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Can You Play League of Legends With Private Internet Access?

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Yes, you can play League of Legends (LoL) with Private Internet Access (PIA).

This means you can enjoy the popular server-based battle arena game without any annoying connection issues. Plus, with servers in 76 countries and fast gaming speeds, LoL is easy to unblock in countries where the game is restricted.

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How to Use PIA to Unlock League of Legends in 4 Easy Steps?

LoL gameplay

As a well-rounded VPN, Private Internet Access offers a powerful network and user-friendly apps.

Here’s a quick walkthrough for using PIA to play League of Legends:

Step 1: Purchase a Private Internet Access Account

To use Private Internet Access to play League of Legends (or anything else), you need to sign up for a subscription. Choose between their Monthly, Yearly, and Two Years plans.

I recommend the Two Years plan, as it will save you nearly $170 compared to paying $9.95 on the Monthly plan for two years. 

Plus, PIA will give you two extra months for free!

Next, choose your payment method. If you want to go with recurring payments for automatic renewals, I recommend using:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay

For an extra level of anonymity, you can also do a once-off payment using the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitpay
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
private internet access payment methods

To complete the sign-up process, enter your email address and set a strong password.

Step 2: Download & Install Private Internet Access on Your Device

Next, navigate to the download page to get the Private Internet Access VPN app.

There are dedicated apps for all devices supported by League of Legends – so whether you use Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS, you’re all set!

private internet access supported devices

Find your preferred device, hit the download button, and run the installation file.

PIA also lets you connect to their VPN servers on up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single account!

Step 3: Log in to LoL & Connect

Once the installation is complete, check the email you used to sign up. You should have an email from PIA with your username and password. 

You can change your password later, but for now, open the app and log in.

The default settings for your connection preferences will work fine for League of Legends, but if you want to change anything, you can do so by navigating to “Settings” and “Connection.”

Connection Preferences

When your connection preferences are ready to go, click the giant power button. This is great for getting around an IP ban or improving your connection stability!

pia connected

Or, if you want to access a specific League of Legends server, click on “VPN SERVER” and choose one in the same location.

You can find the right one by using the search bar if you don’t feel like scrolling!

Step 4: Enjoy Unlimited Access to League of Legends

playing lol with pia

After connecting to a Private Internet Access VPN server (use PIA’s “What’s My IP?” tool to double-check it’s working), launch League of Legends.

Log in and find a match to play – either solo or with your team!

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Why Can’t I Connect to the Game With PIA?

In-game screenshot of LoL

Riot gives good advice for resolving League of Legends connection issues in general, such as troubleshooting your firewall, configuring your DNS, and contacting your ISP to deal with packet loss (or buffering).

But a VPN like Private Internet Access should solve these issues already. The problem is, each time you connect, you’re given a different IP address.

Sooner or later, Riot will notice and flag your account because it looks like you’re sharing it with other players.

But before you do anything, try connecting to different servers. There’s a chance the server you’re playing on is banned, and others might work. 

If this doesn’t work, the next best solution is to add a Dedicated IP to your PIA subscription. This means your IP address will always be the same when playing LoL.

Unfortunately, this increases the price to $189.95 for the Two Years plan. Luckily, that’s still nearly $50 cheaper than two years of the Monthly plan!

dedicated ip pia buying
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Will using PIA lower my ping?

PIA might lower your ping while playing League of Legends, but it might also improve it. Either way, as PIA is a VPN optimized for gaming, your ping will be more stable. Plus, you’ll have over 33,000 servers to choose from!

Will I get banned for playing League of Legends with PIA?

No, you won’t get banned for playing League of Legends with PIA or any other VPN. Just remember it’s better to pay extra for a Dedicated IP, so Riot doesn’t think different IP addresses mean you’re sharing your LoL account.


Successfully connected PIA and playing league of legends

Little VPNs do a better job of helping you defeat IP bans, geo-restrictions, and other connection issues while playing League of Legends than Private Internet Access!

Thanks to its massive server network, easy-to-use apps, and a relatively cheap Dedicated IP add-on, PIA is my ideal solution to a better LoL session

It can be the same for you.

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