PCs and smartphones.

Finally, disable PIA MACE to prevent the ad-blocker’s interference or use the VPN’s browser extension for web-based PC gaming via xCloud.

Use PIA for Unrestricted Xbox Cloud Gaming Access

Follow my guides above for detailed steps on getting the best performance using PIA for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The best part is that the VPN can be used on unlimited devices. 

So, you can share it with your mates for social games like Fortnite, no matter where they are.

Subscribe to Private Internet Access risk-free now (get discounts here) and never have to worry about losing access to xCloud titles or suffering in-game DDoS attacks anymore.

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