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Does PrivateVPN Work With DAZN?

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PrivateVPN works with DAZN! And in this guide, I’ll show you how to unblock DAZN with PrivateVPN and watch Premier League, NFL, and Champions League on the go.

Best of all, the VPN works with all DAZN streaming devices – from smartphones and tablets to laptops and living room devices.

Watch DAZN With PrivateVPN in Minutes!

Here is how to use PrivateVPN with DAZN:

  1. Sign up for PrivateVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your DAZN streaming device.
  3. Open the VPN app and log in.
  4. Connect to a PrivateVPN server in your target DAZN region.
  5. Launch DAZN and enjoy your favorite sports streams.

How to Watch DAZN With PrivateVPN?

dazn home

Although PrivateVPN works with DAZN on pretty much any device, it only offers native apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV.

You must get creative to use it on Smart TVs, Roku, and game consoles.

Here is a snapshot of the best method for using PrivateVPN with DAZN on various devices:

PrivateVPN App PrivateVPN Router/Windows Hotspot
  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android Smartphones & Tablets
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Tizen TV
  • LG WebOS TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation

How to Watch DAZN With the PrivateVPN App?

Here is how to watch DAZN with PrivateVPN on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices:

  1. Sign up for PrivateVPN.
privatevpn pricing
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  1. Download and install the PrivateVPN app on your device.
privatevpn softwares
  1. Open the PrivateVPN app and log in.
privatevpn app log in page
  1. Go to Advanced > Connection Guard and enable the Kill Switch.
privatevpn kill switch enabled
  1. Select the “Dashboard” tab and click “Change” to open the PrivateVPN server menu.
privatevpn change location
  1. Click on a server location corresponding to your target DAZN region.
privatevpn us server locations
  1. Download DAZN on your device or go to the website to start streaming.

How to Use PrivateVPN With DAZN via Mobile Hotspot?

Can’t set up PrivateVPN on your streaming device? You must set it up on a PC and create a VPN-enabled Windows mobile hotspot.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the PrivateVPN Windows app and connect to your target server location.
privatevpn dashboard settings
  1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot and enable “Share my internet connection with other devices.”
windows os mobile hotspot enabled
  1. After setting up the PrivateVPN DAZN mobile hotspot (you can use any name you prefer), click “Change adapter options” on the top-left corner of the same window.
change adapter options on windows os
  1. Look for the PrivateVPN network connection (TAP-Windows Adapter V9).
windows os network connections
  1. Right-click on the PrivateVPN TAP-Windows Adapter (in my case, it’s Local Area Connection 3) and select Properties.
local area connection properties on windows os
  1. Select the ”Sharing” tab and check the box next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”
local area connection sharing properties
  1. A prompt will appear notifying you that “Internet Connection Sharing” has been enabled for the PrivateVPN Local Area Connection. Click OK.
internet connection sharing on windows os enabled
  1. Next, click “Select a private network connection” and select your mobile hotspot connection from the drop-down list.
local area connection 10 private network
  1. Click OK and open the DAZN app or web player to catch up on the latest in sports!

How to Use PrivateVPN With DAZN via Router?

By configuring PrivateVPN on your router, you can use it with DAZN on any WiFi-capable streaming device.

Here are the general steps:

  1. Find out if your router supports PrivateVPN.
  2. Set up the VPN on your router.
  3. Connect your streaming device to the PrivateVPN-enabled WiFi network.

Unfortunately, since every router model requires a specific setup, I can’t show detailed guides for every router model.

Luckily, PrivateVPN has tutorials for the different router firmware it supports.

Router PrivateVPN Protocol Setup Guide
DD-WRT OpenVPN Tutorial
ASUS RT OpenVPN / L2TP Tutorial
Tomato OpenVPN Tutorial
Synology OpenVPN / PPTP Tutorial
Linksys L2TP Tutorial
pfSense OpenVPN Tutorial
QNAP OpenVPN Tutorial

If your router doesn’t come with a PrivateVPN-compatible firmware, you can flash it with one. I recommend DD-WRT because it’s easy to use and can be installed on most router models. (Check the list of supported routers here.)

Once you install DD-WRT on your router, follow the steps below to set up PrivateVPN and watch DAZN:

  1. Open the DD-WRT web interface by entering your router’s default IP address. The most common IP address is for Linksys and Netgear.
  2. Enter your username and password. If you’re accessing the web interface for the first time, the default username is “root,” and the default password is “admin.”
  3. Go to Setup > Basic Setup.
dd wrt router basic setup
  1. Navigate to “Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)” and set and as your Static DNS 1 and Static DNS 2, respectively.
dd wrt router network address server settings
  1. Click Save and then Apply Settings.
  2. Go to Administration > Commands.
dd wrt router commands tab
privatevpn dd wrt openvpn script
  1. Copy and paste the entire text in the Command shell and edit the following lines:
  • USERNAME: Type your PrivateVPN account username
  • PASSWORD: Type your PrivateVPN account password
  • REMOTE_SERVERS: Replace us-nyc.privatevpn.com with your preferred server address but leave the port number unchanged. Here is the PrivateVPN server list.
  1. Click Save Startup.
dd wrt router save startup
  1. Go to Administration > Management tab and click Reboot Router.
reboot dd wrt router
  1. To ensure you’re connected to PrivateVPN, go to Status > OpenVPN. If the VPN connection is active, the “State” should read Client: CONNECTED SUCCESS.
privatevpn openvpn client connected to dd wrt router successfully
  1. Connect your streaming service to the resulting PrivateVPN-enabled WiFi network. You should now be able to access the DAZN content in your target server location.

Why Is PrivateVPN Great for DAZN?

I’ve been using PrivateVPN with DAZN over the last few days, and so far, I’ve been impressed by the VPN service. Here is why PrivateVPN is so great for watching DAZN:

  • Excellent speeds: Want to stream the next fight card in HD? You only need an internet speed of 7.5 Mbps with PrivateVPN. That’s because the VPN only impacts your connection by a mere 20%. And you get unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to watch all your favorite sports in HD without worrying about a data cap.
  • Global server network: PrivateVPN has servers in 63 countries worldwide, allowing you to access multiple DAZN libraries.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: This allows you to watch all your favorite sports in HD without worrying about a data cap.

PrivateVPN Alternatives for DAZN

As much as I like PrivateVPN, it’s disappointing that the provider doesn’t offer Smart DNS. The feature makes unblocking DAZN on smart TVs much easier than using a VPN router.

If you’re looking for a quality VPN for DAZN that offers Smart DNS, I recommend the following providers:

  • NordVPN: On top of supporting Smart DNS, NordVPN is much faster and reliably unblocks most DAZN regions.
  • ExpressVPN: With over 3,000 VPN servers, ExpressVPN lets you stream DAZN content from 94 countries worldwide. It’s super-fast and supports Smart DNS.
  • CyberGhost: Offers streaming servers dedicated to DAZN, ensuring you can unblock the streaming service much more reliably. Plus, you get Smart DNS.
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You can access over 60 DAZN regions with PrivateVPN, including DAZN US, DAZN UK, DAZN Canada, and DAZN Germany.


Ready to unblock foreign DAZN libraries? PrivateVPN does so seamlessly and on any streaming device.

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Good luck!

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