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How to Watch NBA League Pass With PrivateVPN?

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To watch NBA League Pass with PrivateVPN, connect to one of PrivateVPN’s 200+ servers in a location where NBA League Pass is available.

Even blocked countries like China, Syria, Russia, and Sudan can use PrivateVPN to bypass geo-restrictions and watch their favorite basketball players live in action.

But using PrivateVPN with NBA League Pass has other perks! Read on to discover the VPN’s potential – it’s “a basket!”

How to Use PrivateVPN to Bypass NBA League Pass Blackouts?

The US and Canada can use PrivateVPN to bypass NBA League Pass blackouts.

Here’s how:

  1. Click this link to get an exclusive discount on PrivateVPN.
  2. Click “Get PrivateVPN.”
  3. Choose your preferred plan.
  1. Enter an email, password, and tax residence to create account credentials.
  2. Select your preferred payment method and complete your purchase.
privatevpn payment options
  1. Sign in to your PrivateVPN web account and install the app to your streaming device.
download privatevpn
  1. Launch the app and sign in.
  2. Connect to a server outside the US or Canada. I chose Sweden – Stockholm for this demonstration.
  1. Go to the NBA League Pass website and click “League Pass.”
  2. Click “Subscribe.”
unblocking nba league pass with privatevpn on sweden server
  1. Sign in with your NBA ID or click “Don’t Have an NBA ID to create one.”
sign in with your nba id
  1. If you’re creating an NBA ID, note how the form automatically detects your VPN location, not your real location!
  1. Select a payment method and enter your payment details. Checkout to complete your subscription purchase.
  1. Now, you can bypass blackouts and watch NBA League Pass like you’re “in” Sweden!
streaming nba league pass with privatevpn on stockholm sweden server

Watch all full-season NBA games and finals on the following PrivateVPN devices: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook, Android Smart TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Kodi

You can also use some routers to connect your entire household, including your Smart TV, to a VPN server.

What’s the Best PrivateVPN Location for NBA League Pass?

The best PrivateVPN location for NBA League Pass is your nearest working server outside the US and Canada.

I also find that PrivateVPN’s dedicated IP servers work better for NBA League Pass than shared servers. However, note that PrivateVPN’s dedicated IPs are dynamic and change regularly.

privatevpn server locations

I was interested in how PrivateVPN’s servers performed with the basketball streaming site, so I did a few tests.

Unblocking and download speed were my qualifying factors because I wanted to watch live games without delays. However, some servers performed well in the former but not the latter. 

Here are my results:

Server Location Download Speed
South Africa 47.67 Mbps
Spain - Madrid (Dedicated IP) 18.01 Mbps
UK - London (Dedicated IP) 46.47 Mbps
Italy - Milan (Dedicated IP) 19.57 Mbps
India (Dedicated IP) 13.97 Mbps

South Africa was my fastest server. But this is to be expected since it’s my nearest connection.

The UK-London server surpassed my expectations and yielded excellent speed results.

I watched High Tops Ep. 14, “Best of Playoffs 2023,” without buffering!

privatevpn speed test results on uk server

Spain and Italy weren’t great in the speed department, but I wanted to include options for Europe since this is where you can bypass blackouts completely.

privatevpn speed test results on italy server

India is a popular choice because of cheap NBA League Pass subscription fees, but the lag was unbearable! I couldn’t even get through a short Open Court #707: Pioneers clip.

How to Use PrivateVPN to Get a Cheaper NBA League Pass Subscription?

To get a cheaper NBA League Pass subscription with PrivateVPN, connect to a VPN server in a region with low fees.

US NBA League Pass fees are $14.99 monthly, and Premium League Passes are a whopping $19.99 monthly. The UK’s and Europe’s options aren’t any better.

But I did find two regions where the VPN works with NBA League Pass, and you get cheaper subscription rates:

Region League Pass League Pass Premium
India $2.63 pm $3.60 pm
South Africa $7.34 pm $9.97 pm

India is by far the cheapest option, and you pay less than a quarter of the US’s monthly fees.

But South Africa‘s another viable option and a great backup if you’re looking for faster speeds.

Note you’ll have to enter a postal code for the area you’re subscribing to.

Luckily, you can use Google for this.

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PrivateVPN dedicated IP works for Global NBA League Pass in some locations, such as European servers.

The catch is these dedicated IPs are dynamic, not your traditional static types.

Since the dedicated IP address continuously changes, a server may grant access to the global NBA League Pass one day but not the next.

Get PrivateVPN for NBA League Pass Today - It’s a Swish!

The tests in my guide show that you can easily watch NBA League Pass with PrivateVPN.

This means there’s no excuse to miss “the game” or stay updated with the latest basketball news, exclusive features, and live events.

Grab the PrivateVPN deal now for uninterrupted, 24/7 streaming of live and on-demand games.

Plus, try the VPN risk-free. Find out more about PrivateVPN free trials here.

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