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Does Private Internet Access Work in Texas?

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Private Internet Access works in Texas. So, you can use it to unblock geo-restricted services like Crave TV (Canada), BBC iPlayer (UK), or foreign Netflix libraries and bypass Astros/Rangers game blackouts.

This VPN also has servers in Dallas and Houston, which lets you access local content and stream games when you’re out of state.

This guide will help you connect to PIA in Texas on your smartphone, PC, Smart TV, and gaming consoles.

How to Use PIA on Mobile and PC in Texas?

Private Internet Access has stable software versions for mobile and PC.

Below is how to connect to PIA on these devices in Texas:

  1. Purchase a PIA subscription package from the official website. Use this EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT for huge savings.
Private Internet Access Plans & Price
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  1. Download and install the PIA app. I’ll use a Windows PC for this guide.
compatible devices for pia
  1. Launch the installed PIA app and log in to your account with your credentials.
pia log in
  1. Double-check that the kill switch is enabled to safeguard your online anonymity in case of an accidental connection drop. Go through Settings > Privacy > VPN Kill Switch.
locating kill switch on pia settings
  1. Access the PIA server list and connect to your preferred server location. I connected to a Texas server.
  1. Once connected, you can stream your favorite local content, securely play P2P games, and access your bank accounts securely when out of state.

How to Use PIA on Smart TV and Gaming Consoles in Texas?

Private Internet Access’ Smart DNS makes setting up the VPN service on your smart TV easy. Alternatively, you can install PIA on a compatible router your smart TV or gaming console is connected to.

Method #1 - Smart DNS

  1. Get a PIA subscription package that suits your needs. Grab these discounts.
  2. Sign in to your PIA online account.
  3. Select “Smart DNS,” then click “Add New Device.”
add new device on smart dns settings on pia
  1. Browse the device list to pick your smart TV or console.
select smart dns device on pia
  1. Select the preferred Smart DNS server location. In this case, I’ll choose the United States.
select smart dns location on pia
  1. Click “Get Your Smart DNS” and copy your issued Smart DNS address.
copy and print icons on pia
  1. Change your smart TV or gaming console’s DNS to the Private Internet Access Smart DNS address.
  2. Restart the TV/console for the changes to take effect.
  3. Enjoy content unblocking and streaming on your smart TV/gaming console in Texas.

Method #2 - Router Setup

Setting up PIA on your router is highly secure as it also offers VPN encryption that’s unavailable with the Smart DNS option.

PIA supports a variety of router firmware and manufacturers such as Asuswrt-Merlin, DD-WRT, and OpenWRT/LEDE. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Ensure your router is VPN-compatible. Here’s a video tutorial highlighting how to do this:
  1. Buy a PIA subscription (grab exclusive discount).
  2. Set up your router using the guides below, depending on your router’s OS:
    1. DD-WRT
    2. ASUS WRT Merlin
    3. ASUS WRT
    4. LEDE
    5. pfSense
  1. Connect your smart TV/gaming console to the router network.
  2. Enjoy your favorite international content like BBC iPlayer or join foreign gaming lobbies from Texas.

How to Get a Texas IP Address With PIA?

PIA has servers in every US state, including Texas. You can connect to a Texas server every time you log on to the app or get a dedicated IP address in Texas.

Follow the steps below to get a Texas IP address with PIA:

  1. Log in to your PIA account and click on VPN server.
  1. Search for “Texas.” Note that the Texas server doesn’t offer port forwarding.
searching texas server on pia
  1. Connect to it and enjoy your Texas IP address!
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Go Big on Your Internet Privacy With PIA

Whether in Dallas, Austin, or Houston, you can trust PIA’s military-grade encryption and advanced split tunneling to browse the internet safely, anonymously, and to no connection speed throttling.

Additionally, its obfuscation features allow you to hide your activity from popular internet service providers in Texas, like ATT, Verizon, Vexus Fiber, Tachus, and Google Fiber.

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