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Does Private Internet Access Work With Omegle?

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Private Internet Access does not work with Omegle at this time. I have found that PrivateVPN unblocks Omegle smoothly.

After working as a corporate VPN administrator for several years, I got to test many of the VPN providers used globally.

Due to the way Omegle identifies and blocks VPN users, the PIA servers cannot bypass the website restrictions.

If you want to understand why Private Internet Access doesn’t work with Omegle and which VPN alternatives you can use, keep reading.

Answering Your Questions About PIA and Omegle

Below you’ll find answers to some of the other questions about unblocking Omegle with Private Internet Access. I’ve also included some VPN alternatives known to work with Omegle to get you up and running.

  • Why Does Private Internet Access Not Work With Omegle?
  • Do You Need to Use A VPN For Omegle?
  • How to Use a VPN to Unblock Omegle?
  • VPN Alternatives That Provide Obfuscation Features

Why Does Private Internet Access Not Work With Omegle?

One of the main reasons Private Internet Access does not work with Omegle is because the website uses scanning technology to identify your GPS location and IP address.

If your IP address location does not match your physical GPS location, the Omegle servers detect you are behind a VPN and block your connection.

Testing if PIA works with omegle

To get past these restrictions, PIA must use obfuscation techniques to scramble the traffic being transmitted over your connection.

In doing so, the Omegle servers see your connection attempt as regular traffic, which allows you to use the service without your activity being traced back to your actual IP address.

Unfortunately, Private Internet Access does not use obfuscation to mask traffic over your connection, resulting in Omegle detecting your use of a VPN.

Do You Need To Use a VPN For Omegle?

You do not need a VPN to use Omegle. However, it is recommended to use one as any data you share with the service (chat transcripts, for example) are not encrypted and are stored on the Omegle servers.

At the very minimum, Omegle captures your IP address, timestamps, cookie information, as well as recording your videos and conversations.

Storing your text chats internally might not seem like a concern at first, but your data could be used without your consent and without you knowing anything about it.

Agents or anyone else that has access to your data could use your stored data for malicious purposes, and this could have potentially dangerous or embarrassing implications.

Aside from storing your data internally, there’s also the added factor that Omegle does not encrypt your connection while you are using their service.

As a result, not only can Omegle see all of your chat and video messages, but your ISP can also log this information without the use of a VPN.

Unencrypted websites like Omegle are also attractive to hackers who aim to steal your information, again using it for malicious purposes before you’re even aware your data has been compromised.

VPN Alternatives That Provide Obfuscation Features

Although PIA does not work with Omegle, there are a variety of other VPNs that connect successfully. I have tested each one of the following providers and can confirm they work correctly.

  1. ExpressVPN has a number of obfuscated servers that mask your internet activity (please contact their support team for details).
  2. NordVPN uses obfuscated servers to make it harder for Omegle to identify your internet traffic, making it less likely to block your connection.
  3. Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode is similar to obfuscation to make your VPN traffic look like regular internet traffic.
  4. VyprVPN’s Chameleon Protocol obfuscates VPN data packets so that they appear like regular internet packets.

How to Use a VPN to Unblock Omegle?

Once you choose a VPN provider that works with Omegle, the following steps explain how to connect and begin chatting:

  1. Create an account with your chosen VPN provider and make a note of your login credentials.
  2. Download and install the native app for your device (available on your VPN provider’s website).
  3. Select a VPN server (closest to your physical location is often best) or choose auto-connect to find the recommended server set by your provider.
  4. Head to omegle.com and select either text or video chat.
  5. You’ll know your connection to Omegle with a VPN is working as a message similar to the below screenshot will appear.
If Omegle is working you will see the message
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VPNs that use obfuscation are more likely to access Omegle without running into any issues.

I would recommend using a VPN whenever you access Omegle to protect your data and privacy. There are a number of providers utilizing a different technology to PIA that have been known to work well with Omegle.

ExpressVPN is my provider of choice to unblock Omegle, although none of the providers I tested consistently bypassed restrictions every time.

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