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How to Get the NordVPN ZeFrank Discount?

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Easily get the NordVPN Zefrank discount via the official NordVPN website.

ZeFrank is another trending YouTuber out to offer an exclusive VPN discount on 2-year and 1-year NordVPN subscriptions. The deal offers up to 68% savings and provides access to all the standard features.

Instead of sifting through hundreds of videos to find ZeFrank’s NordVPN discount, use the shortcut below.

How to Get the NordVPN ZeFrank Discount?

Getting the NordVPN ZeFrank discount is a piece of cake.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the official NordVPN website through this link.
  2. Click “Get NordVPN.”
  3. Select your preferred plan. I chose a 2-year plan to qualify for the most savings and was given a bonus month free.
  1. Enter your email address and choose a payment method.
nordvpn payment methods
  1. The ZeFrank coupon code is automatically applied to your billing summary. Complete your purchase to activate your account.

Now you can use NordVPN on up to 6 devices simultaneously without paying an arm and a leg for a premium VPN service.

How to Get a Refund on the ZeFrank NordVPN Discount?

You can get a refund on the ZeFrank discount if the VPN’s not for you.

Just remember, you only have 30 days from the date of purchase to qualify!

Actually, there are a few ways to get the 100% money-back guarantee, including email. But in my experience, Live Chat is the fastest if you purchased your plan through the NordVPN website.

Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the official NordVPN website.
  2. Click “Help” in the top right.
help tab on nordvpn website
  1. Click the question mark icon in the bottom right.
locating the question mark on nordvpn's website
  1. Ask the chatbot for a refund.
  1. The chatbot will ask if you want to learn more about what NordVPN can do for you or if you want a refund. Click “No thanks, I made up my mind.”
selecting no thanks i made up my mind on nordvpn
  1. You’ll be directed to a live agent who will ask you for the email address you used to validate your account.
live agent on nordvpn customer support
  1. Next, the agent will ask for the payment method and details you used to complete your purchase. After handing these over, the transaction will be completed, and you’ll have your refund in 5-10 business days.
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The ZeFrank NordVPN discount includes all the standard features of the general NordVPN plan. Thus, you can access the massive 5000+ NordVPN server fleet, military-grade encryption, premium security features, and Netflix and other streaming sites!

Ready to Get In on the ZeFrank NordVPN Deal?

The ZeFrank discount is ideal for those wanting a premium VPN at a price that’s easy to swallow.

So, hop on the bandwagon and grab your ZeFrank discount to secure your internet connection.

Still not sure if NordVPN’s the VPN you want? Read this full review to determine how NordVPN can cater to your needs.

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