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How to Access Qobuz With Private Internet Access?

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Accessing Qobuz with Private Internet Access (PIA) is as easy as subscribing to a Private Internet Access plan, downloading the VPN app on your device, connecting to a Qobuz-supported server, and streaming your favorite tracks restriction-free.

You can also use a PIA dedicated IP address to ensure that you continue to access your Qobuz account from anywhere in the world without proxy errors.

Additionally, PIA protects you from ISP throttling as you download or stream your favorite Hi-Res tracks on Qobuz.

How to Unblock and Listen on Qobuz With Private Internet Access?

To access Qobuz using Private Internet Access:

  1. Subscribe to a PIA subscription plan. Take advantage of our time-limited discount deal to save BIG on your purchase.
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  1. Download the PIA VPN app on your device. You can get it on your device’s app store (smartphones) or from your PIA account’s “Downloads” section.
locating downloads on pia
  1. Log into the app using your PIA credentials.
pia log in
  1. Enable the kill switch to prevent data leaks to Qobuz when the connection drops unexpectedly. Go to Settings > Privacy > VPN Kill Switch.
vpn kill switch on pia
  1. Connect to a US server. I found quick success with the New York server location.
pia connected to us new york server
  1. Sign in/sign up to your Qobuz account and start streaming new releases, hip-hop, and Rap albums such as For All the Dogs by Drake and The Fix Before tha VI by Lil Wayne.
unblocking qobuz with pia on new york server

Can You Pay for Qobuz Using PIA VPN?

Yes, you can pay for Qobuz using your PIA VPN. To pay for Qobuz using the Private Internet Access VPN:

  1. Head on to the official Qobuz webpage.
  2. Select “Streaming Plans.”
streaming plans menu on qobuz
  1. Subscribe to a Quboz streaming plan. You can choose between the Studio ($10.83/month) and the Sublime plan ($15.00/month). For this demonstration, I went with the Studio plan.
studio and sublime plans on qobuz
  1. Select the Studio Plan that best suits your needs. You have the option between Solo, Duo, and Family. I went with the Solo plan.
qobuz subscription plans
  1. At checkout, select your preferred method of payment (Card or PayPal), enter your relevant details, and click “Pay.”
payment methods on qobuz
  1. Within your account, head to the Qobuz store and start streaming or downloading your favorite album, such as For All The Dogs by Drake, at Hi-Res.
unblocking qobuz with pia on us server

Can You Get Qobuz Cheaper With PIA?

Yes, you can get Qobuz cheaper with PIA. Qobuz is available in three regions: Oceania, Europe, and the Americas. Therefore, it has different pricing plans for every country in the above areas.

For instance, while using the New York US server, I could subscribe to Qobuz at either USD 10.83/month on the Studio plan or USD 15.00/month for the Sublime plan.

qobuz plans on pia while connected to us server

However, when I switched to the Australian Server, the new prices were $16.66AUD/month for the Studio plan and $20.83AUD/month for the Sublime plan.

qobuz plan with pia while connected to australia streaming optimized server

Comparatively, these Australian subscription prices were relatively lower, with the Studio plan converting to USD 10.68/month and the Sublime plan at USD 13.35/month.

When I connected to the Austria server, the new prices came in at €12.50/month for the Studio plan and €16.67/month for the Sublime plan. The current exchange rate translated to $13.27/month for the Studio plan and $17.70/month for the Sublime plan.

qobuz plan with pia on austria server

As you can see, the prices differ from region to region. Therefore, you can access Qobuz at a cheaper price using Private Internet Access. I recommend using the Australian server for a slightly more affordable price.

Can You Access Geo-Restricted Qobuz Songs With PIA?

Yes, you can access region-restricted songs on Qobuz using Private Internet Access.

Qobuz, like every streaming platform, has to deal with regional licensing issues. Therefore, its music catalog differs from country to country. As highlighted by several Reddit users, the music catalog isn’t the same across different supported countries.

qobuz catolog difference with locations reddit post

Chances are that you’ll lose a few tracks or albums if you travel abroad or relocate to a new region entirely. However, you can bypass this issue by using Private Internet Access to gain access to your local tracks whether traveling or living abroad.

To do this:

  1. Open your Private Internet Access VPN app.
  2. Connect to a server location in a supported region where your favorite music or playlists are available.
  3. Launch Qobuz and stream your favorite local albums and songs.

I recommend connecting to the US version of Qobuz as it covers the most content. However, for classical content, I recommend using a European server.

Private Internet Access Not Working on Qobuz (Troubleshooting)

Private Internet Access is superb for unblocking and streaming tracks on Qobuz. However, sometimes you may experience issues, such as the music suddenly pausing mid-play, getting the playback error message, or timing out.

If you’re having trouble with Qobuz while on Private Internet Access, try the following:

  • Switch PIA Servers: There’s a chance that Qobuz might have blocklisted the VPN IP address you’re using. The best workaround is to connect to a new server in a Qobuz-supported country.
  • Use a Dedicated IP VPN: PIA can provide an exclusive, static IP address to enable smoother account access to Qobuz without triggering security warnings or account restrictions.
  • Restart Your Device/Apps: Shut down your Qobuz and PIA apps to fix any underlying crashing and cache issues. If the problem persists after restarting, close both apps and restart your device to fix any cache issues.
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Additionally, PIA offers a dedicated IP address to bypass the Qobuz proxy error.

You can now access and unblock all your favorite music tracks and catalogs regardless of which country you’re visiting.  

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